Lamudi Academy’s Online Training Schedule for December

‘Tis the season to be learning! The last month of the year is the best time to revisit brokerage skills to brace for the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. 

Real estate experts have been talking about promising prospects in the industry for 2022, from the recovery of the office market to the strong demand for mid-income and luxury residential developments. While these trends may change depending on the country’s vaccination program and the health risk of emerging variants, one thing’s sure: digital skills are necessary to thrive in the new normal. Acquiring them should be your priority.

Maximize this holiday season to improve your competencies. Lamudi Academy, your real estate learning partner, has an exciting line-up of courses designed to make you thrive in the digital normal. 

Schedule of Lamudi Academy Learning Sessions for December 2021

All the Lamudi Academy learning sessions are geared towards understanding the real estate industry in the context of digital transformation. From generating online leads to maximizing virtual platforms for better client servicing, you’ll be able to pick up skills that make you more competitive in this tech-saturated era. These are the dates of the training sessions:

December 8 — Power Hour: Increasing Your Conversion Potential

To be the top choice of property seekers is one key to closing deals. In this session, you’ll know the tips and tricks in achieving that, as well as more strategies for turning online seekers into buyers. This training is open to all.

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December 9 — End of Year Roundup: Trends and Outlook in Real Estate

Even amid the lockdowns, 2021 was an eventful year for the property sector. In this session, Lamudi data will outline all the trends of the year, with the aim of giving you insights for the year ahead. This training will be broadcast live and open to all.

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December 10 — Level-Up: Digital Lead Management

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is one of the most effective platforms in communicating better with clients, since it helps you understand customers better and anticipate their needs. In this session, you’ll learn the best practices in using CRM tools. This training is exclusive to active Lamudi subscribers.

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December 15 — Succeed with Lamudi

In this tech-saturated era, brokers who use property technology have a competitive edge over those who don’t. In this session, you’ll understand better the benefits of using Lamudi, including the tools you can maximize to win clients. This training is open to non-Lamudi subscribers.

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December 17 — Level-Up: Qualifying Leads

Generating leads is important, but it’s equally crucial to know if the leads you generated are ready to make the purchase transaction. This avoids wasting time and resources on leads that won’t invest just yet. This training is exclusive to active Lamudi subscribers.

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The Gift of Learning this Holiday Season

A new skill or insight is the best present you can give yourself as the year ends. It’s a gift that multiplies in the form of more clients, stronger relationships, and better career opportunities. Make the most of this gift of learning by following these tips:

  • Take notes. There’s a lot of information from Lamudi Academy training sessions, so there’s a good chance you won’t remember everything. This is why it’s best to take notes actively, and not just listen or snap a screenshot of the presentation. By simply writing down concepts, you get to focus better on the subject at hand and process information.
  • Engage with fellow professionals. Some Lamudi Academy sessions will have breakout group discussions where you will have the opportunity to talk to other participants on various topics. Participate in these discussions. You will not only gain insights from fellow learners, but also form professional relationships that you can add to your expanding network.
  • Ask questions. Will yourself to raise important questions based on the concepts given to you. When you’re intentional in coming up with queries, you can remember insights better because it forces you to understand what’s presented.

This December, improve your digital skills with Lamudi Academy’s training sessions. Plot the dates in your calendar and register as early as now. Know more about your real estate learning partner by visiting this page


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