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It has been a long and challenging two months of community quarantine in various phases as the world saw the effects of the pandemic. Though the real estate industry has proven to be resilient in that there were still sales being closed, everyone in the industry felt the effects of the COVID crisis in one way or another. For brokers and agents, problems ranged from halted sales to bottlenecks in closing deals, with some property seekers asking for the transaction to be postponed until they see the end of the crisis. 

More recently, however, Lamudi has seen the demand for properties all over the Philippines bouncing back. Early in May, the demand on our platform has already recovered 100%, and in fact, we have even surpassed our pre-COVID sessions data. For our brokers, this is good news. The demand is strong throughout the Philippines and even from international property seekers, signaling that we are on our way to recovery as a sector. Now, there’s only one thing left to do: market all your listings out there. 

Free Listings to Empower All Broker Businesses

Modified Enhanced Free Listing Offer from Lamudi

There are no strings attached. From June 1-30, 2020, you can post 50 ready-for-occupancy or rental listings on Lamudi for free. 

All you have to do is log in to your Lamudi account, or register with your email address if you don’t have an account yet, and that’s it. You can already start uploading. 

As a digital platform, Lamudi is able to take a step back and see the big picture in the real estate market. It looks like we are on track for recovery, but the demand for real estate properties will mean nothing if there are not enough listings to help property seekers in their search for their dream home. We understand, of course, that cash is king and that many brokers may have had to reevaluate their costs during this time of crisis. 

This is how we’ve come up with the Modified Enhanced Listing Offer, an aid to brokers who have been looking for a way to get more clients but currently do not have the means to spend on a Lamudi subscription. We hear you. We understand that it is, indeed, a trying time, and just as we suggest you keep in touch with your clients, we want to do the same for you. We are with you every step of the way. 

Here’s what we have to offer: 

  1. The start of your digital transition onto a platform that gets 1.5 million monthly site visits. Property buyers and investors are online, and that’s where your business should be, too. We’ve seen during this pandemic that in the real estate market, the brokers who switched to digital had clients rolling in even amid quarantines. This offer to post 50 free RFO listings is available only until June 30. The sooner you upload your listings, the longer time you have to get those leads rolling in. 
  2. An opportunity to be where the big players are. The real estate industry is a competitive marketplace. Through different online strategies, big players are able to reach property seekers. Being on Lamudi gives your listings a boost in the search engine results pages, because we get organic traffic and attract high-quality leads–those who are really intent on buying property. 
  3. A chance to market all your listings in one go. Marketing one property can already be a challenge, but marketing multiple listings can be even more stressful when you have to do it manually. On Lamudi’s platform, it’s as easy as uploading the details of each one and answering the inquiries that come your way in an organized manner. Through our own Lead Management Tool, you can also track and follow up on leads, and analyze the activity on each property. Everything you need to get your broker business running is in one place. 
  4. A rewarding way to get international leads. You’re not just moving online–you’re going international. Lamudi receives over 140,000 leads monthly from all over the Philippines as well as overseas. All of them can see your listings on our platform.  

A Way to Bounce Back as an Industry

The real estate industry is composed of key players who all have a part to play in keeping the sector afloat. Part of Lamudi’s vision is to empower real estate brokers and to level the playing field so that big or small broker businesses can make their property listings more visible online. We have the platform. We now encourage you to use it to upload your 50 RFO or rental listings for free, and make the most of this opportunity until the end of the offer on June 30 to get every single one of your listings online and start your own business’ digital transformation. 

In the time of global pandemics and beyond, there is no way to go but online. Whether you’re already one of our partner brokers and brokerages or you’re just curious about what we have to offer, this is for you. Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get your listings online and be seen. 

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