7 Back-to-School Tips for Parents

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Summer’s come and gone and the decorations in malls have swapped their beach balls and swimsuits for inflatable pencils and school shoes. It’s officially the back-to-school season! The kids are pumped and they’re gearing up to return to their routine.

However, as parents, you have some preparing to do as well. Get a head start on the school year with these tips:

Get back to your sleep routine

You might not be the one going to school but you sure are the one up at 5 am preparing their breakfast. Getting back to your sleep routine at least two weeks before school starts would be great in helping adjust your body clock.

Make it a bonding exercise and a challenge between you and the kids by preparing something fun the morning after.

Practice organization

Organization is a habit that saves you a lot of time and mistakes. The kids have their own schedule and so do you and your partner. To make sure that everything’s done on time-  groceries are picked up, homework is accomplished- it helps a lot to have a list to crosscheck tasks with.

You could do it the old-fashioned way by having a list and schedule tack to your refrigerator door or have a synced calendar with your family. Either way, make sure it’s visible and updated.

Shop in advance

This is not limited to school supplies, it also extends to groceries and other household items. For school supplies, it’s best to shop earlier to avoid the rush and crowds. It also helps avoid stress which, in turn, helps you and your child enjoy the process of buying them new things for their upcoming school year.

For groceries, shopping in advance for your kids’ favorite breakfast food and snacks for school helps you avoid buying unnecessary things or ingredients. And if you’re the type to meal prep, this tip’s perfect for you!

Create a school-bag spot

How many times has your child forgotten their homework, lunch or project? Numerous, for sure. And it never fails to be a hassle. To avoid forgotten school projects and assignments, create a designated corner near your front door where they can put all their things the night before.

You could use a desk or a chair – just make sure it’s visible right before they leave the door. Additionally, you could also put their raincoats, umbrellas, and boots near this corner so they could easily find it during rainy days.

Plan out lunches

Don’t let meal prepping intimidate you. Planning out lunches simply means having a clear idea of what to prepare your child before the day itself. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, the important thing is its nutritional value.

After all, you’ve already done your groceries in advance, what are a few minutes of writing down a weekly lunch plan versus the half-hour of every day where you panic thinking of what you have in the cupboard?

From sandwiches to cut out fruit, who knows, you might even get your creative juices flowing!  

Visit your kid’s school

Do your best to visit your child’s school through the same route his or her bus runs, if he or she takes it. Familiarizing yourself with the path they take every day will shake off the nerves! The same thing with visiting their school, doing this with them will help them avoid being overwhelmed on the first day of class.

Finally, talk to your child

Starting school again is a big thing, although they do it every year. It’s ripe with new experiences and therefore, new concerns. Take time to sit down with your kid to talk and reassure them that you have their back.

You’re all set for the coming school year! It might get overwhelming but these tips should guide you through. Don’t forget to have fun and take every moment- they grow up so fast!

Sources: Asian Parent, Smart Parenting

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