5 Ideas to Get Trippings Done Online

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As the novel coronavirus pandemic surges and lockdown policies all over the country become stricter, real estate professionals turn to technologies to continue doing business. Some brokerage firms have adopted work-from-home arrangements, doing weekly huddles in video conferences. Others have ramped up their online listing efforts. But still, some wonder how they can push their strategies further and actually make a sale despite the absence of face-to-face interactions. 

Much of the talk now is how to help prospective buyers see the actual property. The look, feel, and features of the property are the biggest make or break in a property sale. Without actual trippings, there’s little to no chance of getting a nod from a buyer. But the thing is, you can actually get property viewing done online. 

Here are some ideas to pull it off:  

Maximize Google Street View

Google Maps’ Street View feature allows your clients to see another perspective of the property you’re selling, aside from the pictures and videos you included in your listing. Quite similar to aerial photos, it also provides clients a peek into the neighborhood. They’ll be able to know how close schools and offices are or if the roads nearby have a lot of traffic.

It’s easy to use Google Street View. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Google Maps website.
  2. Type the address of the property you’re selling. Click the tiny yellow icon shaped like a person at the bottom right portion of the page.
  3. Click the pop-up box on the left to see the Street View in full screen.
  4. On the top-left hand corner, the page will show the address of the location you clicked on. Click the three vertical dots in that box.
  5. Select the sharing and embedding option. Use that link in your listings and online posts.

Publish Pre-Recorded Videos

For professional-looking content, turn to your repository of pre-recorded videos. You may have taken a couple of videos on your previous visits to the site, which you can improve with smooth transitions from one room to another or audio voiceover to better guide property viewers. Make sure that you pay special attention to the best features of the real estate. Keep them well-lit and free of clutter.

Since you won’t be able to address questions in real-time, it’s important to provide contact details on the platforms that would host your videos. For instance, if you’ll embed it in an online listing directory, then your mobile number and email address should be readily seen on the page. Make it easy for buyers to contact you.

Use Your Virtual Tours

Another option for online trippings is 3D virtual tours. If you have this already, then it’s just a matter of publishing it on different digital platforms. If you’re still planning to have one, the right equipment matters. You need to have a camera that captures 3D images and 360-degree video to produce high-quality content. It also must be able to take 90 frames per second for a better viewing experience. Use a tripod to stabilize photos. Take note of the right angle to achieve uniformity in the photos.

Explore different editing software to put together the photos you collected. Avoid adding too many animation features so as not to confuse viewers. But do include audio voice-overs to guide clients in the walkthrough.

Share Drone Shots of the Property

Your clients aren’t only interested in the actual property you’re selling. They’re eager to know what the neighborhood or community is like. There’s perhaps no other more appealing way to show this feature than aerial photos. Aside from giving context to the house and lot you’re selling, these pieces of content can give your marketing efforts a wow factor.

When buying a drone, consider the quality of the camera, battery life, and flight modes. For the last one, it will be helpful to get equipment that comes with built-in special modes, which enable taking shots automatically. This is beneficial if you’re just starting out.

Broadcast a Live Video

If you’re renting or selling a property you currently reside in, or if the site is near where you live, say, a five-minute drive or so, do a live video tour of the property. Using your smartphone, start with the front of the property, informing your viewers about the location and neighborhood. From there, go to each room, emphasizing its good features, such as the view from the roof deck, the open-living floor plan, or the huge windows that let in natural light.

Before you end the livestream, take a look at the realtime comments you get from viewers. Do a short question and answer segment, addressing each concern, to generate interest further. When you get home, send a message to those who asked about the property, encouraging them to get in touch with you should they have any questions.

Despite the business setbacks this pandemic has created, the real estate business can continue. Your trippings can still carry on — perhaps just not in the way it was before, but nonetheless helpful for many property seekers.


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