Postal Code Guide: List of Zip Codes in the Philippines

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An acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, ZIP codes refer to a series of numbers or digits included in one’s home address used primarily for mail and parcel sorting purposes. It is widely used in most English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

Also known as postal codes, ZIP codes in the Philippines are used for conveniently locating addresses for letters, parcels, and packages. It can also be used to locate addresses that can be hard to reach.

Before we discuss ZIP codes in the Philippines, do note that there’s a proper way of writing addresses with postal codes. As you learn yours in the list below, don’t forget to use the correct format when including them in your address.

Importance of Zip Codes

ZIP codes are more than just geographic identifiers. They now serve as social identifiers, providing data on a region’s population’s demographics. In addition, zip codes are significant data structures that businesses use to visualize their audience.

One of the primary examples of this is the Postal ID, one of the fastest and easiest government IDs one can apply for. It is open to all applicants as it is socially inclusive and establishes the person’s identity and residency information. According to the Universal Postal Union, a postal ID card is the most extensively used form of identification in postal transactions.

How to Write Addresses with ZIP Codes

The general rule is that the PH ZIP code must be in the left side of the last line of the address. 

Follow this format when writing:


Unit/Floor + House/Building Name + Street Number + Street Name 

Barangay/District + City 

ZIP Code + Metro Manila or Province Name

Here’s an example of the format:

Juan dela Cruz

Unit 305, Green Tower, 32 Alcoy St.

Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City

1105 Metro Manila

If the house or building name is too long, you can place the street number and name on the next line when writing the address with the Philippine ZIP code. Here’s an example:

Juan dela Cruz

Unit 305, Avenida Ignacio Compound

32 Alcoy St.

Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City

1105, Metro Manila

Does the Philippines Have 5-Digit ZIP Codes?

There are no 5-digit ZIP codes in the Philippines, as in the case of the United States. Local areas only have four digits. In the US ZIP codes, the first number indicates the state or region, while the next two refer to the city. The last two figures point to the specific delivery area.

What Are the Philippine ZIP Codes?

It’s important to follow the correct format when writing addresses with postal codes to guide mail and parcel delivery providers accordingly. With that, here’s the list of Philippine ZIP codes:

Metro Manila

Metro Manila is the seat of the Philippine government and is one of three defined metropolitan areas in the country. It is made up of 16 cities and the municipality of Pateros. If you’re living in one of these urban areas, refer to the postal codes of Metro Manila outlined and categorized here per location.


Caloocan City spans 5,333.40 hectares and is the fourth most populous city in Metro Manila. It is the only city in the metro that is divided into geographical locations, namely the north and the south. It is part of the CAMANAVA sub-region of Metro Manila. The postal codes in Caloocan city start with 14.

Zip Codes in Caloocan City  
1400 Caloocan Central Post Office 
1409 Kaunlaran Village (Shared with Caloocan and Navotas)


Las Piñas

Located in the southern part of Metro Manila, Las Piñas reportedly gets its name from the Spanish word for pineapples, which were one of the organic produce shipped from Cavite and Batangas.

The city is known to house the almost two-hundred-year-old Las Piñas Bamboo Organ within the Saint Joseph Paris Church. It is the only organ of its kind in the world that remains intact. It’s easy to know your ZIP postal code if you’re living in Las Piñas. Unlike in most cities, there’s only one set of digits you need to remember.

Zip Code in Las Piñas  
1740 Las Piñas Central Post Office



Malabon is part of the CAMANAVA sub-region in the northern part of Metro Manila. It is most famous for Pancit Malabon, the 400-year old San Bartolome Church, and heritage houses such as the Raymundo and Ibaviosa Houses. Like its neighboring city, Malabon has PH zip codes starting with 14.

Zip Codes in Malabon  
1470 Malabon 
1409 Kaunlaran Village (shared with Malabon and Navotas)



Dubbed as the “Financial Center of the Philippines,” Makati City is home to several multinational corporations, IT-related industries, dining places, shopping malls, and upscale residential developments. This city guide will take you to the notable landmarks in this progressive area. These are the PH ZIP codes in Makati:

Zip Codes in Makati  
1224 Makati Commercial Center
1200 Makati Central Post Office
1250 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1000 to 1099
1251 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1100 to 1199
1252 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1200 to 1299
1253 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1300 to 1399
1254 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1400 to 1499
1255 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1500 to 1599
1256 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1600 to 1699
1257 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1700 to 1799
1258 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1800 to 1899
1259 Makati CPO-PO Box# 1900 to 1999
1260 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2000 to 2099
1261 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2100 to 2199
1262 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2200 to 2299
1263 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2300 to 2399
1264 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2400 to 2499
1265 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2500 to 2599
1266 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2600 to 2699
1267 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2700 to 2799
1268 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2800 to 2899
1269 Makati CPO-PO Box# 2900 to 2999
1270 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3000 to 3099
1271 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3100 to 3199
1272 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3200 to 3299
1273 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3300 to 3399
1274 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3400 to 3499
1275 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3500 to 3599
1276 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3600 to 3699
1277 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3700 to 3799
1278 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3800 to 3899
1279 Makati CPO-PO Box# 3900 to 3999
1280 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4000 to 4099
1281 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4100 to 4199
1282 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4200 to 4299
1283 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4300 to 4399
1284 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4400 to 4499
1285 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4500 to 4599
1286 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4600 to 4699
1287    Makati CPO-PO Box# 4700 to 4799
1288 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4800 to 4899
1289 Makati CPO-PO Box# 4900 to 4999
1290 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5000 to 5099
1291 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5100 to 5199
1292 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5200 to 5299
1293 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5300 to 5399
1294 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5400 to 5499
1295 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5500 to 5599
1296 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5600 to 5699
1297 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5700 to 5799
1298 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5800 to 5899
1299 Makati CPO-PO Box# 5900 to 5999



The city of Mandaluyong is notable for housing a third of the booming Ortigas Center and premier shopping malls such as EDSA Shangri-La, SM Megamall, and Starmall Shaw. Mandaluyong is the 6th smallest city and currently has a population of 386,276. Similar to Malabon, the city also just has one PH ZIP code.

Mandaluyong Zip Code  
1550  Mandaluyong Central Post Office



The City of Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is the most densely populated city as of 2018. Home to the University Belt, the Malacañang Palace, and the National Museum, the city boasts of a rich culture and heritage. These are the ZIP postal codes of Manila:

Manila Zip Codes  
0900   Manila Bulletin
0903     Manila Hilton
0906 Manila Medical Center
0913 Manila Hotel
0919 Manila Police District
0950 Manila Midtown Hotel
1717    Manila Memorial Park
1748     Manila Doctors Village
0917 Ateneo de Manila University
1000 Manila Central Post Office
1050 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1000 to 1099
1051     Manila CPO-PO Box# 1100 to 1199
1052 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1200 to 1299
1053 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1300 to 1399
1054 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1400 to 1499
1055 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1500 to 1599
1056 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1600 to 1699
1057  Manila CPO-PO Box# 1700 to 1799
1058 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1800 to 1899
1059 Manila CPO-PO Box# 1900 to 1999
1060 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2000 to 2099
1061 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2100 to 2199
1062 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2200 to 2299
1063 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2300 to 2399
1064 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2400 to 2499
1065 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2500 to 2599
1066 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2600 to 2699
1067 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2700 to 2799
1068 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2800 to 2899
1069 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2900 to 2999
1070 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3000 to 3099
1071 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3100 to 3199
1072 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3200 to 3299
1073 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3300 to 3399
1074 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3400 to 3499
1075 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3500 to 3599
1076 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3600 to 3699
1077 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3700 to 3799
1078 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3800 to 3899
1079 Manila CPO-PO Box# 3900 to 3999
1080 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4000 to 4099
1081 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4100 to 4199
1082 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4200 to 4299
1083 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4300 to 4399
1084 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4400 to 4499
1085 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4500 to 4599
1086 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4600 to 4699
1087 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4700 to 4799
1088 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4800 to 4899
1089 Manila CPO-PO Box# 4900 to 4999
1090 Manila CPO-PO Box# 5000 to 5099
1091  Manila CPO-PO Box# 5100 to 5199
1092  Manila CPO-PO Box# 5200 to 5299
1093  Manila CPO-PO Box# 5300 to 5399
1094  Manila CPO-PO Box# 5400 to 5499
1095  Manila CPO-PO Box# 5500 to 5599
1096  Manila CPO-PO Box# 5600 to 5699



Marikina is a city located along a river that shares its name, and is home to the country’s largest shoe-making industry, earning the city its nickname as the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines.” Given the several bike infrastructures in the area, it emerged as one of the bike-friendly cities in the metro. If you’re living in this vibrant, progressive locale, refer to the ZIP code list of Marikina:

Marikina Zip Codes  
1810  Marikina Heights
1800  Marikina Central Post Office
1806  Northern and Western Marikina River



Located at the southernmost tip of Metro Manila, Muntinlupa is a vibrant metropolis that houses the high-end neighborhoods of Alabang and Ayala-Alabang. Muntinlupa is also called the “Emerald City” because it surrounds the Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines. In terms of ZIP postal codes, this modern Metro Manila city only has one.

Muntinlupa Zip Code  
1770  Muntinlupa Central Post Office



Navotas is a narrow strip of land located on the northwestern coast of Metro Manila. It is dubbed as the Commercial Fishing Hub of the Philippines where it has the largest fishport in Southeast Asia and the third in the whole of Asia. Since it’s part of the CAMANAVA area, its zip postal codes also begin with 14.

Navotas Zip Codes  
1485  Navotas
1411  Fish Market (shared with Navotas)
1409  Kaunlaran Village (shared with Caloocan City and Navotas)
1409  Kaunlaran Village (shared with Malabon City and Navotas) 



Parañaque City is located south of Pasay and to the north of Las Piñas and Muntinlupa. It is primarily known as an entertainment city because of its many gaming and entertainment complexes such as the PAGCOR City, Solaire Resort & Casino, Okada Manila, and City of Dreams. The postal code of this Philippine city begins with 17.

Paranaque City Zip Codes  
1714  Aeropark Subdivision
1702  Baclaran
1711  Better Living Subd.
1720  BF Homes 1
1718  BF Homes 2
1710  Executive Heights Subd.
1719  Ireneville 1 & 3
1714  Ireneville 2
1717  Manila Memorial Park
1703  Marina Subd. (Reclamation)
1719  Maywood 1
1716  Maywood 2
1712  Miramar Subd.
1708  Multinational Subd.
1705  NAIA (Airport)
1700  Parañaque CPO
1706  Pulo
1715  San Antonio Valley 1
1707  San Antonio Valley 11 & 12
1709  Mervile Park Subd.
1709  Moonwalk Subdivision
1709  South Admiral Village
1704  Santo Niño
1701  Tambo
1713  United Paranaque Subd.



Branded as the premier gateway to the Philippines, Pasay hosts the largest international airport in the country, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). A number of airline companies dot the first-class highly urbanized city, including Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific. It’s also home to national government offices, such as the Senate, Department of Foreign Affairs, and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. The city shares the modern neighborhood Bay Area with Paranaque. These are the postal codes in Pasay areas:

Pasay Zip Codes  
1301  Domestic Airport P.O. 
1308  Manila Bay Reclamation
1300  Pasay City CPO – Malibay
1307  PICC Reclamation Area
1306  San Isidro
1305  San Jose
1302  San Rafael
1303  San Roque
1304  Sta. Clara
1309  Villamor Airbase



Bearing the name of the river near its territory, Pasig was previously a rural settlement that gradually evolved into a highly urbanized city. It hosts one of the most important business districts in the country, Ortigas Center. A number of high-rise commercial and residential buildings and sprawling malls populate the “green city.” The zip codes in Pasig are as follows:

Pasig Zip Codes  
1606  Caniogan
1612  Green Park
1603  Kapitolio 
1611  Manggahan
1607  Maybunga 
1605  Ortigas PO 
1600  Pasig CPO
1602  Pinagbuhatan
1609  Rosario
1601  San Joaquin
1610  Santolan
1608  Sta. Lucia
1604  Ugong



The only municipality in Metro Manila, Pateros has the smallest population and land area in the capital region. It shares borders with Pasig, Makati, and Taguig. Its name means duck raisers, derived from the flourishing duck raising industry in the area. Pateros only has two ZIP postal codes:

Pateros Zip Codes  
1620  Aguho
1621  Sta. Ana


Quezon City

Quezon City is the largest city in terms of population and land area in Metro Manila. With a vast territory, the city hosts various establishments, including premier universities such as the University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University, and government offices, namely Batasang Pambansa and Quezon City Reception House. Named after former president Manuel Quezon, it was once promoted to replace Manila as the national capital.

Given its huge land territory covering various districts, Quezon City is one of those cities that has a long list of ZIP codes in the Philippines:

Quezon City Zip Codes  
1105  Alicia 
1102  Amihan
1106  Apolonio Samson
1106  Baesa
1116  Bagbag
1109  Bagong Buhay
1111  Bagong Lipunan 
1105  Bagong Pag-asa 
1119  Bagong Silangan 
1110  Bagong bayan
1106  Bahay Toro 
1115  Balingasa
1106  Balintawak 
1106  Balumbato 
1126  Batasan Hills
1109  Bayanihan 
1120  BF Homes 
1109  Blue Ridge 
1101  Botocan 
1105  Bungad
1110  Camp Aguinaldo
1126  Capitol Hills/Park 
1117  Capri 
1100  Central
1102  Claro 
1121  Commonwealth 
1111  Crame
1109  Cubao
1128  Culiat
1115  Damar
1104  Damayan 
1112  Damayan Lagi
1123  Damong Maliit
1105  Del Monte 
1101  Diliman 
1109  Dioquino Zobel 
1113  Don Manuel 
1113  Dona Aurora 
1125  Dona Faustina Subd.
1113  Doña Imelda 
1113  Dona Josefa 
1102  Duyan-Duyan 
1102  E. Rodriguez 
1109  Escopa 
1118  Fairview 
1121  Fairview North
1122  Fairview South
1114  Gintong Silahis 
1117  Gulod
1127  Holy Spirit 
1112  Horseshoe
1111  Immaculate Conception 
1124  Kaligayahan 
1112  Kalusugan 
1102  Kamias 
1103  Kamuning 
1105  Katipunan 
1111  Kaunlaran
1112  Kristong Hari
1101  Krus na Ligas
1103  Laging Handa
1114  La Loma
1110  Libis
1114  Lourdes
1108  Loyola Heights
1114  Maharlica
1101  Malaya
1109  Mangga
1115  Manresa
1112  Mariana
1104  Mariblo
1109  Marilag
1109  Masagana
1105  Masambong
1114  Matalahib
1119  Matandang Balara
1109  Milagrosa
1125  Nagkaisang Nayaon
1104  Nayon Kaunlaran
1107  New Era
1123  Novaliches Town Proper
1103  Obrero
1101  Old Capitol Site
1114  Parang Bundok
1115  Pag-Ibig sa Nayon
1103  Paligsahan
1105  Paltok
1108  Pansol
1104  Paraiso
1118  Pasong Putik  
1107  Pasong Tamo
1119  Payatas 
1104  Phil-Am / Philam
1111  Pinagkaisahan
1100  Piñahan
1109  Project 4 
1100  Project 6 
1105  Project 7 
1106  Project 8
1102  Quirino District/Project 2 & 3
1100  Quezon City CPO
1105  Ramon Magsaysay  
1103  Roxas District
1103  Sacred Heart  
1111  San Martin de Porres
1110  St. Ignatius
1114  St. Peter 
1114  Salvacion
1117  San Agustin  
1105  San Antonio  
1116  San Bartolome
1116  Sangandaan
1113  San Isidro
1114  San Isidro Labrador  
1115  San Jose
1109 San Roque 
1101  San Vicente  
1104 Santa Cruz 
1117  Santa Lucia 
1117  Santa Monica
1114  Santa Teresita
1113  Santol
1105  Sto. Cristo 
1113  Santo Nino 
1116  Sauyo
1114  Sienna 
1101  Sikatuna Village 
1102  Silangan 
1109  Socorro 
1103  South Triangle
1109  Tagumpay
1110  Talampas
1104  Talayan
1116  Talipapa
1116  Tandang Sora 
1113  Tatalon
1101  Teachers Village
1110  Ugong Norte
1106  Unang Sigaw
1101  University of the Philippines
1101  UP Village
1112  Valencia
1128  Vasra
1105  Veterans Village
1109  Villa Maria Clara
1120  Violago Homes
1104  West Triangle
1110  White Plains

San Juan

San Juan is located at the capital region’s approximate center. A historical city, it hosts the Pinaglabanan Shrine, which commemorates the first battle of the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonizers. San Juan’s modernity, on the other hand, is reflected in the shopping hubs that occupy the city, hosting upscale and bargain retail stores. Refer to these ZIP postal codes when writing San Juan addresses:

San Juan Zip Codes  
1504  Eisenhower-Crame
1503  Greenhills North 
1502  Greenhills PO 
1500  San Juan CPO
0401  Asian Development Bank
0420  Bible Church on the Air
0400  Int’l Correspondence School
0410  Radio Bible Class



Situated on the western shores of Laguna de Bay, Taguig is initially a fishing village, which gradually developed into a highly urbanized city in Metro Manila. It’s most popular for housing Bonifacio Global City (BGC), one of the leading business districts in the country. The urbanization of the district started when the Bases Conversion and Development Authority transformed the area into mixed-use communities. This list of ZIP codes should guide you in identifying areas in the city.

Taguig Zip Codes  
1636  Bay Breeze Village
1631  Bicutan 
1632  Lower Bicutan 
1633  Upper Bicutan 
1630  Western Bicutan
1638  Ligid
1634  Nichols-Mckinley
1637  Tukukan



Known as the Northern Gateway to Metropolitan Manila, Valenzuela is situated north of the capital city. Two major thoroughfares traverse the urbanized metropolis, the MacArthur Highway and the North Luzon Expressway. A landlocked district, it’s bordered by the province of Bulacan and the cities of Caloocan, Malabon, and Quezon City. Follow this list of ZIP codes in Valenzuela: 

Valenzuela Zip Codes  
1444  Arkong Bato, Rincon, Pasolo, Malanday, Mabolo, Polo
1445  Balangkas, Caloong
1443  Dalandan West, Canumay
1447  East Canumay, Lawang Bato Punturin
1442  Fortune Village, Paseo de Blas, Gen. T de Leon
1441  Karuhatan
1446  Lingunan
1448  Mapulang Lupa
1440  Valenzuela CPO, Malinta
1496  Valenzuela P.O. Boxes 
0560  Far Eastern Broadcasting
0550  Feblas Col. of Bible



The largest and most populous island in the country, Luzon hosts six administrative regions, namely Ilocandia, Cordilleras, Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, Bicolandia, and Metro Manila. It sits on the northern portion of the archipelago. It hosts important cities, such as the country’s capital Manila, and the most populous Quezon City. The ZIP postal codes of different Luzon provinces are summarized in this section. 


Abra is a northern province surrounded by towering mountain ranges. Its neighbors include Ilocos Norte on the northwest, Apayao on the northeast, Kalinga on the mid-east, Mountain Province on the southeast, and Ilocos Sur on the southwest. The capital of the province is the town of Bangued. Here’s the ZIP code list of areas in Abra, which begin with the digits 28:

Abra Zip Codes  
2800  Bangued
2815  Boliney 
2805  Bucay 
2817  Bucloc 
2816  Daguioman 
2825  Danglas 
2801  Dolores 
2821  Lacub 
2802  Langagilang 
2824  Lagayan 
2807  Langiden 
2826  La Paz 
2819  Licuan (Baay) 
2813  Luba
2820  Malibcong 
2810  Manabo 
2804  Peñarubia 
2806  Pidigan
2812  Pilar
2818  Sal-Lapadan
2809  San Isidro
2823  San Juan 
2808  San Quintin
2803  Tayum
2822  Tineg 
2814  Tubo
2811  Villaviciosa


Albay hosts Legazpi city, the regional center of Bicolandia and the home of the world’s most perfect volcanic cone Mayon Volcano. All in all, the province is composed of 15 municipalities and three cities. Because of its rich natural landscape, Albay was included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 2016. The ZIP postal codes in Albay begin with the digits 45.

Zip Codes in Albay  
4509 Bacacay
4502 Camalig
4501 Daraga (Locsin)
4503 Guinobatan 
4515 Jovellar
4500 Legaspi City
4507  Libon
4504 Ligao
4510  Malilipot
4512 Malinao
4514 Manito
4504 Oas
4516 Pio Duran (Malacbalac)
4506 Polangui
4517 Rapu-rapu 
4508 Sto. Domingo
4511   Tabaco
4513 Tiwi


Apayao is a landlocked province in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Before 1995, it belonged to the Kalinga-Apayao province, but was then separated administratively to address the needs of ethnic groups more effectively. The capital of Apayao is Kabugao. Take note that the ZIP postal codes of Apayao start with 38.

Zip Codes in Apayao  
3814 Calanasa
3807 Conner
3810 Flora
3809 Kabugao 
3813 Luna
3812 Pudtol
3811 Sanata Marcela



Considered the gateway to the Pacific, Aurora has a coastline that stretches 410 kilometers. Although near the seaside, the province occupies the eastern portion of the Sierra Madre Mountains, making its topography generally mountainous. Among the seven provinces in Central Luzon, Aurora is the youngest. The ZIP postal codes in Aurora begin with the digits 32.

Zip Codes in Aurora  
3200 Baler
3204 Casiguran
3205 Dilasag 
3206 Dinalungan
3207 Dingalan
3203 Dipaculao 
3202 Maria Aurora
3201 San Luis



A province with a rich history, Bataan was the famous site of the World War II battle between the American-Filipino forces and the Japanese. Today, the province is composed of 11 municipalities and a component city. Its capital is Balanga. Use this ZIP code list below when writing your address in Bataan.

Zip Codes in Bataan  
2114 Bucay 
2107 Bagac
2100 Balanga
2106 Bataan Export Processing Zone (BEPZ) Mariveles
2110 Dinalupihan
2111 Hermosa
2104 Lamao 
2103 Limay 
2105 Mariveles
2108 Morong
2112 Orani
2102 Orion
2101 Pilar
2109 Refugee Processing Center (Morong)
2113 Samal



Located in the northernmost tip of the archipelago, Batanes belongs to the Cagayan Valley region. It’s the smallest province in the country both in population and land area. Its capital is Basco, situated on the island of Batan. Batanes is famous for its natural wonders, including Sabtang Island, Mavulis Island, Chawa Cave, and Mount Iraya. What is the ZIP/postal code of Batanes? It begins with 39.

Zip Codes in Batanes  
3900 Basco
3905 Itbayat
3902 Ivana
3901 Mahatao
3904 Sabtang
3903 Uyugan



A popular tourist destination close to Metro Manila, Batangas hosts the famous Taal Volcano and a number of famous beaches and diving spots, including Anilao, Nasugbu, Calatagan, and Laiya. The capital of the province is Batangas City, which hosts the second largest international seaport in the country after the one in the capital region. The ZIP code of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province is included in this postal code list:

Zip Codes in Batangas  
4211 Agoncillo
4205  Alitagtag
4213 Balayan
4219 Balite
4200 Batangas City
4201 Bauan
4212 Calaca
4215 Calatagan
4222 Cuenca
4218 Fernando Air Base
4230 Ibaan
4221 Laurel
4209 Lemery
4216 Lian
4217 Lipa City
4229 Lobo
4202 Mabini
4233 Malvar
4223 Mataas na Kahoy
4231 Nasugbu
4224 Padre Garcia
4225 Rosario
4227 San Jose
4226 San Juan
4210 San Luis
4207 San Nicolas
4204 San Pascual
4206 Santa Teresita
4234 Santo Tomas
4208 Taal
4220 Talisay
4232 Tanauan
4228 Taysan
4203 Tingloy
4214 Uy



Called the Salad Bowl of the Philippines, Benguet is hailed for its strong production of vegetables. Its capital is La Trinidad, but its most popular city is the summer capital of the country Baguio. The province is part of the Cordillera Administrative Region, home to the famous Mount Pulag. These are the ZIP postal codes in Benguet, which start with the digits 26:

Zip Codes in Benguet  
2612 Atok
2600  Baguio City
2610  Bakun
2605  Bokod
2607  Bugias 
2604 Itogon
2606  Kabayan
2613  Kapangan
2611  Kibungan
2601  La Trinidad
2609 Lepanto
2608 Mankayan
2602 Philippine Military Academy (PMA)
2614 Sablan
2603 Tuba
2615 Tublay



This province is located immediately north of Metro Manila, which is why it earned the nickname Gateway to the Northern Philippines. Bulacan’s capital is the historical city of Malolos, where the constitutional convention of 1898 happened. From Metro Manila, Bulacan can be reached via the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). These ZIP postal codes in the province, which all begin with the digits 30, can help you identify different areas in Bulacan:

Zip Codes in Bulacan  
3012 Angat
3016 Balagtas
3006 Baliuag
3018 Bocaue
3017 Bulacan
3007 Bustos
3003 Calumpit
3009 Doña Remedios Trinidad
3015 Guiguinto
3002  Hagonoy
3000 Malolos
3019 Marilao
3020 Meycauayan
3013 Norzagaray
3021 Obando
3014 Pandi
3001 Paombong
3004 Plaridel
3005 Pulilan
3010 San Ildefonso
3023 San Jose del Monte
3011 San Miguel
3008 San Rafael
3020 Santa Maria
3024 Sapang Palay


Dotted with natural wonders, Cagayan is situated at the northeastern tip of Luzon. Its name came from an ancient word that means “river,” which suits its topography characterized by the longest river in the country. The province’s capital is the city of Tuguegarao. You’ll find the zip postal codes of Cagayan’s municipalities in this list below, all beginning with the digits 35:

Zip Codes in Cagayan  
3517 Abulog
3506 Alcala
3523 Allacapan
3505 Amulung
3515 Aparri
3506 Baggao
3516  Ballesteros
3511  Buguey
3520  Calayan
3510  Camalaniugan
3519  Claveria
3501  Enrile
3508  Gattaran
3511  Gonzaga
3504  Iguig
3509  Lal-lo
3524  Lasam
3522  Pamplona
3502  Penablanca
3527  Piat
3526  Rizal
3518  Sanchez Mira
3514  Santa Ana
3521 Santa Praxedes
3512  Santa Teresita
3525 Santo Nino
3503 Solana
3528 Tuao
3500 Tuguegarao


Camarines Norte

Located in the Bicol region, Camarines Norte is a province known for its breathtaking beaches and islands, including Calaguas and Bagasbas. Its capital is Daet, which is a popular surfing and kiteboarding spot. The ZIP codes of this Philippine tourist destination, which begin with 46, are outlined here:

Zip Codes in Camarines Norte  
4608 Basud
4606 Capalonga
4600 Daet
4610 Imelda
4606 Jose Panganiban
4604 Labo
4601 Mercedez
4605 Paracale
4609 San Vicente
4611 Santa Elena
4602 Talisay
4603 Vinzons
4612 Tulay na Lupa


Camarines Sur

Hosting the largest land area and population among the six provinces in Bicolandia, Camarines Sur occupies the central section of the region. It’s surrounded by mountains Isarog and Iriga and it’s the home of the famous Caramoan Islands. The capital of the province is Pili. The table below lists the postal codes in Camarines Sur, which start with 44:

Zip Codes in Camarines Sur  
4432 Baao
4436 Balatan
4435 Bato
4404 Bombon
4433 Buhi
4430 Bula
4406 Cabusao
4405 Calabanga
4401 Camaligan
4402 Canaman
4429 Caramoan
4411  Del Gallego
4412 Gainza
4428 Garchitorena
4422 Goa
4431 Iriga City
4425 Lagunoy
4407 Libmanan
4409 Lupi
4403 Magarao
4413 Milaor
4414 Minalabac
4434 Nabua
4400 Naga City
4419 Ocampo
4416 Pamplona
4417 Pasacao
4418 Pili
4424 Presentacion
4410 Ragay
4421 Sagnay
4415 San Fernando
4423 San Jose
4408 Sipocot
4427 Siruma
4420 Tigaon
4426 Tinambac



Nestled in the east of Camarines Sur, Catanduanes is an island province that belongs to the Bicol Region. Its capital is Virac, which is famous for its natural wonders, namely Maribina Falls, Nahulugan Falls, Marilima Beach, and Mamangal Beach. The province hosts several mollusk fossil sites, containing different species of ammonites. The ZIP postal codes in Catanduanes begin with 48.

Zip Codes in Catanduanes  
4807 Bagamanoc
4803 Baras 
4801 Bato 
4808 Caramoran 
4804 Gigmoto 
4809 Pandan
4806 Panganiban
4810 San Andres
4802 San Miguel 
4805 Viga
4800 Virac 



This is one of the most industrialized provinces in the country. Initially an agricultural community, Cavite evolved into an area hosting various warehouses and factories. Such development was supported by the boom of national infrastructure projects around the province. Modernization contributed to the province becoming an attractive bedroom community outside of the capital region.

Even the top tourist destinations in Cavite, including the love capital, Tagaytay, have become enviable residential addresses. The ZIP codes of Cavite, including Tanza, one of its most popular municipalities, start with 41:

Zip Codes in Cavite  
4123 Alfonso
4119 Amadeo
4102 Bacoor
4116 Carmona
4100 Cavite City
4101 Cavite Naval Base
4125 Corregidor
4114 Dasmariñas
4115 Dasmariñas Resettlement Area
4124 Gen. Aguinaldo (Bailen)
4117 Gen. Mariano Alvarez
4107 Gen. Trias
4103 Imus
4122 Indang
4104  Kawit
4113 Magallanes 
4112 Maragondon 
4121 Mendez 
4110 Naic 
4105 Noveleta
4106 Rosario 
4118 Silang
4120 Tagaytay City 
4108 Tanza
4111 Ternate
4109 Trece Martirez City



The province is home to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in northern Luzon, Ifugao belongs to the Cordillera Administrative Region. It’s a landlocked province, bordered by the provinces Benguet, Mountain Province, Isabela, and Nueva Vizcaya. Its capital is Lagawe. The ZIP codes for this Philippine tourist hotspot begin with 36.

Zip Codes in Ifugao  
3606 Aguinaldo 
3610 Asipulo 
3601 Banaue 
3607 Hingyon
3603 Hungduan
3604 Kiangan
3600 Lagawe
3605 Lamut 
3602 Mayaoyao / Mayoyao
3608 Potia 
3609 Tinoc 

Ilocos Norte 

The province is famous for being a tourist destination, home of Fort Ilocandia, La Paz Sand Dunes, Saud Beach, and the Malacañang of the North. Its capital is Laoag City. Forming part of the Ilocos region, it’s close to Cagayan, Apayao, and Abra. Covering ZIP postal codes that start with 29, these are the identification numbers of areas in Ilocos Norte.

2922 Adams
2916 Bacarra
2904 Badoc
2920 Bangui
2906 Batac
2918 Burgos
2911 Carasi
2903 Currimao
2913 Dingras
2921 Dumalneg
2908 Espiritu
2900 Laoag City
2907 Marcos
2909 Nueva Era
2919 Pagudpud
2902 Paoay
2917 Pasuquin
2912 Piddig
2905 Pinili
2901 San Nicolas
2914 Sarrat
2910 Solsona
2915 Vintar


Ilocos Sur

Popular for hosting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the province is home to the heritage city of Vigan and the Baroque Church of Santa Maria. Occupying the central section of the Ilocos region, Ilocos Sur is bordered by the provinces Abra, Mountain Province, Benguet, and La Union. The ZIP postal codes of the province, which start with the digits 27, are in this list:

Zip Codes in Ilocos Sur  
2716 Alilem
2708 Binayoyo
2727 Bantay
2724 Burgos
2732 Cabugao
2710 Candon
2702 Caoayan
2718 Cervantes
2709 Galimuyod
2720 Gregorio del Pilar
2723 Lidilda
2730 Magsingal
2725 Nagbukel
2704 Narvacan
2721 Quirino
2711 Salsedo
2722 San Emilio
2706 San Esteban
2728 San Ildefonso
2731 San Juan
2726 San Vicente 
2703 Santa 
2701 Santa Catalina
2713 Santa Cruz 
2712 Santa Lucia
2705 Santa Maria
2707 Santiago
2729 Santo Domingo
2719 Sicay
2733 Sinait
2717 Sugpon
2715 Suyo
2714 Tagudin
2700 Vigan


This province is the second largest in the country in terms of land area. Because of its vast terrain, the agriculture industry thrives, making Isabela the rice and corn granary of Luzon. Its capital is the city of Ilagan, which is the largest city in Luzon in terms of land area. All starting in the digits 33, the Isabela ZIP postal codes are as follows:

Zip Codes in Isabela  
3306 Alicia
3307  Angadanan
3316 Aurora
3331 Benito Soliven
3322  Burgos
3328 Cabagan
3315 Cabatuan
3305 Cauayan
3312  Cordon
3326  Delfin Albano
3336  Dinapigui 
3335  Divilacan
3309  Echague 
3301  Gamu
3300 Ilagan
3313 Jones
3304 Luna
3333 Maconacon
3323 Mallig
3302 Naguillan
3334 Palanan
3324 Quezon
3321 Quirino
3319 Ramon
3303 Reina Mercedes
3320 Roxas
3314 San Agustin
3308 San Guillermo
3310 San Isidro
3317 San Miguel (Callang)
3332 San Mariano
3318 San Mateo
3329 San Pablo
3330 Santa Maria
3311 Santiago
3327 Santo Tomas
3325 Tumauini



Kalinga, a landlocked province in the Cordillera Administrative Region, was formerly part of the Kalinga-Apayao province. In 1995, it was separated from Apayao with the aim of serving ethnic groups in respective areas more effectively. The capital of Kalinga is Tabuk, which was the second municipality in the Cordilleras that became a city after Baguio. The postcodes for this Philippine province, starting with 38, are outlined below:

Zip Codes in Kalinga  
3801 Balbalan 
3808 Liwan (Rizal)
3802  Lubuagan 
3803  Pasil 
3806  Pinukpuk 
3800  Tabuk
3805 Tanudan
3804 Tinglayan 



Situated in the CALABARZON region, Laguna sits southeast of Metro Manila. It’s surrounded by the famous Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. The province is famous for hosting various tourist attractions, including the birthplace of Jose Rizal, Mount Makiling, and Pagsanjan Falls. It’s home to one of the richest municipalities in the country, Santa Rosa. Here’s the list of ZIP codes in this Philippine province, all beginning with 40.

Zip Codes in Laguna  
4001 Alaminos 
4033 Bay 
4024 Binan 
4006 Botocan 
4025 Cabuyao 
4029 Calamba
4012 Calauan
4029 Camp Vicente Lim
4028 Canlubang 
4013 Cavinti 
4031 College Los Banos
4021 Famy 
4015 Kalayaan 
4004 Liliw
4030 Los Banos
4032 Luisiana
4014 Lumban
4020 Mabitac
4007 Magdalena
4005 Majayjay
4002 Nagcarlan
4016 Paete
4008 Pagsanjan
4017 Pakil
4018 Pangil
4010  Pila
4003 Rizal
4000 San Pablo City
4023 San Pedro
4009 Santa Cruz
4022  Santa Maria
4026 Santa Rosa
4019 Siniloan
4011 Victoria


La Union

La Union is a province located in the Ilocos region, with Benguet and Pangasinan as its neighboring districts. It rose to popularity as a surfing destination. With the infrastructure developments in northern Luzon, including the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEx), tourism in La Union grew more vibrant. The capital of the province is San Fernando. The postcodes in this Philippine tourist destination begin with 25.

Zip Codes in La Union  
2504  Agoo 
2503   Aringay
2515   Bacnotan
2512   Bagulin 
2517   Balaoan 
2519  Bangar
2501   Bauang 
2510 Burgos
2502  Caba 
2507  Damortis 
2518  Luna 
2511  Naguillan 
2508   Pugo
2506   Rosario
2500   San Fernando
2513   San Gabriel
2514   San Juan
2516 Santol
2505 Santo Tomas
2520   Sudepen
2509 Tubao 


An island province, Marinduque is nestled between the Tayabas Bay to the north and the Sibuyan Sea to the south. Its capital is Boac, famous for hosting the famous Moriones Festival. The tranquility in this island has been commended a number of times, ranking number 1 in the list of the Philippine National Police’s Most Peaceful Provinces. The ZIP postal codes in Marinduque start with 49. Refer to the individual designations here:m

Zip Codes in Marinduque  
4900  Boac 
4904  Buenavista
4905  Gasan
4901  Mogpog 
4902  Santa Cruz
4903 Torrijos



Administratively, the province belongs to the Bicol region in Luzon. But in the socio-ethno-linguistic aspect, it forms part of the Visayas region. It’s composed of three major islands, Masbate, Ticao, and Burias. Masbate is popular for hosting breathtaking islands, namely Tinalisayan Island, Sombrero Island, and Animasola Island. The ZIP postal codes of this province are outlined below, all beginning with 54.

Zip Codes in Masbate  
5414   Aroroy 
5413   Baleno 
5412  Balud 
5415   Batuan 
5421   Buenavista
5405   Cataingan
5405   Cawayan
5419 Claveria
5403 Dimasalang
5407   Esperanza
5411   Mandaon
5400   Masbate
5410 Milagros
5401 Mobo
5418 Montreal
5404 Palanas
5406   Pio V. Cruz
5408 Placer
5416 San Fernando
5417   San Jacinto
5420   San Pascual
5402 Uson

Mountain Province 

Located in the northern part of the country, Mountain Province is part of the Cordillera Administrative Region of Luzon. Its capital is Bontoc, the home of Alab petroglyphs, ancient figures carved by prehistoric people on mountain walls. Mountain Province’s most popular hotspot is the mummy burial caves and hanging coffins. If you live in this popular tourist hotspot, refer to the ZIP code list below. All the postal codes begin with 26.

Zip Codes in Mountain Province  
2623 Barlig 
2621  Bauko 
2618  Besao 
2616  Bontoc 
2624  Natonin 
2625 Paracelis
2622  Sabangan 
2617  Sadanga 
2619   Sagada 
2620 Tadian 


Nueva Ecija

Producing tons of rice every year, Nueva Ecija established its reputation as the Rice Granary of the Philippines. Other crops produced in this province include mango, calamansi, garlic, and onion. It’s located in Central Luzon, with Palayan as its capital. The ZIP postal codes in Nueva Ecija start with 31.

Zip Codes in Nueva Ecija  
3111  Aliaga 
3128  Bongabon 
3100  Cabanatuan City 
3107 Cabiao
3123 Carranglan
3120 Central Luzon State University (CLSU)
3117 Cuyapao
3130 Fort Magsaysay
3131 Gabaldon
3105 Gapan
3125 Gen. M. Natividad
3104 Gen. Tinio
3115   Guimba
3109 Jaen
3129   Laur
3112   Lucab
3126 Llanera
3122 Lupao
3119   Munoz
3116   Nampicuan
3132   Palayan City
3124   Pantabangan
3103   Penaranda
3113   Quezon
3127 Rizal
3108 San Antonio
3106   San Isidro
3121   San Jose City
3102   San Leonardo
3101   Santa Rosa
3133   Santo Domingo
3114 Talavera
3118  Talugtog
3110 Zaragosa


Nueva Vizcaya

Formerly part of Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya became a separate province in 1971. Similar to other landlocked provinces in the Cagayan Valley region, the area is rich in agricultural products, particularly citrus crops, such as pomelo, oranges, and ponkan. The capital of this province is Bayombong, a town characterized by mountainous terrain. Refer to the list of ZIP codes below; all the figures start with 37.

Zip Codes in Nueva Vizcaya  
3714  Alfonso Castañeda 
3701  Ambaguio
3704  Aritao
3711 Bagabag
3702   Bambang
3700   Bayombong
3712 Diadi
3706 Dupax del Norte
3707 Dupax del Sur
3703 Kasibu
3708 Kayapa
3713   Quezon
3709   Solano
3705 Sta. Fe (Imugan)
3710 Villa Verde (Ibung)

Occidental Mindoro

Sitting on the western portion of the island of Mindoro, Occidental Mindoro features different landscapes, including mountains, valleys, mountain ranges, and wide plains. It’s surrounded by large bodies of water as well. The island is home to the most popular coral reef in the country, the Apo Reef. The capital of Occidental Mindoro is Mamburao. Covering ZIP postal codes that start with 51, these are the postal codes in the province.

Zip Codes in Occidental Mindoro   
5108 Abra de Ilog 
5102  Calintaan 
5111 Looc 
5109  Lubang 
5101 Magsaysay
5106 Mamburao
5107 Paluan
5103   Rizal
5104 Sablayan
5100  San Jose
5105  Santa Cruz
5110 Tilik


Oriental Mindoro 

Touted as an emerging ecotourism destination, Oriental Mindoro boasts of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Puerto Galera. White sand beaches and dive sites are popular attractions in the area, including Sabang Beach, Bongol Beach, and Suqui Beach. The capital of Oriental Mindoro is Calapan. Use this list of ZIP codes below to write addresses in Oriental Mindoro. The figures begin with the digits 52.

Zip Codes in Oriental Mindoro  
5201 Baco
5210 Bansud
5211   Bongabon
5214   Bulalacao
5200   Calapan
5209 Gloria
5208   Mansalay
5206 Pola
5203   Puerto Galera 
5212  Roxas 
5202   San Teodoro 
5207  Socorro 
5205 Victoria 


A popular tourist destination, Palawan teems with several world-renowned attractions. This includes the El Nido Marine Reserve Park, Coron Reefs, Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This archipelagic province has earned recognition from Forbes, Travel + Leisure, and other international organizations for its natural charm and beauty. The ZIP codes for this Philippine tourist hotspot begin with the digits 53, as shown in this table below:

Zip Codes in Palawan  
5302 Aborlan
5320   Agutaya
5311 Araceli
5307   Balabac
5306   Bataraza
5305   Brooke’s Point
5317   Busuanga
5321   Cagayancillo
5316 Coron
5315   Culion
5318   Cuyo
5310   Dumaran
5313   El Nido (Baquit)
5301   Iwahig Penal Colony
5322 Kalayaan
5314 Linapacan
5319   Magsaysay
5303 Narra (Panacan)
5300   Puerto Princesa City
5304 Quezon
5308 Roxas
5309 San Vicente
5312 Taytay



Occupying the northern shore of Manila Bay, Pampanga belongs to the Central Luzon region of the country. It hosts a major aviation hub, the Clark International Airport, formerly known as the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, located in Clark Freeport Zone. The capital of the province is the city of San Fernando. Pampanga ZIP codes begin with 20.

Zip Codes in Pampanga  
2009 Angeles City
2016 Apalit
2012   Arayat
2001   Bacolor
2007   Basa Air Base
2013   Candaba
2006   Floridablanca
2003   Guagua
2005 Lubao
2010   Mabalacat
2018   Macabebe
2011   Magalang
2017   Masantol
2021 Mexico
2019   Minalin
2008   Porac
2000   San Fernando
2014   San Luis
2015   San Simon
2022   Santa Ana
2002   Santa Rita
2020   Santo Tomas
2004 Sasmuan (old: Sexmoan)



This province is situated in the Ilocos region. True to its name, which means place of salt, Pangasinan is a major producer of salt in the country. Aside from this industry, the area is filled with tourist attractions, particularly breathtaking nature spaces, such as the Hundred Islands, Bolinao Falls, and Enchanted Cave. The ZIP code list in Pangasinan is as follows, the figures beginning with 24.

Zip Codes in Pangasinan  
2408 Agno
2415   Aguilar
2404   Alaminos
2425 Alcala
2405   Anda
2439 Asingan
2442   Balungao
2407 Bani
2422   Basista
2424   Bautista
2423   Bayambang
2436   Binalonan
2417   Binmaley
2406   Bolinao
2416  Bugallon
2410 Burgos
2418   Calasiao
2400 Dagupan City
2411 Dasol
2412 Infanta
2402   Labrador
2437 Laoac
2401   Lingayen
2409 Mabini
2421   Malasiqui
2430   Manaoag
2432   Mangaldan
2413   Mangatarem
2429   Mapandan
2446  Natividad
2435   Pozorrubio
2441   Rosales
2420   San Carlos City
2433 San Fabian
2431   San Jacinto
2438   San Manuel
2447   San Nicolas
2444   San Quintin
2419   Santa Barbara
2440   Santa Maria
2426   Santo Tomas
2434 Sison
2403  Sual
2445   Tayug
2443   Umingan
2414   Urbiztondo
2428  Urdaneta
2427 Villasis

Quezon Province 

Named after the second president of the Philippines, Quezon hosts different historical attractions, including the San Diego de Alcala Fortress and Iskong Bantay Watchtower. The province is also home to the famous Mount Banahaw, a mountain considered to be sacred. Quezon’s capital is Lucena, which celebrates the Pasayahan Festival every year. What is the ZIP/postal code of Quezon? They begin with the digits 43.

Zip Codes in Quezon Province  
4304 Agdangan
4333 Alabat
4331 Atimonan
4320   Buenavista
4340   Burdeos
4318   Calauag
4323   Candelaria
4311 Catanuan
4326  Dolores
4310   Gen. Luna
4338   Gen. Nakar
319   Guinayangan 4
4306 Gumaca
4317   Hondagua
4336 Infanta
4342   Jomalig
4316 Lopez
4328   Lucban
4301   Lucena City
4309  Macalelon
4330   Mauban
4312   Mulanay
4303   Padre Burgos
4302   Pagbilao
4337   Panukulan
4341   Patnonangan
4334 Perez
4308   Pitogo
4306   Plaridel
4339 Polilio
4332   Quezon
4300   Quezon Capitol
4335 Real
4329   Sampaloc
4314   San Andres
4324   San Antonio
4315   San Francisco
4313   San Narciso
4322   Sariaya
4321   Tagkawayan
4327   Tayabas
4325 Tiaong
4305 Unisan


Quirino Province 

This province is one of the leading banana producers in Cagayan Valley. Its name was derived from the sixth president of the Philippines, Elpidio Quirino. Nature hotspots dot the province, from the Pusuac Spring Park in Diffun and the Aglipay Cave to the Landingan Viewpoint. Quirino’s capital is the town of Cabarroguis. The ZIP postal codes of Quirino are as follows, all starting with the digits 34.

Zip Codes in Quirino  
3403  Aglipay 
3400 Cabarruguis 
3401  Diffun 
3404  Maddela 
3405 Nagtipunan (Abbag) 
3402 Saguday



Located in the CALABARZON region, Rizal is one of the provinces closest to Metro Manila. It’s stretched out on the northern shores of Laguna de Bay, as it rests on the heels of the Sierra Mountain Ranges. Previously, Pasig was the province’s capital. It was in 2020 when Antipolo was officially designated as the seat of the provincial governmentSome of the postal codes of Rizal province begin with 18, while others 19.

Zip Codes in Rizal  
1930 Angono 
1870 Antipolo 
1970   Baras
1940   Binangonan 
1900  Cainta 
1950   Cardona 
1990   Jala-Jala 
1960  Morong 
1860 Montalban (Rodriguez) 
1910 Pililia 
1850  San Mateo 
1980  Tanay 
1920 Taytay
1880  Teresa 



The southernmost province in Luzon, Sorsogon lies at the tip of the Bicolandia territory. It looks over the island of Samar to the southeast and to Ticao Island to the southwest. The province is most famous for its Pili Festival, which is a celebration of the Pili nut and tree indigenous to its land. Its capital is Sorsogon City. Covering the ZIP postal codes starting with 47, Sorsogon has these location digits:

Zip Codes in Sorsogon  
4701 Bacon 
4712  Barcelona 
4706 Bulan 
4704 Bulusan 
4702  Casiguran 
4713 Castilla
4715 Donsol 
4710  Gubat
4707  Irosin 
4703  Juban 
4705  Magallanes 
4708  Matnog 
4714 Pilar
4711 Prieto Diaz
4709  Sta. Magdalena
4700 Sorsogon 



Called the Melting Pot of Central Luzon, Tarlac houses four distinct ethnic groups, namely Kapampangans, the Pangasinense, the Ilocanos, and the Tagalogs. Due to its vast plain and mountainous lands, the province is largely agricultural. It’s among the largest producers of rice and sugarcane in the region. The province’s capital is Tarlac City. The province’s capital is Tarlac City. Its zip code is included in the list below:

Zip Codes in Tarlac  
2310  Anao 
2317  Bamban 
2306  Camiling 
2315 Capas
2316 Conception
2302   Gerona
2314 La Paz
2304   Mayantoc
2308   Mancada
2307   Paniqui
2312 Pura
2311   Ramos
2305 San Clemente
2309   San Manuel
2301  San Miguel 
2303  Sta. Ignacia 
2300 Tarlac
2313 Victoria



This province belongs to Central Luzon, ranking as the second-largest in the region in terms of land area. It’s popular for hosting portions of the progressive, urban district Subic Bay, which features several tourist attractions, including resorts, parks, malls, and casinos. The capital of the province is Iba. Zambales postal codes, beginning with 22, are outlined here below:

Zip Codes in Zambales  
2202  Botolan 
2203   Cabangan 
2212   Candelaria 
2208   Castillejos 
2201  Iba 
2211  Masinloc
2200   Olongapo City 
2210  Palauig 
2206   San Antonio 
2204   San Felipe 
2207  San Marcelino
2205   San Narciso 
2213  Sta. Cruz 
2209 Subic 



Sitting at the central portion of the archipelago, Visayas hosts several islands, namely Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, and Samar. Samar is the biggest island in the region by land area. Western, Central, and Eastern Visayas make up the three administrative regions in Visayas. The ZIP postal codes of different Visayas provinces are summarized in this section.


Perched on the northwest section of the Panay Island, Aklan belongs to the Western Visayas region. It’s home to one of the most beautiful beaches recognized by several international organizations, Boracay. Aklan’s capital is Kalibo, which is popular for its yearly Ati-Atihan FestivalRefer to the table below for the list of ZIP codes in this Philippine province. All of which begin with 56.

Zip Codes in Aklan  
5616  Altavas 
5614   Balite 
5601   Banga 
5615  Batan 
5609   Buruanga 
5613   Ibajay
5600   Kalibo 
5605   Lezo 
5602  Libacao 
5603   Madalag
5611   Makato 
5608   Malay 
5606   Malinao 
5607   Nabas
5610 New Washington
5604 Numancia
5612 Tangalan 



Home to the rice terraces of indigenous Iraynun-Bukidnon, Antique has been a major producer of palay since 1998. Aside from being largely agricultural, the province boasts of a thriving tourism industry since its coastal areas are famous among scuba divers. The capital of Antique is San Jose de Buenavista. The ZIP postal codes of the province, all starting with 57, are enumerated below.

Zip Codes in Antique  
5717 Anini-y 
5706  Barbasa
5701  Belison
5704   Bugasong 
5711 Caluya 
5708 Culasi
5715   Hamtic 
5705  Lawa-an  
5710  Libertad  
5712  Pandan  
5702  Patnongan  
5700  San Jose
5714   San Remedio
5709 Sebaste
5713 Sibalom
5707 Tibiao
5716 Tobias Fornier (Dao)
5703  Valderama 



This is one of the country’s smallest provinces, having a total land area of over 500 square kilometers. An island province located in the Eastern Visayas region, it’s less than a kilometer north of Leyte. The province features several tourist spots, including Bagongbong Falls and Iyusan Rice Terraces. Biliran’s capital is the town of Naval. Use the ZIP code list when writing a Biliran address.

Zip Codes in Biliran  
6544 Almeria 
6549  Biliran  
6550  Cabuccayan  
6548  Caibiran 
6547  Culaba 
6545 Kawayan
6546  Maripipi 
6543 Naval 



An island province in the Central Visayas, Bohol is dotted with travelers’ favorite destinations. It’s home to the famous Chocolate Hills, mounds of limestone formations spread over a vast 50-square kilometer land. It also hosts Panglao Island and other famous beaches. Tagbilaran, the city that hosts some of the country’s oldest stone churches, is the capital of the province. Here’s the list of Bohol ZIP postal codes, which all start with 63:

Zip Codes in Bohol  
6302  Albuquerque 
6314 Alicia
6311  Anda  
6335    Antiquera 
6301   Baclayon  
6342 Balilihan
6318  Batuan 
6326 Bien Unido
6317  Bilar 
6333  Buenavista 
6328  Calape 
6312 Candijay 
6346 Carlos P. Garcia (Dao) 
6319 Carmen
6343 Catigbi-an
6330 Clarin
6337  Corella
6341  Cortez
6322 Daguhoy
6344   Danao
6339  Dauis
6305 Dimiao
6309 Duero
6307 Garcia Hernandez
6310 Guindulman
6332   Inabanga
6308 Jagna
6334 Jetafe
6304  Lila
6303   Loay
6316 Loboc
6327 Loon
6313 Mabini
6336 Maribujok
6340 Panglao
6321 Pilar
6331 Sagbayan
6345  San Isidro
6323 San Miguel
6347 Sevilla
6320 Sierra Bullones
6338 Sikatuna
6300 Tagbilaran City
6325 Talibon
6324 Trinidad
6329 Tubigon
6315 Ubay
6306 Valencia 



Hailed as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Capiz is popular for its rich marine life and thriving fishing industry particularly in its capital, the city of Roxas. The province hosts the popular heritage landmark Santa Monica Church, which features the largest Catholic church bell in Asia. The postal ZIP codes of this Philippine province begin with 58.

Zip Codes in Capiz  
5811  Cuartero 
5810 Dao 
5813 Dumalag
5812  Dumarao 
5805  Ivisan 
5808 Jamindan
5809  Ma-ayon
5807   Mambusao
5801 Panay 
5815   Panitan 
5804  Pilar 
5803 Pres. Roxas 
5802   Puntevedra 
5800 Roxas City
5816 Sapian
5814 Tapaz



Cebu, located in Western Visayas, is among the most progressive provinces in the country, establishing itself as a prime spot for business, tourism, retail, and heavy industry. Aside from affordable housing options, there are also expensive neighborhoods in Cebu for those who want a taste of luxurious living. Metro Cebu is the second largest metropolis in the Philippines next to Metro Manila. It’s the center of industry and trade in the Visayas region. Cebu City, also called the Queen City of the South, is the province’s capital. Starting with the digits 60, the postcodes of this Philippine hotspot are enumerated in this table below:

Zip Codes in Cebu  
6033   Alcantara
6023 Alcoy
6030   Alegria
6040   Aloguinsan
6021 Argao
6042 Asturias
6031 Badian
6041   Balamban
6042 Bantayan
6036   Barile
6010 Bogo
6024 Boljoon
6008 Borbon
6019 Carcar
6005 Carmen
6006   Catmon
6000   Cebu City
6003   Compostela
6001   Consolacion
6017   Cordova
6013 Daang-Bantayan
6022 Dalaguete
6004 Danao
6035 Dumanjug
6026   Ginatilan
6015 Lapu-Lapu City
6002 Liloan
6016 Mactan Airport
6053   Madridejos
6029   Malabuyoc
6014   Mandaue City
6012   Medellin
6046   Minglanilla
6032   Moalboal
6037 Naga
6025   Oslob
6048    Pilar
6039 Pinamungahan
6049 Poro
6034   Ronda
6027 Samboan
6018   San Fernando
6050   San Francisco
6011 San Remegio
6047   Santa Fe
6026   Santander
6020   Sibonga
6007 Sogod
6009 Tabogon
6044   Tabuelan
6045   Talisay
6051 Todela
6038   Toledo City
6043 Tuburan


Known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines, Guimaras produces one of the sweetest mangoes in the world. It belongs to the Western Visayas region, located between the islands of Panay and Negros. The capital of the province is the town of Jordan. Compared to other Visayas provinces, the ZIP code list of Guimars is shorter, with the figures starting with 50.

Zip Codes in Guimaras  
5044  Buenavista 
5045  Jordan 
5046 Nueva Valencia 



Nestled in the southeast portion of the island of Panay, Iloilo is dotted with natural wonders, from white sand beaches to waterfalls and caves. The province also hosts age-old churches, including the Miag-Ao Church, Molo Church, and the “fortress church” Passi City Church. Its capital is Iloilo City, which is the regional hub for all social affairs, including business, tourism, and education. These are the ZIP postal codes of different Iloilo municipalities, which also begin with 50.

Zip Codes in Iloilo  
5012 Ajuy
5028 Alimodian
5009   Anilao
5033   Badiangan
5018 Balasan
5010 Banate
5007 Barotac Nuevo
5011 Barotac Viejo
5016 Batad
5041 Bingawan
5031 Cabatuan
5040 Calinog
5019 Carles
5013 Conception
5035 Dingle
5038 Dueñas
5006 Dumangas
5017 Estancia
5022 Guimbal
5029 Igbaras
5000 Iloilo City
5034 Janiuay
5042 Lambunao
5003 Leganes
5043 Lemery
5026 Leon
5030 Maasin
5023 Miagao
5032 Mina
5005 New Lucena
5020 Oton
5037 Passi
5001 Pavia
5008 Pototan
5015 San Dionisio
5036 San Enrique
5024 San Joaquin
5025 San Miguel
5039 San Rafael
5002 Santa Barbara
5014 Sara
5021 Tigbauan
5027 Tubungan
5004 Zarraga



This is the country’s eighth-biggest island in terms of land area. Divided into two sub-provinces, the place has Northern Leyte, in which the capital is Tacloban, and Southern Leyte, with Maasin as the capital. The province is most famous for hosting the national park that commemorates the historic landing of General Douglas MacArthur. The Leyte postal codes start with 65.

Zip Codes in Northern Leyte  
6510  Abuyog 
6517  Alangalang
6542  Albuera 
6520 Babatngon 
6519 Barugo
6525  Bato 
6521  Baybay 
6516 Burauen 
6534 Calubian 
6530  Capoocan 
6529  Carigara
6515   Dagami
6505 Dulag
6524 Hilongos
6523 Hindang
6522 Inopacan
6539 Isabel
6527 Jaro
6511 Javier
6506 Julita
6531 Kananga
6508   La Paz
6533 Leyte
6509   Macarthur
6512 Mahaplag
6532 Matag-Ob
6526 Matalom
6507   Mayorga
6540 Merida
6541  Ormoc City
6501 Palo
6538 Palumpon
6514 Pastrana
6535 San Isidro
6518 San Miguel
6513 Santa Fe
6536  Tabango
6504 Tabontabon
6500 Tacloban City
6502 Tanauan
6503 Tolosa 
6528 Tunga 
6537 Villaba
Zip Codes in Southern Leyte  
6610 Anahawan
6604   Bomtoc
6608 Hinunangan
6609   Hinundayan
6615   Libagon
6612 Liloan
6600   Maasin
6601 Macrohon
6603 Malitbog
6602   Padre Burgos
6614   Pintuyan
6613 San Francisco
6611   San Juan (Cabalian)
6617 San Ricardo
6607 Silago
6606   Sogod
6616 St. Bernard
6605 Tomas Oppus



Administratively, the province belongs to the Bicol region in Luzon. But in the socio-ethno-linguistic aspect, it forms part of the Visayas region. It’s composed of three major islands, Masbate, Ticao, and Burias. Masbate is popular for hosting breathtaking islands, namely Tinalisayan Island, Sombrero Island, and Animasola Island. The postal codes starting with 54 make up the Masbate ZIP code list.

Zip Codes in Masbate  
5414   Aroroy 
5413   Baleno 
5412  Balud 
5415   Batuan 
5421   Buenavista
5405   Cataingan
5405   Cawayan
5419 Claveria
5403 Dimasalang
5407   Esperanza
5411   Mandaon
5400   Masbate
5410 Milagros
5401 Mobo
5418 Montreal
5404 Palanas
5406   Pio V. Cruz
5408 Placer
5416 San Fernando
5417   San Jacinto
5420   San Pascual
5402 Uson


Negros Occidental 

Located in Western Visayas, Negros Occidental earned the title “Sugarbowl of the Philippines” as it established its reputation as a major producer of sugar. Its capital is the city of Bacolod, the City of Smiles, where the famous Capitol Park and Lagoon can be found. The ZIP codes of Negros Occidental begin with 61. 

Zip Codes in Negros Occidental  
6100  Bacolod City
6101  Bago City 
6107   Binalbagan 
6121  Cadiz City 
6126  Calatrava 
6110 Candoni
6118   Enrique Magalona
6124  Escalante 
6108   Himamaylan 
6106 Hinigaran
6114 Hinoba-ari
6109 Ilog
6128   Isabela
6100 Kabangkalan
6112 Kauayan
6130 La Carlota City
6131 La Castillana
6120   Manapla
6132   Moises Padilla
6129 Murcia
6123 Paraiso (Fabrica)
6102 Pulupandan
6105   Pontevedra
6122 Sagay
6127 San Carlos City
6104 San Enrique
6116   Silay City
6117 Silay Hawaiian Central
6113 Sipalay
6115 Talisay
6125   Toboso
6103 Villadolid
6119 Victorias


Negros Oriental 

The home of the famous dive site Apo Island and ecological wonder Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park, Negros Oriental is a favorite tourist destination in Central Visayas. Dumaguete is the province’s capital, aptly called the “center of learning in the South”, as it hosts a number of academic institutions. The city is the most populous area in the province. All the ZIP postal codes in Negros Oriental begin with 62.

Zip Codes in Negros Oriental  
6203  Amian
6210   Ayungon 
6216 Bacung
6206   Bais City
6222 Basay
6221 Bayawan
6209 Bindoy
6223 Canlaon City
6217 Dauin
6200 Dumaguete City
6214 Guihulngan
6212 Jimalalud
6213   La Libertad
6208   Mabinay
6208 Manjuyod
6205   Pamplona
6202   San Jose
6219 Siaton
6201 Sibulan
6220   Sta. Catalina
6204 Tanjay
6211 Tayasan
6215   Valencia
6224   Valle Hermoso
6218 Zamboanguita



Popularly called the marble capital of the country, Romblon boasts of thriving marble industry, producing high-quality mineral deposits in various colors and shades. Since the province is an archipelago, it also hosts several white sand beaches and dive sites, namely Bonbon, Tiamban, and Talipasak. In Romblon, the ZIP postal codes of municipalities begin with 55.

Zip Codes in Romblon  
5509  Alcantara 
5515  Banton (Jones) 
5512  Cajidiocan 
5503   Calatrava 
5516  Conception 
5514 Corcuera
5506 Ferrol 
5502  Imelda 
5507   Looc 
5511  Magdiwang 
5505   Odiongan 
5500   Romblon 
5501 San Agustin
5504   San Andres
5513   San Fernando
5510  San Jose 
5508 Santa Fe 



The third-largest island in the country is divided into three provinces: Northern, Eastern, and Western. Called the Caving Capital of the Philippines, Samar is home to several underground chambers, including the largest, which is Langun-Gobingob Cave, popularly known as Calbiga Caves. The ZIP code list below is divided into Eastern, Northern, and Western territories, covering the 64, 67, and 68 postal codes.

Zip Codes in Eastern Samar  
6822 Arteche
6812 Balangiga
6801 Balangkayan
6800 Borongan
6806   Can-Avid
6817   Dolores
6805   Gen. McArthur
6811   Giporlos
6809 Guiuan
6804   Hernani
6819 Jipapad
6813 Lawa-an
6803 Llorente
6820   Maslog
6802 Maydulog
6808   Mercedes
6818 Oras
6810 Quinapundan
6807   Salcedo
6814   San Julian
6821   San Policarpio
6815 Sulat
6816 Taft
Zip Codes in Northern Samar  
6405   Allen  
6410   Biri
6401   Bobon
6408   Capul
6400   Catarman
6418   Catubig
6422 Gamay
6420   La Navas
6411   Laoang
6423   Lapineg
6404   Lavezares
6403   Lope de Vega
6412 Mapanas
6417 Mondragon
6421 Palapag
6413   Pambujan
6416   Rosario
6407   San Antonio
6409  San Isidro
6402   San Jose
6415 San Roque
6419   San Vicente
6414   Silvino Lubos
6406 Victoria
Zip Codes in Western Samar  
6724 Almagro
6720 Basey
6710 Calbayog City
6715   Calbiga
6700   Catbalogan
6722 Daram
6706   Gandara
6713   Hinbangan
6701   Jiabong
6721 Marabut
6708   Matuguinao
6702   Motiong
6705   Pagsanjan
6716   Pinabacdao
6707   San Jorge
6723   San Jose de Bauan
6714 San Sebastian
6709   Sta. Margarita
6718   Sta. Rita
6711   Sto. Nino
6712   Tagapulan
6719 Talarora
6704   Tarangnan
6717  Villareal 
6703   Wright 
6725 Zumarraga 


Part of Central Visayas, Siquijor is an island province that has long been associated with mystery, mysticism, and magic. It organizes festivals celebrating healing rituals and takes pride in potion souvenirs. Among the most popular hotspots in the area are the old Balete tree and the Cambugahay Falls. The capital of the province is Siquijor. The destination’s list of ZIP codes is composed of figures starting with 62.

Zip Codes in Siquijor  
6230   Enrile Villanueva 
6226  Larena 
6228  Lazi 
6229   Maria 
6227   San Juan 
6225 Siquijor



Mindanao is situated in the southern region of the country. It has six administrative regions: the Zamboanga Peninsula, Northern Mindanao, the Caraga region, the Davao region, Soccsksargen, and the autonomous region of Bangsamoro. It’s home to natural wonders, including the highest mountain in the country, Mount Apo. The ZIP postal codes of different Mindanao provinces are summarized in this section.

Agusan del Norte

The capital of this province is Cabadbaran, a city that hosts various mountains, including Mount Hilong-Hilong and Mount Pongkay, which are popular among trekkers. Agusan del Norte is part of the Caraga region. The center of the province occupies the lower basin of the third-longest river in the country, Agusan. The postal ZIP codes of this Philippine destination all start with 86.

Zip Codes in Agusan del Norte  
8601  Buenavista 
8600   Butuan City 
8605   Cabadbaran 
8603  Carmen 
8607   Jabonga 
8609 Kitcharao
8610  La Nieves 
8604   Magallanes 
8602  Nasipit 
8611  Remedios T. Romualdez 
8608  Santiago 
8606 Tubay 

Agusan del Sur 

Popular for being the home of numerous breathtaking falls, Agusan del Sur is a tourist hotspot. The most popular attraction in the province is the Agusan Marsh, one of the most ecologically significant wetlands in the archipelago. Its capital is the town of Prosperidad, which hosts the Naliyagan Festival, a commemoration of the foundation of the province. While Agusan del Norte’s ZIP postal codes start with 86, Agusan del Sur’s begin with 85.

Zip Codes in Agusan del Sur  
8502 Bayugan
8506 Bunawan
8513   Esperanza
8508 La Paz
8507   Loreto
8500   Prosperidad
8504 Rosario
8501   San Francisco
8511   San Luis
8512   Santa Josefa
8503   Sibagat
8510   Talacogon
8505 Trento
8509 Veruela



The largest island in the Sulu archipelago, Basilan belongs to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. There are three ethnolinguistic groups in the province, namely the Yakans, Tausugs, and Chavacanos. The capital of Basilan is Lamitan. Covering the ZIP postal codes that start with 73, Basilan’s codes are enumerated below:

Zip Codes in Basilan  
7300  Isabela de Basilan 
7302  Lamitan 
7301   Lantawan 
7303   Maluso 
7305   Sumisip
7304   Tipo-tipo
7306 Tuburan 



A landlocked province, Bukidnon relies on agriculture for its local economy. It’s a major producer of different crops, from rice and sugar to corn and pineapple. Because of this, the province became known as the Food Basket of Mindanao. The capital of Bukidnon is Malaybalay. Bukidnon’s ZIP code list is outlined below, with figures beginning with 87.

Zip Codes in Bukidnon  
8707  Baungon 
8721   Damulog 
8719   Dangcagan 
8712   Don Carlos 
8702   Impasugong 
8723   Kabanglasan
8713  Kadingilan 
8718   Kalilangan 
8720  Kibawe 
8716 Kitaotao
8722  Lantapan 
8706   Libuna 
8700   Malaybalay 
8704   Malitbog
8703   Manolo Fortich
8714 Maramag
8710   Musuan
8717   Pangantucan
8705 Philips
8715 Quezon
8711   San Fernando
8701 Sumilao
8708   Talakag
8709 Valencia 



Situated in Bohol Sea, this island province belongs to the Northern Mindanao region. Camiguin takes pride in being the home to national cultural treasures, including Old Bonbon Church ruins in Catarman and the Sunken Cemetery in the same town. The largest municipality in the area is Mambajao, the province’s capital. Write your address in Camiguin with these ZIP postal codes:

Zip Codes in Camiguin  
9104 Catarman
9102 Guinsiliban 
9101 Mahinog 
9100 Mambajao 
9103 Sagay 


Davao de Oro

Formerly called Compostela Valley, Davao de Oro used to be part of Davao del Norte. Its capital is the town of Nabunturan, which hosts the Mainit Hot Springs Protected Landscape. The province is among the richest in the Mindanao region, supported by numerous banana plantations and gold and silver mines. The ZIP postal codes in Davao de Oro start with 88.

Zip Codes in Davao de Oro  
8803 Compostela 
8810  Laak 
8807  Mabini 
8806  Maco 
8808  Maragusan 
8802 Mawab
8805  Monkayo 
8801  Montevista 
8800  Nabunturan 
8804  New Bataan 
8809 Pantukan 


Davao del Norte

Nicknamed the Banana Capital of the Philippines, the province is a major producer of the crop, with multinational companies having plantations in the area. Aside from agriculture, tourism is a thriving industry in Davao del Norte. Samal Island is the most popular among tourists. Tagum is the capital of the province. Starting with the digit 81, the ZIP postal codes in Davao del Norte are as follows:

Zip Codes in Davao del Norte  
8102  Asuncion 
8118  Babak 
8101   Carmen 
8113   Kapalong 
8120   Kaputian
8104  New Corella 
8105  Panabo 
8119   Samal 
8116   San Mariano
8103   San Vicente 
8112   Santo Tomas 
8100 Tagum

Davao del Sur 

The capital of this province is Digos, which occupies the southern foothills of Mount Apo. Davao del Sur is a major producer of rice, corn, cacao, and banana, among other crops. Several ethnic groups live in the area, including B’laans, Manobos, and Bagobos, tribes that promote the artistic heritage of the province. The ZIP code list of Davao del Sur features figures starting with 80.

Zip Codes in Davao del Sur  
8005   Bansalan
8000 Davao City
8002 Digos
8013 Don Marcelino
8006   Hagunoy
8014 Jose Abad Santos
8008 Kiblawan
8004 Magsaysay
8010   Malalag
8012 Malita
8003   Matanao
8007   Padada
8001   Santa Cruz
8011   Santa Maria
8015 Sarangani


Davao Oriental

The easternmost province in the country, Davao Oriental is a top producer of coconut and copra. It earned the nickname Coconut Capital of the Philippines. Aside from a dynamic agricultural scene, the province features natural wonders, from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mount Hamiguitan Wildlife Sanctuary to Aliwagwag Falls. Be guided by these Davao Oriental ZIP postal codes below, which all begin with 82.

Zip Codes in Davao Oriental  
8204 Baganga
8208   Banaybanay
8206 Boston
8203   Caraga
8205 Cateel
8210 Gov. Generoso
8207 Lopon
8202   Manay
8200   Mati
8209 San Isidro
8201 Tarragona 

Lanao del Norte 

Part of the Northern Mindanao region, Lanao del Norte is dotted with breathtaking tourist attractions. A few of the most popular are Maria Cristina Falls and Dalipuga Centennial Park. Its capital is the town of Tubod, which is home to the Mindanao Civic Center, the venue of the First Mindanao Friendship Games. The Lanao del Norte ZIP postal codes start with 92.

Zip Codes in Lanao del Norte  
9205   Bacolod 
9217  Baloi 
9210   Baroy 
9200 Iligan City
9214   Kapatagan
9215   Karomatan
9202   Kauswagan
9207 Kolambugan
9211 Lala
9201 Linamon
9221 Magsaysay
9206 Maigo
9203 Matugao
9219  Munai 
9216 Nunungan
9208  Pantao Ragat
9218  Pantar 
9204  Poona Piagapo 
9212  Salvador 
9213   Sapad 
9222   Tagoloan 
9220   Tangkal 
9209 Tubod


Lanao del Sur 

Lanao del Sur is most famous for being the home of the largest lake in the Mindanao region, the Lanao Lake. The province’s capital is Marawi, touted as the summer capital of the south because of its cool climate. A municipality in Lanao del Sur called Tugaya is recognized as a UNESCO Home for Culture and Heritage. Some of the ZIP postal codes in Lanao del Sur start with 93, while the others begin with 97.

Zip Codes in Lanao del Sur  
9316   Bacolod Grande
9302 Blabagan
9318 Balindong
9309   Bayang
9310   Binidayan
9320   Baumbaran
9714   Buadiposo Buntong
9708 Bubong
9305 Butig
9319 Calanogas
9311   Ganassi
9709 Kapal
9703 Lumba Bayabao
9307   Lumbatan
9306 Lumbayanague
9308   Macador Andong
9315 Madalum
9314   Madamba
9715 Maguing
9300   Malabang
9303   Maragong
9711 Marangtao
9700   Marawi City
9706 Masio
9702 Mulondo
9312 Pagayawan
9710   Piagapo
9705 Poona Bayabao
9313 Pualas
9713 Ramain-Ditsaan
9701 Saguiaran
9303   Sultan Gumander
9321 Tagoloan II
9704   Tamparan
9712 Taraka
9304   Tubaran
9317   Tugaya
9716 Wao 



Forming part of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), Maguindanao is home to the Maranaos, Tausugs, and other Moro groups. The province takes pride in various tourist destinations, such as Mount Minandar, Blue Lagoon, and Kutawato Cave. The capital of Maguindanao is Buluan. When writing addresses in this province, the ZIP postal code starts with 96.

Zip Codes in Maguindanao  
9609  Ampatuan 
9614  Barira 
9615   Buldon 
9616   Buluan 
9600   Cotabato City 
9617   Datu Paglas
9607   Datu Piang
9601 Datu Odin Sinsuat (Dinaig)
9618 Gen. S. K. Datun
9606 Kabuntulan
9608 Maganoy
9613 Matanog
9610 Pagalungan
9604 Parang
9603 South Upi
9605 Sultan Kudarat
9611 Sultan Sa Barongis
9612 Talayan
9602 Upi


Misamis Occidental

Situated in Northern Mindanao, Misamis Occidental features several travel destinations, including Bucagan Hill in Ozamiz, Lake Duminagat in Don Victoriano, and Maloro Beach in Tangub. The capital of the province is Oroquieta, which hosts the Mt. Malindang Ranges. The ZIP code list of Misamis Occidental features figures starting with 72.

Zip Codes in Misamis Occidental  
7206   Aloran 
7211  Baliangao 
7215   Bonifacio 
7210   Calamba 
7201  Clarin 
7213   Concepcion
7204   Jimenez 
7208   Lopez Jaena 
7207 Oroquieta City
7200 Ozamis City
7205 Panaon
7209 Plaridel
7212   Sapang Dalaga
7203 Sinacaban
7214  Tangub City 
7202 Tudela


Misamis Oriental

The province hosts Mindanao International Container Port and the gateway to the Northern Mindanao region, the Laguindingan Airport. Its capital is Cagayan de Oro, the River Rafting Capital of the Philippines. Aside from whitewater rafting sites, the province boasts beautiful nature parks, caves, and waterfalls. The ZIP postal codes in Misamis Oriental begin with the digits 90.

Zip Codes in Misamis Oriental  
9018   Alubijid 
9005 Balingasag 
9011 Balinguan
9008   Binuangan
9000   Cagayan de Oro City
9004 Claveria
9017   El Salvador
9014   Gingoog City
9020 Gitaum
9022 Initao
9003 Jasaan
9010 Kinogitan
9006 Lagonglong
9019 Laguindingan
9021 Libertad
9025 Lugait
9015 Magsaysay
9024   Manticao
9013  Medina
9023 Naawan
9016 Opol
9007  Salay
9009 Sugbongcogon
9001 Tagoloan
9012   Talisayan
9002 Villanueva


North Cotabato

A landlocked province, North Cotabato is part of the Soccsksargen region (although some of its barangays are under the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region’s jurisdiction). Its capital is the city of Kidapawan, which is famous for its unique location, at the foot of the highest mountain in the country, Mount Apo. North Cotabato is one of the leading producers of sugarcane, coconut, and coffee in the region. The ZIP postal codes in North Cotabato begin with the digits 94.

Zip Codes in North Cotabato  
9413 Alamada 
9415  Aleosan
9414  Antipas
9417   Arakan
9416   Banisilan
9408   Carmen
9407   Kabacan
9400   Kidapawan
9411 Libungan
9404   Magpet
9401   Makilala
9406 Matalam
9410   Midsayap
9402 M’lang
9412 Pigkawayan
9409  Pikit
9405  Pres. Roxas
9403 Tulunan 



Formerly a part of South Cotabato, the province gained its independence in 1992. But similar to its former mother district, Sarangani belongs to the Soccsksargen region. It’s home to breathtaking natural wonders, including Mindanao’s “Boracay,” the Gumasa Beach. The capital of the province is Alabel. Writing Sarangani ZIP postal codes starts with the digits 95.

Zip Codes in Sarangani  
9501  Alabel 
9517   Glan 
9514  Kiamba 
9502  Maasim 
9515   Maitum 
9516   Malapatan
9503 Malungon 


South Cotabato

Located in the southern part of Mindanao, the province forms part of the Soccsksargen region. Its land is generally flat with a few hills and mountains. The capital of the province Koronadal City, also called Marbel, is among the most business-friendly municipalities in Mindanao, accommodating various shopping malls. The ZIP code list below should help you write addresses in South Cotabato.

Zip Codes in South Cotabato  
9511  Banga
9500   Gen. Santos City 
9506  Koronadal 
9508  Norala 
9504   Polomolok
9509   Santo Nino
9512   Surallah
9507   Tampacan
9510   Tantangan
9513 T’boli
9505 Tupi


Sultan Kudarat 

Predominantly agricultural, the province is a major producer of different crops, including rice, coffee, bananas, and mangoes. The Southern Philippines Grain Complex, the largest grains-processing complex in the country, is located in Sultan Kudarat’s commercial center Tacurong. The capital of the province is Isulan, a town dotted with several hot springs, caves, and falls. These are the ZIP postal codes in Sultan Kudarat, which all begin with the digits 98.

Zip Codes in Sultan Kudarat  
9810  Bagumbayan 
9801  Colombio 
9806  Esperanza (Ampatuan) 
9805  Isulan 
9808   Kalamansig 
9807 Lebak (Salaman)
9803 Lutayan
9802  Mariano Marcos
9809  Palimbang 
9804  Pres. Quirino 
9811  Sen. Ninoy Aquino 
9800 Tacurong 



Occupying the Sulu archipelago, the province is bordered by two seas: Sulu Sea to the north and Celebes Sea to the south. Sulu’s capital is Jolo, the home of a prominent ethnic group in the Philippines, the Tausugs. Some of the tourist hotspots in the province include Maubo Beach, Bangas Island, and The Walled City. Refer to this ZIP code list for Sulu areas:

Zip Codes in Sulu  
7407 Indanan
7400  Jolo 
7416  Kalingalan Kalauang 
7411  Lugus 
7404  Luuk 
7409 Maimbung
7413   Marungas
7402   Panamao 
7415 Panglima Estino 
7414  Panguntaran 
7408  Parang 
7405  Pata 
7401  Patikul 
7412   Siasi
7403   Talipao
7410   Tapul
7406 Tongkil 


Surigao del Norte

Forming part of Mindanao’s Caraga region, Surigao del Norte features two major islands, Siargao and Bucas Grande. For this reason, it hosts several tourist attractions, such as Sohoton Cave, Mabua Pebble Beach, and the famous Sugba Blue Lagoon. The capital of the province is Surigao City. In Surigao del Norte, the ZIP postal codes begin with 84.

Zip Codes in Surigao del Norte  
8425 Alegria
8408   Bacuag
8413   Basilisa (Rizal)
8424 Burgos
8411 Cagdianao
8410 Claver
8417   Dapa
8418 Del Carmen
8412  Dinagat
8419   Gen. Luna
8409 Gigaquit
8414   Libjo (Albor)
8415 Loreto
8407   Mainit
8402   Malimano
8420   Pilar
8405   Placer
8423   San Benito
8401   San Francisco
8421   San Isidro
8427 San Jose
8422   Santa Monica
8404 Sison
8416   Socorro
8400   Surigao City
8403   Tagana-an
8426   Tubajon
8406 Tubod


Surigao del Sur 

Located on the eastern coast of Mindanao, Surigao del Sur hosts the famous little Niagara Falls of the country, Tinuy-An Falls. It belongs to the Caraga region in Mindanao, bounded on the northwest by Surigao del Norte and on the southeast by Davao Oriental. Its capital is Tandag City, filled with different nature-oriented travel hotspots. While Surigao del Norte’s ZIP postal codes begin with 84, Surigao del Sur’s start with 83.

Zip Codes in Surigao del Sur  
8309   Barobo 
8303   Bayabas 
8311   Bislig
8311   Cagwait 
8317  Cantillan
8315   Carmen 
8318   Carrascal
8313 Cortez
8310   Hinatuan 
8314   Lanuza 
8307  Lianga 
8312   Lingig 
8316  Madrid 
8306 Marihatag 
8305   San Agustin
8301   San Miguel
8308   Tagbina
8302 Tago
8300 Tandag 



This island province belongs to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), occupying the southwestern tip of the country. It was previously part of the Sulu province until 1973. Tawi-Tawi is dotted with noteworthy islands, including Panampangan, Simunul, and Sitangkai, which are famous among seasoned travelers. Its capital is Bongao. The ZIP postal codes of Tawi-Tawi areas begin with 75.

Zip Codes in Tawi-Tawi  
7501 Balimbing 
7500  Bongao 
7508   Cagayan de Sulu 
7509  Languyan 
7503   Sapa-sapa 
7505 Simunol
7506  Sitangkai 
7504   South Ubian 
7507   Taganak (Turtle Island) 
7502 Tandu Bas 


Zamboanga del Norte 

This is the largest province by land area in the Zamboanga Peninsula. Its capital is Dipolog, which is popularly referred to as the Bottled Sardines Capital of the Philippines because of its dynamic sardine industry. A few travel hotspots in Zamboanga del Norte include the Libuton Cave, Sungkilaw Falls, and Aliguay Island. Covering the ZIP postal codes that start in digits 71, the postal codes in Zamboanga del Norte are enumerated here:

Zip Codes in Zamboanga del Norte  
7123 Baliguian 
7101   Dapitan City 
7100   Dipolog City 
7108  Gutalac 
7111   Jose Dalman (Ponot)
7124 Kalawit
7109   Katipunan
7117   Labason
7119   La Libertad
7115 Liloy
7110   Manukan
7107 Mutia
7105  Pinan
7106 Polanco
7104 Rizal
7102 Roxas
7114 Salug
7108 Sergio Osmena
7113 Siayan
7122   Sibuco
7103   Sibutad
7112 Sindangan (Leon B. Postigo) 
7120 Siocon
7121   Siraway
7116 Tampilisan

Zamboanga del Sur

The capital of this province is Pagadian, the city that hosts the annual Megayon Festival. Zamboanga del Sur belongs to the Zamboanga Peninsula, lying at the southern section of the island, bordered on the east by Lanao del Norte and on the west by Zamboanga Sibugay. The province supplies agricultural products, including rice, corn, coconut oil, and livestock feeds. When writing the ZIP postal codes of Zamboanga del Sur municipalities, take note that they start with 70.

Zip Codes in Zamboanga del Sur  
7020   Aurora
7011   Bayog
7032   Dimataling
7030 Dinas
7022 Don Mariano Marcos
7015   Dumalinao
7028   Dumingag
7042 Guipos
7027   Josefina
7013   Kumalarang
7017 Labangan
7014   Lakewood
7037   Lapuyan
7026   Mahayag
7035 Margo Sa Tubig
7021 Midsalip
7023 Molave
7016   Pagadian City
7033   Pitogo
7024 Ramon Magsaysay
7029   San Miguel
7031   San Pablo
7034 Tabina
7025 Tambulig 
7043 Tigbad
7019   Tukuran 
7036  Vicencio Sagun 
7000 Zamboanga City 


Zamboanga Sibugay

Previously a part of Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay was created as a separate province in 2001, comprising the former third district of Zamboanga del Sur. Its capital is Ipil, the most populous town in the province, home to the famous Buluan Island. The ZIP code list for Zamboanga Sibugay has figures starting with 70.

Zip Codes in Zamboanga Sibugay  
7040 Alicia 
7009 Buug 
7039 Diplahan 
7007 Imelda 
7001 Ipil 
7005 Kabasalan
7010 Mabuhay 
7038 Malangas 
7004 Naga 
7041 Olutanga 
7008 Payao
7002 Roseller Lim
7006 Siay
7012 Talusan
7003 Titay
7018 Tungawan


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