Marketing without Borders: Reaching Property Seekers Outside the PH

Engaging property seekers outside the Philippines doesn’t mean a major overhaul of your strategies now that the first step of property search is done online. The market abroad, just like the local market, aspire to live in their dream homes and pour their hard-earned money into something worthwhile.

With the right skills and strategies, you can market without borders to get leads from outside the Philippines. Here’s how to do it:

Envision Your Ideal Buyer

The more that you know about your target market, the better you can align your strategies later on. Before writing listing descriptions or uploading photos, profile your buyer. Go beyond the age, gender, job, and income. Tap into their psychographics: interests and hobbies, aspirations, personalities, buying preferences, life worries, and even online behaviors. Gather these bits of information through a survey of a small sample size of OFWs.

At the end of this exercise, instead of having just a profile of a middle-aged overseas Filipino worker who earns X million a year, you may have something like this:

“Gary has been working in Saudi Arabia for 10 years now, saving up for a family home in the last decade. He plans to return home for good and settle in a nice neighborhood, which is why he constantly checks property listings in the CALABARZON area.”

This kind of detailed buyer profile would guide you in determining content types that are most appealing for them, selecting marketing platforms to use, and even writing descriptions.

Post Your Property Online

Your market is abroad, which means the first and only touchpoint you’ll have is online. Typically, they’ll search for properties on real estate marketplaces, so you want to be there. When listing your properties on these platforms, make your descriptions compelling. Keep in mind two things: your buyer’s profile and the answer to “why would I want to buy this property?”

Aside from listing all the features of the home in bullet form, you can have something like this on your listing: 

“This property is located in Cavite, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a suburban environment, and the accessibility of a province near the metro. Settling in this neighborhood, you can take a relaxing dip at the community’s swimming pool or lounge around the pool deck with neighbors on a lazy weekend. From your house, you can host parties in your backyard, while preparing great dishes in your open floor-plan kitchen. Find your home sweet home here when you go back home for good.”

This listing description ticks off most of the sample buyer’s interests mentioned above.

After perfecting your listing, maximize the property marketplace’s features. Lamudi, for instance, has fields for amenities, location map, and a new feature that displays the nearest landmarks. Property seekers from overseas can rely on these nearby landmarks to envision the location of the house or condo you are offering. 

Popular landmarks also bring some nostalgia about their life in the Philippines. For instance, if the nearest landmark to your property is a mall, this can bring back memories of the family shopping or dining. Include all the landmarks near your property to make it more visible and to help property seekers envision its location even when they’re abroad. 

Use High-Quality Photos and Videos

This is a classic rule when marketing properties. It’s especially important when selling to people outside the country who cannot readily see the actual property. 

Traditionally, you would use these engaging content for your listings, website, or social media. But the new norm now is to engage in online tours. A walkthrough of the property (and the neighborhood) will prove beneficial for your OFW market. Try these technologies and techniques:

    • Broadcast live videos. Visit the site and do a livestream on your page, showing off the excellent features of the property. Spend time highlighting its best characteristics, such as the view from the balcony or the new kitchen appliances.
    • Record videos. If you want a less raw content, film the property, and edit it afterward. Use special effects, including voice-overs, animations and transitions, and color grading.
    • Create a 3D walkthrough. Capture the property in panorama and edit it in a virtual tour software to produce 3D content. Add a link to the tour on your real estate listings or website to direct people easily.

Make It Easy to Contact You

With the tips mentioned above, interested buyers would want to reach you right away. This is why it’s important that your contact information is readily available for every photo, video, listing, or any marketing material you put out there. Remember, they’re miles away from you. A reliable, easy virtual connection would help compensate for the physical distance between you and your client, establishing trust.

Your goal is to have your customers contact you without having to click out of the listing or video tour they saw. It should be hassle-free for them to message you.

Prepare Communications Tools

Aside from making yourself easy to reach, you should also have the right communications platforms in place to capture leads. You’ll be relying on online tools heavily when talking to clients abroad so use the best of technologies. Here are some you can try:

    • Zoom or Skype. If you need to discuss things at length, such as the property features or financing arrangements, use these tools.
    • Viber or WhatsApp. If you need to do a quick update on the property, these messaging apps can be handy.
    • Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool. Its messaging feature allows you to track conversations with clients, helping you remember what you discussed and plan future communications moving forward.

The audience abroad presents a huge potential for your career as a broker. Make your real estate marketing strategy work without borders.


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