Top 7 Affordable Cities to Consider in Metro Manila

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Metro Manila is known for its sprawling neighborhoods, cultural diversity, tourism hotspots, and financial hubs. People from all over the country flock to this region, searching for jobs, business opportunities, and a place to settle down.

As Metro Manila continues to see development and population growth, land values and cost of living will increase. But this doesn’t mean you can’t live affordably in this metropolis.

Metro Manila has areas that allow you to spend less, invest more of your income, and get more pocket money for leisure activities. Here are the region’s most affordable cities: 


Caloocan is in the northern part of Metro Manila and is the fourth-most populous city in the Philippines. Its steadily growing population indicates the city’s potential to become economically competitive. According to Colliers Philippines, this city is also one of the developable areas outside the major business hubs of Metro Manila. 

Caloocan is already considered a major urban center due to the presence of commercial and industrial activities in its Southern portion. Meanwhile, its northern segment is mostly home to residential structures and industrial estates. 

On Lamudi, a search for a house and lot for sale in Caloocan will show you that the current price per square meter is Php 60,100. You can also find foreclosed and pre-owned properties here costing less than Php 1.5 million with at least 40 square meters of floor area. 

Las Piñas

Las Piñas gives off that relaxed atmosphere that many urbanites look for in a fast-paced environment. When you live here, you’ll have easy access to the office buildings of Muntinlupa and Parañaque. 

Houses and lots in Las Piñas are also less than 30 minutes away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). This makes them ideal for overseas property seekers and expats—no more dealing with heavy traffic and missed flights. 

Look here for some of the most affordable condos near NAIA.


Also known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, Marikina is especially ideal for starting and growing families looking for affordable homes. For a price of less than Php 2.5 million, you can find houses with 55 to 65 square meters of floor space, suitable for a three-bedroom, one-bathroom layout.

The local government also continuously explores opportunities and pushes initiatives that will spur growth in Marikina. According to the city’s official website, residents are expected to see more green spaces and regular upgrades of roads and traffic signals. This would help the city become environment-friendly and a highly convenient place to live. 


If you’re a foodie, you’ll naturally associate this next city with the flavorful noodle dish, Pancit Malabon. Located north of Manila, Malabon is also the place to check out for relatively affordable multi-story houses.

For example, in barangay Potrero, you’ll find a brand-new three-bedroom townhouse costing around Php 4.5 million. At this price, you can own a property near an established university and a well-known mall, which can help increase its future value.

Other areas of Malabon worth exploring for modern and spacious homes are barangays Tugatog and Tonsuya


Valenzuela is widely considered the most affordable city in Metro Manila, offering properties costing Php 48,700 per square meter. From an idyllic town to a highly urbanized area, the city now offers many opportunities for home seekers and investors.

The city is nicknamed the “Northern Gateway to Metropolitan Manila” because of the two major highways traversing it: North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and MacArthur Highway. With such transport infrastructure nearby, properties in Valenzuela are expected to increase in value over time. 

Houses and lots here are also near the economic powerhouse that is Quezon City, just less than 30 minutes away via C-5 Road. Meanwhile, lot-only properties for commercial use are also available in Valenzuela, allowing business owners to expand in this area and take advantage of its future growth. 


In Navotas, the local economy is powered by the city’s fishing culture and rich marine resources. This made Navotas the “Commercial Fishing Hub of the Philippines.” Since its cityhood in 2007, it has also evolved into a place suitable for starting and growing families. In 2019, the city was awarded the 2019 Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance due to its sustainable programs and projects for children’s welfare. 

Those looking to settle down in Navotas can consider pre-owned homes in the area, while those planning for a manufacturing or logistics business can choose from its several warehouse options


Although not a city, Pateros is still part of Metro Manila, making it one of the most accessible locations in the region. Living here is also relatively affordable, especially if renting a unit.

If acquiring a property, investment returns could be higher than expected. Pateros is less than 30 minutes away from major financial hubs like Taguig and Makati, making it a fringe area where progress can spread. 

Finding an affordable property is easy when you know where to look. In the above cities, you can find a home to love or a place to grow your hard-earned money. Whichever you choose, you’ll benefit from the convenience of being in Metro Manila and the endless opportunities it offers. 

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