Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool: How to Identify Types of Leads

A pipeline of good leads is crucial for a successful brokerage practice. But how do you know which ones are “good?” If you’ve been selling properties for a long time now, you know that with the limited time and resources you have, you need to be smart in choosing which leads to go after. 

In qualifying leads, the key is to be familiar with the different types. Knowing how one differs from another can inform your next steps, from communication styles to follow up strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the typical types of real estate leads:


Hot leads are the ideal type of client. They’re already at the bottom of the funnel, ready to make the purchase once they get the information they need. How do you know that a property seeker is a hot lead? Simple. Use the BANT lead qualifying system.

BANT stands for budget, authority, need, and time frame. When a property seeker has these four criteria, they are more likely to purchase soon, and therefore, worth following up on and communicating with regularly. Learn how the BANT framework is relevant in real estate conversations by joining the Lamudi Academy’s Sales Series program. Stay tuned for the 2022 schedule that will be announced on Lamudi’s official Facebook page.


These types of property seekers have already expressed interest in your properties or services. They probably follow your social media page or read your monthly newsletters. In the BANT qualifying system, they miss one or two criteria. In most cases, it’s the Budget and Time Frame. They may still be saving up for the purchase or they’re not looking to buy in the next six months or so.

While these types of clients are not yet ready to buy, they’re an important part of your leads pipeline. With lead nurturing and by developing relationships with them, you can be their top-of-mind when the time comes that they’re ready to go property shopping. 


Sitting at the top of the sales funnel, these types of property seekers may not be familiar with you or have never shown any interest in your properties or services. The ones who reject your emails or texts, and other marketing initiatives outright are also part of cold leads. When weighed in the BANT qualifying system, they miss two or three criteria.

In this case, purchase is highly unlikely, and therefore it’s important to direct your efforts to other types of leads. Nonetheless, lead nurturing is crucial. Personalizing your efforts is one effective way to warm them up. 

Every now and then, check up on them, no promotion of properties or special offers whatsoever, just asking them how they are. Then, as you get bits of information about them, pay attention to the needs. When you genuinely care about your prospects, they’re more likely to trust you in the biggest purchase they’ll make in life.

Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool

Now that you know how to identify types of leads, you’re probably wondering, how can I possibly make this process more efficient? With all the daily tasks you do as a broker, it’s taxing to manually take note of lead types as the inquiries pour in. If you’re an active Lamudi subscriber though, you can say goodbye to this hassle.

Your subscription comes with the free use of tools, including the Lead Management Tool. The leads from Lamudi are automatically added to this platform. From there, you can tag them with hot, warm, and cold labels. With the filter options, you can include and exclude certain categories and easily refer to the leads you want to see.

Aside from helping you be efficient, Lamudi’s lead management tool ultimately enables you to do these things:

  • Plan communication strategies. With the Lead Tagging feature mentioned, you can easily track which ones you need to follow up on regularly, reach with personalized messages, and retarget to increase conversion potential. Moreover, the tool provides information on when you last contacted a lead. This itself can remind you when to touch base again with a property seeker.
  • Be reminded of tasks. The lead management tool allows you to add tasks for each lead. Whether it be setting up an appointment with them or showing them a property, you can keep all your to-do’s in here, making it easy for you to follow through your next steps.
  • Be familiar with your clients’ needs. Aside from Lead Tagging, the tool has a Lead Profiling feature, which allows you to put in a client’s preferred property type, location, number of rooms, as well as the maximum price they’re willing to spend. This is highly useful for property recommendations and client discussions.
  • Win the favor of property seekers. Since you know where they are in the sales funnel and how you can properly communicate, you have a better chance at closing deals.

Again, a pipeline of good leads is key to better sales and more businesses. Do you have good leads on your portfolio? Tag them now with Lamudi’s lead management tool.

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