What to Say on Your First Conversation With a Potential Client

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They say that good or bad, firsts are always memorable. Your first conversation with a potential client will definitely leave a lasting impression, enough to make them decide if they should proceed to do business with you or not. As you work hard to generate leads, you should know what to say when those leads arrive in your inbox or ring your phone. 

To help you prepare for that first direct interaction with a prospective client, take note of these important talking points: 

Answer to Questions (And Then, Ask Back)

Usually, property seekers will reach out to brokers with an inquiry. For example, how much the downpayment is or how big the bedrooms are. Answer their questions clearly and concisely, but don’t stop there. Throw questions back with the intention of understanding better what the client’s real needs are. Remember, their pain points are the biggest drivers for their purchase or rental decisions. By zeroing in on those needs, you’ll be able to recommend suitable property solutions that clients can’t refuse.

Here are some things you can ask to get an overview of your client’s pain points:

  • What do you need and want in a home?
  • Tell me about your current situation. Why did you decide to buy or rent a new property?
  • What would you like to change about your home now, if given the chance?

Qualifying Questions

Your goal when talking to clients is to move them closer to sealing the deal. Bear this in mind even when you’re just dealing with a prospect. Part of having the goal of closing in mind is qualifying leads right from the beginning. Not every prospect will turn into a client, and given that your time and resources are limited, you would want to focus your efforts on the prospects that will help you reach your business goals. 

Aside from questions related to clients’ needs, you should also ask BANT questions, qualifying queries about your prospect’s Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing. Here’s what you should ask:

  • How much is your buying or renting budget? 
  • What’s your decision-making process like? What or who do you consider? 
  • What are the possible roadblocks you might face when buying or renting a new property?
  • When are you looking to move into your new property?

Professional Credentials

Aside from the actual property you’re promoting, most clients would ask about your credentials. The first usual question is how long you have been in the business of selling or renting out properties. Others would ask how many clients you’re currently working with and if you’ve helped buyers or renters with the same price range as them. Again, just answer their questions clearly and concisely, but as mentioned above, don’t stop there.

Take the opportunity to direct prospects to your LinkedIn page or Lamudi agent profile to establish credibility. With this, you don’t have to go on a lengthy discussion of your professional achievements over the phone or email. When the prospect pushes through with the transaction and asks for a face-to-face or virtual meeting, that’s when you dive deep into your credentials. Include an easy-to-understand portfolio in your presentation deck.

Next Steps

Whether it be on an email, an SMS, or a phone call, always end your first conversation with a prospect with the next steps. This will give clarity to your prospect and not leave them wondering, “what now?” At the same time, articulating the next steps is extremely useful to you as it will help you be intentional in bringing prospects closer to the purchase or rental decision.

Depending on your prospect’s inquiries, your next steps may be:

  • Sending an email of available listings
  • Scheduling a face-to-face or virtual meeting
  • Proposing an actual property viewing

The bottom line is that your prospects must have a clear understanding of your next steps so that they can better reflect on decisions and prepare.

Remember, your first conversation with a potential client can leave a good or bad impression, so make it count. As you prioritize lead generation efforts, prepare yourself for actual property seekers reaching out to you.

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