Underrated Listing Advice: Highlight the Scenic Views of Your Property

One thing real estate agents often overlook when listing properties online is highlighting its best features. They settle for the basics: jot down the number of bedrooms and house and lot dimensions, upload the photos, and then leave their contact numbers. The thing is, you’re missing a lot of opportunities for good leads when you don’t take time to emphasize the most unique characteristics of your property. Worse, you may be losing clients to others who simply went the extra mile to write a few more words on their listing.

Why You Should Highlight Your Property’s Best Feature

The scenic view is often the best feature of a home that doesn’t get that much emphasis. Look into a couple of listings and you’ll see that it’s just one of the bullet points in the features list, often written as “great ocean view” or “awesome Manila skyline scenery.” But this special characteristic deserves a lot more space in your listing, especially because it’s an important selling point. How exactly?

For one, it gives potential buyers a feel of the space. They can imagine what it’s like to wake up or come home to this kind of home. To professionals, it’s a welcome treat after a long day at the office. To families, it’s a focal point that would draw members together while talking about school matters or weekend plans. In other words, you’re giving potential buyers a glimpse of the relaxing life they’ll enjoy when they settle into your property.

Aside from the atmosphere, scenic views are worth highlighting in listings because they’re visually pleasing. If buyers would have an unobstructed view of the Manila Bay, there’s little to no need for grand interior design plans because unfiltered nature tops everything. With this, you easily pique the interest of home buyers who are keen on the aesthetics of their space. You never know, you might just catch the attention of celebrities and influencers.

In addition, scenic views are a good selling point because it makes your property stand out from the crowd. If you’re selling a condo unit in Makati, chances are, your target buyer has a lot of options in the market. A lot of properties would match their criteria of desired location, floor area, and amenities. Give them a unit that has all these — plus an enviable view. You narrow down their choices or lead them to your property.

How to Emphasize Scenic Views in Your Listing

There’s an art to highlighting scenic views in your listing. Here are some effective action steps that can help you nail it:

  • Be descriptive. 

Avoid the dull, boring “excellent view.” Instead, describe the view in great detail, as if you’re guiding their imagination. Or, let them envision living there. Would they be sitting on the balcony sipping a cup of coffee while watching Manila’s sunrise? Would they be having an alfresco dinner with their extended families while taking in the breathtaking view of the beach nearby? 

Remember the principle: show, don’t tell. And although you’re giving them details, the description doesn’t have to be too long. As long as you’re able to tickle their imagination, that’s a good job already.

  • Choose the best photos.

Images are the best visual aids for how scenic the view is from your property. But they can quickly be useless or ignored when you don’t have the right photos on the listing. That said, plan your photoshoot well. Your goal here is to have some professional-looking images, which will really capture the beautiful view.

Find a good camera. Don’t settle for your mobile phone. Use a DSLR. From there, test out different angles. Capture the view from a vertical and then a diagonal perspective. See which one’s better. Make sure that they’re wide-angle shots to get the full display. When uploading, avoid repetitive photos. 

  • Observe proper punctuation.

It’s common for real estate agents to use a lot of exclamation points when highlighting the best features of their property. In a way, it makes sense. You draw attention to “great, awesome views” when you put a lot of punctuation marks. But unfortunately, it won’t do any more convincing to readers. If anything, it might just turn people off. 

The thing is, you wouldn’t have to hoard people’s attention when you have a captivating description. Buyers will definitely read through it. When you’re tempted to add a lot more exclamation points, remember, restraint is part of the art of making reader-friendly listings.

Does your property have grand, enviable views? Emphasize them in your online listings. You’re letting opportunities fly out of the window when you neglect this very important action step. Now, go make that superb listing and be one of the next top brokers of Lamudi to be awarded at the Broker Awards Night.


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