Calamba Real Estate: Why This Market is Booming

People who want to invest in property in the midst of the crisis have one question in mind: is this a good time to do it? You yourself are probably wondering whether you should already close deals with your agent or wait a little longer. From the webinar episodes Lamudi published, almost all experts agree: this is a good time to pursue property buying

You can negotiate better prices, for one, as you encounter a couple of highly motivated sellers. Plus, regardless of the times, property is a prized commodity. A more important question you should ask yourself right now isn’t when, but where to invest.

Location, as you already know, primarily determines the value of the property. If there’s one address you should be looking at, it should be this city in Southern Luzon that’s becoming increasingly popular among the market now: Calamba. According to Lamudi’s data from the first quarter of 2020, Calamba is among the top 10 provincial cities searched during this crisis period. Here are some possible reasons seekers are considering this city in their location choices:

It Has Plenty of Low-Density Neighborhoods

Social distancing has been the norm in the last couple of weeks. There’s a good chance that it will be the new normal in the next months and perhaps years, as massive outbreaks aren’t a far-fetched reality in the future. As a result, some property seekers may be looking for homes that allow them to have considerable distance from their neighbors. This is perhaps the reason they’re looking to Calamba. Several low-density neighborhoods are in this city.

Sentosa by Suntrust Properties is one such community offering plenty of green spaces. Idyllic in setting, the Hillcrest Estates of Avida Land Corp. has lush terrains, giving residents recreational areas. With natural landscapes preserved, Elaro by Ayala Land Premier allows dwellers to have open spaces outdoors. Consider these villages if you’re investing in Calamba, either for a primary residence or for rental investment.

It’s Close to Work-Related Amenities

The coronavirus pandemic has compelled people to work from home. As they adjust, they start to realize that it’s possible to be productive doing their respective jobs remotely. This remote work will likely be a growing trend in the next days even after the community quarantine. This could be a factor in seekers’ changing preferences, with people not only looking for properties close to their workplace, but more so for work-related amenities that would help them accomplish their jobs fast, say, business centers with printing shops, cafes that offer stable internet connection, or restaurants that provide quick bites. 

Progressive in developments, Calamba has establishments that support the remote work lifestyle. The biggest mall in the city alone provides necessary amenities. Co-working spaces have already been thriving in the city, especially in industrial parks, such as the Carmelray Industrial Park. It’s not unlikely that these flexible workspaces will pop up in other business districts, say, Premiere International Park and Silangan Industrial Park. This will benefit not only the remote workers but also the newbie entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for good locations for putting down business roots.

It Will See More Infrastructures Soon

Other than present amenities, property seekers are filtering through location choices with the consideration of future developments in locations. In particular, many are looking for addresses near key establishments, such as supermarkets and hospitals. This is perhaps one of the reasons Calamba is among the most popular now. 

The city stands to benefit from some of the government’s big-ticket infrastructure programs, such as the North-South Commuter Railway and PNR Calamba-Bicol. These can spur the building of many real estate projects in the area, including not only residential, but commercial and healthcare, too. 

While property prices are not too high yet, seize the opportunity to own a piece of property in this location. Look up listings online to make your search easier. Monitor news on the infrastructure developments and let that be your guide in choosing a specific neighborhood.

It’s not just the timing that should be your concern in real estate investing now. Location should be your first priority. If you’re eyeing provincial cities, perhaps Calamba would fit your preferences. Consider this city in the South. Your investment will be worth it, for sure.

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