Tools and Tips to Help Continue Your Broker Business While Working from Home

For the past weeks since the community quarantine started, Lamudi has been hosting a webinar series focusing on ways to continue the real estate business amidst the Covid-19 crisis. Industry experts graced the digital roundtable discussion, suggesting tools and tips real estate professionals can use while on lockdown.

As part of the continued Lamudi Academy Online Sessions, we outlined here everything that the thought leaders have mentioned in the past webinars, while also including best practices coming from our brokers and other partners:

Communicate Consistently

This applies to everyone involved in your operations: clients and colleagues. For property seekers, show them that you care. Build and strengthen relationships with them. As mentioned in the past webinars, sincerity is the key here. Value first, proposals later. Be sensitive to what your clients feel. 

As for your team members, you should be able to conduct regular online meetings with them. Treat this as a testing ground for long-term work-from-home arrangements. With the physical distance, it’s harder to collaborate, so regular communication with each other is crucial. In both your communication with clients and colleagues, use a variety of online tools, from emails to chat apps to video conferencing. 

Specific Tips:

  • Visit your top chat apps and search for information and opportunities through communities and group chats.  
  • Start networking and sharing information with your networks, colleagues, and clients.  
  • Create a strategy to send your clients helpful and valuable information to build client relationships.  
  • Use tools that allow for connection and collaboration with your team.  
  • Consider email marketing as a consistent but not pervasive way to keep in touch and share info with your clients during this time.

Specific Tools:

  • Zoom
    • Good for video meetings and webinars 
    • More advanced video recording and screen sharing features 
    • Easy to set up and invite attendees
  • Skype
    • Popular video conference app 
    • Simple setup and screen sharing features  
  • Google Hangouts
    • Integrated with Google Calendar so it’s easy to setup and invite attendees
    • Simple to use features 
    • Screen sharing available as well
  • Asana 
    • Task and project management tool for collaboration  
  • Trello 
    • Kanban board based project management tool 
    • Easy to use and setup for collaboration  
  • Slack 
    • Messaging platform with multiple capabilities for teamwork and collaboration
    • Create threads and channels to discuss and organize different topics

Keep an Eye Out on Opportunities

Despite the Covid-19 situation, there are investors who are only waiting for the right moment to buy. Before they come to you, you should be prepared with recommendations and expert advice already. How can you spot these opportunities even before they appear? 

Revisit networks every now and then and see what they’ve been up to, what they’re offering. Strengthen your lead generation efforts. With property seekers stuck at home, they’ll have more time to check properties online. Your goal is to be the first one they’ll click on when they do search for properties in the location you’re selling at. Along with this, harp on the referrals to expand your business influence.

Specific tips:  

  • Improve your networks, the way you present your property and yourself online. List down opportunities you spot online.  
  • Avoid hard selling. Focus on building client relationships. Showing sincere concern towards current and potential clients can help you bounce back faster when the time comes.  
  • Take time to improve your marketing strategy. Align your strategy with your team. Focus on creating more value for your audience. Maximize the technology available.  
  • Look for solutions constantly to keep clients engaged. Virtual tours and online property presentations are just two of the biggest ways to keep a client interested in your property.

Specific Tools:

    • Property platforms. Improve how you present your listings online. Make sure information is complete to waste no time. Be ready to answer your clients immediately.  
    • Social media. Review and work on your social media strategies. Opt for creating content that’s valuable to your audience right now.
    • Virtual tours and online presentations. Use video conferencing tools like Zoom to talk about and present your properties to potential clients.  Upload video property presentations or virtual tours to Youtube and link it to sites like Lamudi and Facebook.  Make sure you choose the best photos in your listing.
    • Social listening and research platforms. Practice social listening to see what the market is concerned about and how you can provide solutions. Use Quora, a question-and-answer website, to know what future clients may be eager to know about property during this time. Research potential opportunities by tuning in to economy news and property reports. A quick Google search can help in this.
    • Chat groups and online communities. List down potential opportunities you find in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more. Take time to strengthen your network. Spend some time in these communities and contribute valuable information when you can to build your network even more.

Spend Time for Learning 

With restricted movements, you have a lot more time in your hands. Make the best use of that by picking up new skills for you and the team. Take this time to evaluate past strategies and create new ones. For sure, there’s going to be a change in market behavior after this quarantine. You should be able to anticipate that and prepare yourself or your team with the right tactics to accommodate new client needs.  

Explore more online channels that can help you connect with property seekers. Social media and real estate marketplaces are already a given, but there are a lot more platforms you can use to touch base with clients. Some of these would be Facebook features, including live stream and stories, paid ads, and lead management tools. Whatever you choose though, make sure to study the channels carefully before jumping right into it.

Specific tips:

  • Take this time to learn new skills for yourself or with your team especially during slow days.  
  • Set training days and brainstorming huddles with the team to come up with solutions for your business and for your clients regularly.  
  • Invest in online courses or find educational resources that are offered for free. 
  • Improve valuable skills, such as digital marketing, productivity, communication, pitching, photography/videography.

Specific tools:

  • Online courses:
    • Coursera
    • Udemy
    • Edx
    • Udacity
    • Khan Academy
    • Skillshare
    • Lynda
  • Personal inspiration:
    • Youtube Productivity Gurus 
    • TED Talks 
    • eBooks and Book Summaries 
    • Podcasts

It’s possible to sustain the real estate business, while still protecting your health and that of your team members. As you work from home all throughout this lockdown period, stay productive by communicating effectively, exploring opportunities, and learning something new. Stay tuned to upcoming Lamudi webinars, premiering on Lamudi’s Facebook page:

  • Strategizing Real Estate Marketing: An Industry Response to COVID-19 | April 1 at 10AM. Speakers: Vince Abejo, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Filinvest Land, Inc. and Cary Lagdameo of First Vice President, Damosa Land, Inc.
  • Surviving Broker Business in the Time of Covid | April 2 at 10AM. Speakers: RJ Ledesma, Host of Philippine Realty TV and Executive Vice President of Ledesco Development Corporation; Gerald Evangelista, Realtor and Director for Projects of RE/MAX Capital; Dr. Samuel Lao, National President of PAREB and Realtor and President & CEO of Realty OpTiONS Marketing & Consultancy Inc. (ROI).


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