Video on the Rise: Why Your Listings Need This

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While content is king in marketing, video is the king of content. It’s no secret that out of all the types of content, video is the most engaging, precisely because it combines all the elements that pull audiences in: texts, sounds, images, and movements. 

Interestingly, a lot of brokers today are using videos not only for their websites or social media pages, but also in listings. It’s an emerging strategy, which proves effective since property buyers or renters want to see the property even from their respective homes. Videos on your listings make the most compelling case for the seeker to reach out to you.

Here are the specific reasons you should start adding videos to listings:

You Capture the Property’s Best Characteristics

In listings, you can always write descriptive words to make people imagine what the balcony’s view is like. You can use the best angles and lighting to highlight that in photos. But nothing is more accurate and vivid than moving graphics. It can show how compact or expansive the floor layout is. It can display the proximity of living spaces, the distance between the kitchen and the dining room, or the bedroom to the bathroom. A video panning the balcony view can wow audiences. 

In texts and images, you only get a peek or splice of these characteristics. With video, you can give a good depiction of the space, allowing potential buyers or renters to appreciate the property you’re offering. On the Lamudi platform, site visitors can readily see your video content on listings as it’s embedded in the header section, along with the images.

Your Clients can Imagine Living in the Property

As mentioned, you can use enhancing effects in videos, such as music and voice-overs, and really bring out the feel of the space. Ultimately, the biggest advantage here is you help potential buyers or renters envision themselves living in that space, enjoying that relaxing bedroom or breathtaking balcony view even without seeing the property in person. Once you achieve that, there’s a higher likelihood of a sale happening. 

That said, when the cameras start rolling, spend time showcasing the atmosphere in each room of the property, the peace and quiet of the bedroom, the cleanliness of the workstations in the kitchen, and the coziness of the living area. It goes without saying that you should prepare the space by decluttering, letting in natural light, and perhaps doing a bit of staging to achieve the specific mood you’re going for.

You Provide a 24/7 Open House

Videos on listings help people easily access an open house that’s always open, regardless of the time, weather, or availability of the real estate agent. They can see it even though they’re abroad, miles away from you. What’s more, buyers and renters can go through the virtual tour at their own pace. They can spend more time in one room of the house or go back to a space whenever they want. With an accessible open house, your property can emerge as top-of-mind.

Make the video walkthroughs more meaningful for clients by having professional-grade videos. Take excellent clips using a good camera. Try different angles to capture the best shots. If your budget permits, hire a videographer and editor. 

You Look More Professional

The listings you put out tell a great deal about your property and you, as a broker. For instance, poor descriptions, such as those riddled with spelling or grammar mistakes, can be a major turn off for property seekers. On the flip side, nicely written descriptions earn leads, even referrals. Now, imagine the number of calls you will get when you take your efforts up a notch by having professionally-done videos.

Remember, the brokerage is a business built on the value of trust. This is even more critical when you’re marketing online. Since you can’t see clients face to face yet, you need to work on making your image credible. A video on your listing communicates that you go above and beyond, embracing innovative practices when it comes to real estate transactions. That’s the kind of professional people want to work with.

You’re Leading the Pack

As mentioned, more brokers are including videos on their listings. In fact, this has been one of the major changes we saw in the Lamudi platform since the end of the first quarter, when news of the coronavirus pandemic was picking up. From March to May, there was a 31 percent increase in listings that added Youtube videos. For-sale properties saw a 31 percent growth, while rental properties had a 37 percent uptick.

Your competitors may already be using videos. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to make your listings stand out as well. 

Videos can do wonders for your lead generation and reputation-building initiatives. Start uploading videos to go with your listings today. 


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