Make Your Lead Management Efforts More Efficient With the New Agent Portal Dashboard

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In a very competitive industry such as real estate, technology plays a crucial role. It allows companies to gather information on potential leads faster than ever before.

However, the information gathered loses its value if there’s no lead management system in place.

Lamudi constantly aims to empower real estate agents by making it easy for them to utilize technology and data to make informed decisions, work smarter, and enhance their productivity. This commitment to efficiency and innovation paved the way for Lamudi to develop its Agent Portal Dashboard, which real estate agents can use to stay on top of their lead management as well as sales and marketing initiatives wherever they are, 24/7.

Accessible through a desktop or mobile device, here are the Agent Portal Dashboard’s three main sections and their respective features:

Monitor all pending tasks in a single interface through the To Do List

The To Do List allows real estate agents to keep track of current and long overdue lead-related tasks in a single interface, such as scheduling showroom visits or sending price quotes to a potential client. Tasks can be marked as completed by checking the tick box beside it. Details of the task can also be edited by clicking on the task title. With the To Do List, agents are constantly updated with the status of all their lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Visualize and prioritize leads through the Leads section

The Leads section categorizes leads as new, hot, converted, cold, or lost, and translates the data into a color-coded pie graph for better visualization. Clicking on the pie graph or legend redirects real estate agents to a lead management page. With this information on hand, real estate agents can now filter leads according to their importance and take a corresponding course of action (which lead should they actively engage, send a follow up text to, or consider unsuccessful?) to save on time and resources.

Analyze property activity with Properties Performance

This section shows real estate agents the top 5 properties based on leads generated. Rank is calculated by the number of calls, emails, and SMS messages received. Using data from this section, real estate agents are also able to evaluate which locations are sought-after and which marketing campaigns were most effective in generating leads.

The Agent Portal Dashboard’s mobile, round-the-clock accessibility allows real estate agents to make decisions in real time and channel their efforts to high-quality leads that are most likely to convert into a sale.  

Log in to your Lamudi account, check out the dashboard, and tell us what you think!


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