5 Tablescape Ideas for Your Noche Buena This 2021

Even though the holiday feasts this year will still be intimate given the pandemic, it’s worth making that extra effort to create a beautiful spread for your loved ones. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to make the Christmas spirit alive in your home amid a crisis. It can also be a token of memory years from now, the theme and color palette of the table helping you remember a time of togetherness, sharing a meal with your family after surviving a tough year.

Bring the magic of Christmas into your tablescape with these tips and tricks:

Bring the Outdoors In

While we can’t freely go outside, we can take the outdoors into our home–even to our dressed dining table. In fact, incorporating foliage into your tablescape will give it a fresh, rustic vibe, one that looks and feels like Christmas in a cabin. 

Start by putting a “living runner,” a centerpiece filled with different kinds of greenery and blooms, similar to what you see in wedding receptions. A eucalyptus garland is the perfect decoration. Not only is it eye-catching, but it’s widely available in department stores or online shopping platforms. With the garland laid out, you can simply add in flowers, artificial or natural, depending on your preference.

To make everything else aligned with the rustic theme, go for linen napkins and wooden cutlery.

Include Iconic Patterns

For a more bold-looking holiday table, go all out in incorporating patterns. A table runner filled with green and red Christmas trees is a must-have. Or, choose some yuletide-themed placemats riddled with all kinds of holiday symbols. Plate chargers with striking accents can make the ensemble more elegant. The smallest details, such as napkin rings and cutlery, must have iconic Christmas patterns, too. In our 2021 budol home finds, you’ll find holiday-themed dining elements perfect for your tablescaping needs.

Mixing and matching patterns without making the space cluttered is a little challenging at first. To avoid visual chaos, stick to a color scheme. If your table runner already has the red and green hues, apply the same colors for the other design elements, such as the plate chargers and cutlery. If that’s not possible, use neutrals, namely black, white, beige, and gray. With this ensemble, you put together all the Christmas patterns without the mess.

Use Special Glasses

Waiting for the best time to bring out those tinted wine glasses and goblets? The holidays are the perfect season to show them off. They can help build the theme of the tablescape, while creating that special celebration atmosphere. Now, if you’re planning to buy some, determine your Christmas theme first before picking up colored glassware at the store. Or, go for the classic holiday colors, red and green.

Another way to elevate the elegance of your glasses is using wine glass sleeves and covers. Some are crocheted and beaded, which give off a sophisticated touch. Others are made of premium neoprene material that offers a simple, neat look.

Light It Up

Use candles to illuminate the design elements of your tablescape. To make it even more special, dress them up in beautiful holders. You can put them in tealights, candelabras, or lanterns, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Tealight is perfect for a simple spread, candelabras and lanterns for a vintage feel. Match the hues of the candle holders to the theme of the celebration.

Take note that some candles come with holiday scents. Some may even be food-inspired, including spices like cinnamon and clove, vanilla, nuts, and even puto bumbong and bibingka. You can instantly fill the room with a Christmas atmosphere by lighting up these kinds of scented candles.

Decorate with Food

It’s not just the beautifully-designed placemats and napkins that elevate a tablescape. Even the food can be a design element in itself. Have mini Christmas pizzas as appetizers. Create a tree-shaped dough and put toppings that resemble the lights and garlands on a typical tree. For your dessert, put together some reindeer-inspired chocolate-coated marshmallows, using googly eyes and M&M noses. Make room for the classic bibingka shaped in a parol.

On your table, create appetizer and dessert corners to fill every space with Christmas cheer. It can be as simple as putting the pizzas and marshmallows on a crate or tray.

In the time of the pandemic, we should treasure the time of togetherness, the privilege of sharing the best meals with the people we treasure the most. Treat your loved ones to a beautiful table spread this holiday season. Enjoy a sumptuous noche buena!

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