Healthy Home, Healthy Lifestyle: The Importance of a Cleaner Home

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Cleanliness makes a home beautiful. When the floors are well-polished, the walls are pristine, and the furniture and fixture are free from dust and clutter, the design of the interiors takes the spotlight. The details stand out and create a feast of aesthetics. Yet, a clean home isn’t just good for the eyes. It’s also good for your health and overall well-being. 

Here are some of the reasons a clean home leads to a healthy lifestyle:

You Experience Better Indoor Air Quality

The most obvious benefit to a clean home is you breathe in clean air. When you make it a habit to vacuum every corner of your house–from carpets and furniture to walls and ceilings–and change air filters every so often, you remove pollutants from your space, including dust, pet dander, pollen, and even mold spores.

Ultimately, better indoor air quality prevents respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Asthma flare-ups happen less frequently, if at all. The same is true for symptoms such as sneezing and wheezing. With everybody physically healthy at home, your family can focus more on building relationships, improving the social well-being of the household.

You Stress Less

The negative effects of clutter aren’t unknown. In general, it causes stress. Just think about the hassle you experience when you have to turn your place upside down just to find your house keys. When working from home, it’s also hard to concentrate on the job at hand when you’re at a messy desk. You want to put away stuff, but also feel like you’ll be wasting time doing it. You struggle whether to put off or get on with the cleaning, not realizing that you already spent half an hour not finishing any work at all. In the end, you’re more stressed and anxious.

When you clean your space regularly, you’re freed not only from the physical strains but also from psychological burdens. A disorganized home is one less thing to worry about, giving you more energy to think about important stuff. Declutter every now and then so you have fewer distractions and more importantly, fewer stuff to wipe clean, scrub, and vacuum.

You Work Out (aka Do Chores) More

Ever noticed that when you have a clean home, you’re more determined to keep it spick and span through and through? Sometimes, you can’t even stand a single strand of hair on the floor or a used glass left in the sink, precisely because they’re an eyesore to a supposedly clean space. Somehow, a clean home compels you to be diligent in house chores, which can serve as a nice sweat session.

Vacuuming the entire house, for instance, stretches the lat muscles, the huge, V-shaped muscles connecting your arms to your spine. When you lift and move furniture pieces, such as the couch and beds, you also work on the triceps. A clean home encourages you to be more physically active. With that, if you want to feel good about yourself and your space, squeeze in a few minutes of working out over house chores. Do it with the kids and make it a family bonding experience.

You Reduce Disease-Causing Germs and Viruses

The current pandemic, which has affected everyone in the world, has made people more aware of the far-reaching, destructive effects of catching a virus. It’s worrisome to think that your health can deteriorate in days by merely going to the market or taking the train. But while contracting the virus is easy, the good news is that prevention is also simple: home hygiene. By cleaning your space regularly, you can get rid of disease-causing germs.

What the experts recommend is sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces. In bathrooms, these are the faucets and toilet bowls. In the kitchen, these include countertops, faucets, sinks, and fridge handles. As for your living room, carpets and drapes are the priorities. Disinfect using alcohol or bleach solutions or put them in the laundry. Turn off the fans and make sure the room is empty when vacuuming a space.

A clean home is more than a beautiful home. It is, in itself, a healthy space, where the family is safe and well physically, mentally, and socially. If you’re looking for a handy tool for your cleaning needs, use the newest technology from Dyson, the V8 Slim, a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner. With this, keeping your home clean and healthy will never be a hassle.

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