5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Client Presentations More Engaging

Presentations make up a huge part of real estate agents’ professional lives. It’s both exciting and challenging since it presents an opportunity to make a sale, but at the same time, carries that pressure to make a sale. 

To nail a presentation and turn seekers into buyers, you have to go beyond the basics of preparing a professional deck and dressing well. You have to add excitement to it so that you can hold the client’s interest and eventually make them want to buy the property you’re offering.

The Lamudi Academy organizes a couple of learning sessions geared towards property presentations. Here are some of their recommendations for spicing up presentations with clients, whether online or in person:

Plan for a Strong Opening

The way you open your presentation sets the tone for the entire session. This is why it’s highly important to plan your opening. Aim for a striking start that can provide a good grounding for your presentation. Here are some great openings you can follow:

  • A seeker success story. Choose a story close to the profile of the people you’re presenting to. Tell your previous clients’ goals and pain points and how you were able to address these. With a relatable story, it would be easier for your audience to envision themselves finding success in their own property search journey.
  • A short icebreaker. Have your clients list down three reasons why they want to buy a property and let them talk about it. If you’re talking to a couple, encourage them to do the exercise separately. This will help them revisit shared goals and aspirations. 
  • A rhetorical question. Open with a thought-provoking question that not necessarily begs an answer, but drives home an important point. One example of this is, “Would you agree that homeownership secures a better future for the family?”

After a striking opening, mention the agenda for the meeting. With this, your clients can have an overview of what to expect from the presentation.

Tell a Compelling Story

Now, onto the heart of the meeting: presenting the property. Remember the basics. Focus on the most important and outstanding characteristics of the property, including the location, community amenities, unit dimensions (lot area and floor size), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and price. 

As you go through each of these, instead of plainly enumerating all the information, tell a story. Let your audience imagine what it’s like living or owning the property. For example, in terms of location, share with them the convenience of finishing grocery errands because of the property’s proximity to the supermarket. Or in terms of the number of bedrooms, have them envision how their kids’ rooms will turn out when they finally move in. The bottom line is to tell a compelling story.

Incorporate Different Media into Your Slides

The number one rule in creating exciting presentation decks is to never bombard it with texts. Instead, include different kinds of visual aids: photos, 3D models, videos, infographics, quote cards, and more. This will not just add visual appeal to your presentation, but also help your audience process the information better.

If possible, create a professionally-taken video of the property. Tour your clients around so they can have a feel of the place even before seeing it in person. Eventually, this will encourage them to book an actual showing and move them closer to closing the deal

Mention Current Events, If Possible

If relevant, talk about current events. Use them to highlight your real estate expertise. A client will be impressed by your knowledge of ongoing and completed infrastructure projects in locations they are eyeing. You can use current events, like pop culture happenings, in injecting humor, too. This will help you build rapport with clients, especially when you hit their favorite teleserye or showbiz celebrities. 

Address Questions and Concerns Confidently

While it’s important to have an attention-grabbing opening, it’s equally critical to finish strong. Make the wrap-up more interactive by asking them to raise questions and concerns. When answering questions, put on your property expert hat and try to provide responses that are based on hard facts. Remember, this is an opportunity to showcase your expertise, so make the most of it. 

After addressing all questions, summarize your next action steps and tell them that you’ll be sending the summary of your discussions through email. Don’t forget to thank your clients for taking the time to speak with you. 

The success of a property sale often hinges on how engaging your client presentation is. Add excitement to it by using these best practices mentioned above. To know how you can further improve property presentations, attend Lamudi Academy’s learning solutions this August.

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