Unboxing Your Dream Property

The most exciting gift you can unbox this Christmas is a home. Last November 27, Lamudi and Avida unpacked the developer’s outstanding vertical communities located in the country’s most important growth centers. 

In case you missed the live webitour, don’t worry, we compiled here all the important things you need to know about Avida. When you say “mine” to one of its modern, sought-after condos, you’ll be able to take advantage of these lifestyle perks:

Address of Choice

Situated in key cities deemed as the most enviable locations in the capital region, Avida condominiums are in Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Makati, Taguig, Manila, Pasay, and Muntinlupa. Each of them is highly accessible, especially as the government’s infrastructure program Build, Build, Build further improves connectivity. 

When you live in an Avida condominium, you can easily reach destinations within Metro Manila via modern infrastructure, namely BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge, Binondo-Intramuros Bridge, Skyway Stage 3, LRT-2 Extension, MRT-7, and the Mega Manila Subway.

If you’ve set your eyes on Visayas as your preferred address, you can also find Avida condominiums in key cities, including Cebu, Iloilo, and Cagayan de Oro. If you’re an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who wants to buy a property here in the country as a primary residence or a passive income source, you can benefit from the excellent location of developments from Avida.

Accessibility to Establishments

The convenience of modern living lies not only in your residential address, but also in the essential amenities near your home. With establishments just a few steps away, you get to accomplish more in less time, while saving money and energy. 

In Avida condominiums, you don’t have to step outside the community because right at the lower levels of the building, you’ll find business establishments catering to different needs. These include convenience stores, dental clinics, laundry shops, water stations, spas, salons, cafes, and restaurants. 

When you do step out of the Avida community, you’ll easily reach malls, hospitals, schools, transportation terminals, and airports. With this kind of convenience, you can expect a property that greatly increases in value over time. Along with this, the leasing potential is promising. With the aviation hubs and business districts nearby, you can attract tourists and business travelers.

Attention to Safety and Well-Being

Right at the entrance of Avida condominiums, you can already see the health protocols in place: QR code system for contact tracing and sanitizing stations. Beyond the health safety, the property management teams of Avida communities offer physical safety for residents. A team of security and emergency response personnel roams around the vicinity 24/7, making sure that everything’s in order.

Amenities for Recreational Pursuits

Being amenity-rich developments, Avida condominiums promote different leisure activities in its premises. In the time of the pandemic, when cabin fever is real, you get to have a go-to destination for breathing fresh air, experiencing the outdoors, and de-stressing. This sanctuary of leisure is well-maintained, offering so many activities to do, while giving off a tropical vacation vibe. 

The vast swimming pools in Avida are surrounded by palm trees, which make your morning or evening dips more relaxing. If you want to work up a sweat, you can go to the outdoor exercise area. Feel free to bring your equipment to complete your fitness routines. A jogging path is likewise available in the amenity deck. With the greenery and fresh breeze around you, your sweat session will be a lot more enjoyable.

Meanwhile, at the sun lounges, you can pop out a book and relax. For children’s recreation, you can let them have fun at the kiddie pool and the outdoor play area.

The Allure of Living Spaces

Stepping inside the one-bedroom condo unit in Avida, you can easily feel the spaciousness of the home. The unit features 35.02 square meters of floor area, providing ample space for families. At the entrance of the unit, you’ll find an area for a console table, where you can keep essentials, things you need when going out. The area opposite this entry hall is the kitchen. With a smart design, the available space is maximized, offering plenty of room to do chores efficiently and prepare healthy meals. 

The dining area, on the other hand, has enough space for a four-seater table. It’s ideal for meaningful conversations over family meals. Then, moving to the living area, you can build your entertainment set and have some Netflix and chill, while lounging around your comfortable sofa and enjoying the company of people you love.

The common areas of the one-bedroom unit feature an open layout. This versatile design allows you to customize the space according to your lifestyle needs. The unit also has a private sanctuary, the bedroom space. With a smart layout, everything you need for a retreat from the fast-paced life is here–a provision for your own closet, vanity table, and bed.

As for the bathroom, you can enjoy a spacious area equipped with modern fixtures and ample space for the washing machine. Some of the one-bedroom condo units feature balconies, which you can turn into a mini vertical garden or treat as a viewing deck to see the beautiful amenities around Avida.

According to Lamudi data, one-bedroom units are popular choices for condo seekers in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

The Adaptability of Compact Spaces

Another featured condo unit in Avida developments is the junior one-bedroom condo unit that has 22.81 square meters of floor space. Perfect for young adults, college students and professionals alike, it promotes simple, uncluttered living. The spaces are easy to maintain and customizable, suitable for on-the-go individuals. 

Upon entry, the first door you’ll find is the bathroom, equipped with a sink, toilet, and shower. There’s provision for a washing machine, similar to the one-bedroom condo, thanks to the unit’s smart layout. 

In the middle of the condo, you have the central living room, a multi-purpose area, where you can watch your favorite television shows, entertain some guests, relax with a good book, or do some sweat sessions. Custom-built cabinets will help you maximize the area available.

This central living room features the kitchen complete with high-quality storage cabinets. To save space in this compact area, the Avida model unit has a wall-mounted television and multi-purpose table furniture, which can serve as a kitchen counter, a storage area, or a dining table.

Moving further into the unit, you’ll find the bedroom separate from the rest of the living space through a sliding door. In this private area, there’s provision for a double-deck bed, a work desk, a closet, and more storage spaces.

Remember, the best present you can unbox this holiday season is your very own home. Whichever team you’re on, whether #TeamOneBedroom or #TeamJuniorOneBedroom, you can expect an excellent home and income property in Avida condominiums. Start the homeownership journey by settling the five percent downpayment and doing the necessary paperwork. 

Say “mine” to your dream property and that move-in-ready Avida unit will be yours.


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