Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards: The Road to Success

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The Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards marks an important milestone in the real estate industry. It goes down in history as one of the notable tokens of the new normal under the age of community quarantines and social distancing. More than being a pioneer in virtual real estate awards, Lamudi takes pride in the fact that the essence of the ceremony didn’t get lost in the transition to digital. In every video content released, the spirit of honoring and celebrating the efforts of top-performing brokers and brokerage firms was alive. 

To a certain extent, it took on a different kind of special for many of the nominees. While they may not be in a huge hotel ballroom, dressed in fancy clothes, they’re at home, celebrating their victories with people who matter. For this reason, Lamudi honors yet again the distinguished professionals and agencies, and looks back on the journey of making the broker awards virtual.

The Winners of the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards 2020

Individual Awards:

  • Most Number of Listings Uploaded: Raymond Atencio  
  • Most Responsive Broker: Myra Sadie  
  • Most Leads Generated: Rolan De Guzman  
  • Loyalty Award: Emma Yamson   
  • New Broker of the Year – Luzon: Neggie Rose  
  • New Broker of the Year – Visayas and Mindanao: Cathyrine Ferrer  
  • Broker of the Year – Luzon: Glenda Joyce Tanlimco  
  • Broker of the Year – Visayas and Mindanao: Bryan Uytengsu

Click here to see the full list of nominees for the Individual Awards. 

Top Trained Brokers:

  • Jocelyn Abrajano
  • Joresa Gonzales
  • Jesse Bergonia
  • Vivian Bunales
  • Christine Anne Dagle
  • Junsay Reymar
  • Ma. Belinda Palomo
  • Ricardo Payuran

Top Trained Brokerages:

  • Rising Land Realty
  • Driven Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Realty
  • M.A. Yabut Realty
  • Villasor Realty
  • House for Less
  • Paulita Paguntalan Realty
  • Jamtrac Realty

Company Awards

  • Most Number of Listings Uploaded: Elegant Homes
  • Most Responsive Brokerage: Alchiepoy Real Estate 
  • Most Leads Generated: Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services 
  • Loyalty Award: GH Heritage Realty Inc. 
  • Brokerage of the Year – Visayas and Mindanao: Mega Davao Realty 
  • Brokerage of the Year – Luzon: ML Inot Realty 
  • New Partner Brokerage of the Year – Luzon: Surelease Inc. 
  • New Partner Brokerage of the Year – Visayas and Mindanao: Realty Network Brokerage

Click here to see the full list of nominees for the Company Awards. 

Special Awards

  • Partner Success Story of the Year: Raffy Siapco
  • People’s Choice Award: Richard Carvajal
  • All-star Portfolio Award: My Saving Grace Realty & Development Corporation
  • Partner of the Year: Unionbank of the Philippines

Click here to see the full list of nominees for the Special Awards. 

Making a Virtual Award Ceremony

Moving a huge awarding ceremony online was definitely a tough call to make, but the Lamudi team knew it was necessary given the health crisis. Letting the month pass without celebrating partner brokers wasn’t an option either.

At the onset, the challenges are pretty obvious. Traditionally, the event was three to four hours long, held in a hotel ballroom. The team had to reimagine the entire ceremony in a way that would be digitally appealing, and at the same time, special and meaningful, despite merely being on screen. Here are some of the broad steps the team took, which you can use yourself when making a virtual event:

  • Decide on the kind of content and platform to use. In the case of the Virtual Broker Awards, it was realistic and practical to produce pre-recorded videos that would be premiered on the official Lamudi Facebook page, shared on other social media platforms. With this, the event will be accessible to partner brokers, and even reach wider audiences, capturing fans subscribed to the page.
  • Determine the basics. This includes the concept, theme, design, and content of the online event. Basically, think of the look and feel of the presentation, and of course the main subject matter that should be covered. In Lamudi, since it’s an awarding ceremony, a red carpet motif, complemented with stage and theater curtains, was used.
  • Set a reasonable timeframe for content production. Consider the response time of guest speakers, suppliers, and other parties involved. Take note that due to the pandemic, some people won’t be able to access emails quickly or respond to texts as they would normally do. Putting together a virtual event may entail as much time as you would on an actual face-to-face event. Expect to pour in some extended hours.
  • Pay attention to video length and content. The basic rule in content production is to make it straightforward and engaging. This is key to keeping your audience hooked. In the case of the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards, the team had a single focus: partner brokers. With that, not a single detail in the videos deviated from the main content topic. 

In terms of making the video more engaging, the team harped on the human touch, featuring clips of Lamudi representatives and winners’ messages, as well as dance covers from the Lamudi teams.

In a nutshell, hosting a virtual award ceremony still requires a lot of time, planning, and conceptualization. In many respects, it’s like organizing an actual, physical event, but with very limited resources, as you’re stuck at home putting everything together. You may encounter a lot of hurdles, especially when you’re doing it the first time, with nothing to compare it to. On the brighter side, it presents an opportunity to be creative and resourceful.

The Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards proved to be a huge victory for the real estate industry. Amid the challenges of the present situation, top-performing brokers and brokerage firms deserved to be recognized for their hard work and diligence. From Lamudi, congratulations again to all the winners!

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