The Ultimate List of 2021 Budol Home Finds

The holidays are a season of love and giving. Yet, your monitos and inaanaks aren’t the only ones that should get some new gifts and exciting surprises. Your home deserves some attention, too! With you staying indoors all year long, the home has surely been everything to you and your family: a workplace, a classroom, a mini gym, a plant paradise, and more. For its kindness to us, it deserves the best.

As you receive your big bonus at the end of the year and give in to the urge to splurge (aka magpa-budol), we recommend adding to cart these different kinds of household items–useful, aesthetic, and everything in between:

Appliances and Electronics

Invest in high-quality appliances that make your day-to-day life easier. Since you’re spending a lot of time inside the home now, you’ll benefit a lot from home gadgets that would let you save time and energy. Here are some budol-worthy appliances:

Handheld Vacuum

This handheld vacuum cleaner from Deerma is all the rage in different online forums and social media groups. It has a strong suction and features three different nozzles, wide nozzles for floors, as well as tube and crevice nozzles for upholstery and hard-to-reach, narrow areas. The best thing about it? It’s budget-friendly. 

Screenshot from Shopee

Spray Mop

There’s a better, easier way to clean your floors without the hassle of filling buckets with water and dipping the mop: do it with this spray mop. With a built-in liquid container and a trigger you can press, you can spray water or cleaning solution onto the floor as you wipe surfaces. It’s a time and energy saver. Without the need to get on your knees to scrub, you can make your home clean.

Screenshot from Shopee

Air Purifier

If you constantly deal with asthma attacks and allergic rhinitis episodes, this is a must-have in your home. It improves indoor air quality, reducing the pollutants that trigger your health problems. This air purifier from Sharp has a HEPA filter and Haze Mode, the latter eliminating haze particles that come from outdoors. This is an exceptionally great investment when you live in the center of a busy city.

Screenshot from Shopee

Wooden Stand Fan

Another favorite of social media users, this wooden stand fan from Asahi is the dream for design enthusiasts, especially #TeamKahoy. It comes in black and white. Its height is adjustable. If you’re ready to revamp your room and make it all wood everything, this appliance is certainly an excellent addition.

Screenshot from Lazada

Induction Rice Cooker

With its neat, sleek finish, this is the ideal rice cooker for a minimalist kitchen. A product from Xiaomi, it can be connected to and controlled from your smartphone via the Mi Home App. This means you can reheat your leftover rice or see if it’s cooked already right from your mobile. Aside from the actual rice cooker, you’ll be getting different accessories when you buy this appliance, namely the rice paddle, measuring cup, and steamer.

Screenshot from Lazada

Air Fryer

This appliance is a lifesaver amid the work-from-home haze. Preparing food is such a struggle when you have back-to-back online meetings. With an air fryer, you simply put the food in, set the time and temperature, and have your fried chicken ready in time for your lunch. The best benefit of using an air fryer is you’re eating healthier. Consider buying this air fryer from Philips.

Screenshot from Lazada

Coffee Capsule Machine

With this easy-to-use appliance, you can be your own barista. The B coffee machine is Nespresso compatible, and it comes with a milk frother. Choose among different color options: black, white, red, and orange. Go for the neutral colors to match your minimalist interior or the bright hues to have a pop of color in your space.

Screenshot from Shopee

Kitchen and Dining Room Items

Amid our quarantine situation, the kitchen and dining room have become the most frequently used spaces at home. Some gave cooking and baking a try, while the majority of Filipinos revisited this hobby, experimenting with different kinds of recipes. With these highly functional, aesthetically pleasing items below, you can make your kitchen and dining areas an even better leisure space.

Aesthetic Cookware

Want to get started on a minimalist kitchen? Invest in beautiful cookware from Neoflam FIKA. The product line features a grill, bunch fan, fry pan, and stock pots. Each has a three-layer coating, which ensures increased durability. Highly versatile, these cookware items can be used in induction, electric, or gas cookers.

Screenshot from Lazada

Ingredient Canisters

Canisters are our best friends when it comes to reducing the visual clutter in the pantry and keeping pests away from our food. The labeled ones make our lives easier, since it’s easy to spot which ones are running low on supply and should be on the grocery list. Choose among ceramicplastic, and transparent containers. 

Screenshot from Shopee

Oil Dispensing Bottles

As you organize dry ingredients, don’t forget the liquids. Your cooking oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, honey and syrup would look less cluttered when they’re in the same glass bottles. These simple, yet sophisticated containers are excellent options. For less than a hundred pesos, you can build an aesthetically-pleasing condiments collection.

Screenshot from Shopee

Refrigerator Bracket Stand

There’s a good chance you haven’t moved your refrigerator since the first time it arrived in your home. If you try to lift it up, for sure, you’ll find a lot of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the years. With this refrigerator bracket stand, you never have to worry about that unseen mess because you can easily move your appliance when cleaning the floor underneath. 

Screenshot from Shopee

Water Gallon Cover

Has the water gallon on your sink been an eyesore? Dress it up with these beautifully-designed covers. The reversible options are your best bet if you’re the type to easily get bored with the look of your space. 

Screenshot from Shopee

Sponge Holder

This sponge holder from Migecon is one of those things you never knew you needed until you buy them. Stuck to the side of the sink basin or hung around the base of the faucet, it’s the perfect container for your sponges, offering enough ventilation that prevents the growth of mold. With it, you not only reduce visual clutter in the sink area, but also keep utensils sanitary. 

Screenshot from Lazada

Double-Walled Mugs and Glasses

These visually-pleasing mugs deserve a space in your dining area. They’re made of heat- and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass, so you can expect excellent quality. With these double-walled mugs and glasses, your breakfast and dinner spread will be an elegant ensemble.

Screenshot from Shopee

Gold Cutlery

This is the perfect addition to your tablescape when you have a sparkling, festive gold theme for your holiday celebrations. This particular cutlery set features different options: all gold, rose gold, white gold, and black gold. Whatever gold motif you’re going for in your noche buena and media noche, you can be sure that these cutlery will give off the vibe you want.

Screenshot from Lazada

Placemats, Napkins, and Napkin Rings

Elevate your tablescape game with beautifully designed placemats and napkins from EverythingAveryPH, a lifestyle brand from former television actress Marjorie Barretto. Pair it with stylish napkin rings from the same store. To be in theme with the holiday season, go for the Christmas-inspired pieces.

Screenshot from Shopee

Cute Coasters

If you’re looking to splurge more for your tablescape, consider the little details that make a great impact, including drink coasters. These marble-looking pieces, made of gypsum material, are a sophisticated addition to your spread. Pairing them with the gold cutlery, you instantly have an Instagram-worthy table set-up.

Screenshot from Shopee

Living Room Items

The living room is supposed to be a relaxing space, where you can entertain yourself after a long day of work. Create a sanctuary in this space by adding these design pieces:

Nordic Vase

This can form part of your table centerpiece, offering a classic, dainty look even without flowers or plants. Its visually striking design is enough to be a focal point for your living room. This plastic vase that comes in different colors and shapes is the ideal choice if you have kids at home. You won’t have to worry about vases breaking when toppled over. But if you’re looking for an artisan-made piece, this ceramic vase will surely suit your taste.

Screenshot from Shopee

Plant Stand

If you do decide to incorporate greenery into your space, pair them with an aesthetically-pleasing plant stand. This wooden, minimalist fixture is an eye-catching piece. It comes in different dimensions, so you can display different sizes of plants. The planter has a reinforced base so it can hold even the heavier pots in your plant collection.

Screenshot from Lazada

Faux Dried Plants

Want the benefits of having beautiful greens and blooms in your space without the responsibilities of a plant parent? Go for faux dried plants. Place them in your nordic vases to create an exquisite ornament in your living room. These affordable artificial flowers can match any interior design and liven up the ambience of the space.

Screenshot from Shopee

Fake Books

Coffee table books are a must-have when creating a modern sanctuary of a living room. Most of them, however, come with a hefty price. The good news is that while you’re saving up for those Chanel and Louis Vuitton coffee table books, you can go for fake books, like these from For below P150, you can already display the most enviable coffee table books in your space.

Screenshot from Shopee

Ottoman Storage Bench

This is the best way to add more seating and storage to your living room. If you have a compact area, such as in a condo, this double-purpose fixture is a good space saver. Depending on your preference, you can get an ottoman made of linen or leather. Match the color to the design of your space.

Screenshot from Lazada

Bedroom Items

Out of all the areas in your home, the bedroom should be the most clutter-free since this is where you rest. It’s hard to sleep when you constantly have this urge to pick up the clothes scattered all over the floor, right? While reducing clutter, you want the bedroom to look awesome so you can enjoy relaxing in it. With that, here are some stuff worth including in your bedroom:

Clothes Hamper

Don’t let your clothes gather on the floor. Buy a good hamper, one that’s strikingly appealing so you’d be motivated to use them all the time. These rattan hampers will match your #TeamKahoy aesthetics. 

Screenshot from Lazada

Bed Suspenders

Always having trouble fixing your bed after a good night’s sleep? With these bed suspenders, say goodbye to endless fixes and folds. The best thing about these small wonders is that they’re affordable. You can buy a lot and give away to your parents and siblings. 

Screenshot from Lazada

Frameless Mirror

Almost every online influencer is obsessed with this popular bedroom fixture. And we can see why: it’s neat, beautiful, and Instagrammable. This particular frameless mirror features a rectangular shape, softened by the rounded corners and arched style. It comes with a wooden stopper. 

Screenshot from Shopee

Organizers and Shelves

Keeping your make-up, skincare, and other self-care items organized wouldn’t be a hassle when you have these acrylic organizers and ceramic shelves. With all your essentials in one place, getting ready for work or a date will be easier. Plus, when you want to share your new skincare items with the world, you already have a visually striking background for your online posts. 

Screenshot from Shopee

Bathroom Items

A fresh, clean bathroom is the dream. Fortunately, even without major renovations, you can transform your space into a relaxing, spa-like room. With these budol finds, it’s possible. 

Amber Bottles

When everything’s uniform, you get to achieve a neater, more attractive space. In the same way that you have ingredient canisters and glass oil bottles to organize your pantry, use amber bottles to decant toiletries, such as shampoos, hair conditioners, and body washes. These minimalist containers from Beyond the Label PH contain labels that have minimalist, eye-catching calligraphy.

Screenshot from Shopee

Toothpaste Dispenser

Mounted on the wall, toothpaste dispensers are space savers, freeing up more area on your sink. With so many colors and designs available, they also elevate the visual appeal of your bathroom. But more importantly, they make it easier for you to brush your teeth–no more squeezing the tube! This dispenser from KEWEI Store comes with a toothbrush container that has UV light sterilizing the brushes. 

Screenshot from Lazada

Tissue Dispenser

Do you often struggle with tissue rolls, splashed with water from the sink or shower? A tissue dispenser is what you need. With a water-proof box protecting the tissue from moisture, you can keep those rolls dry. This particular dispenser comes with a small, sturdy surface on top of the box, which can hold different objects, such as artificial plants or a sanitizer. 

Screenshot from Lazada

Toilet Brush Holder

Still on the subject of keeping things tidy, this toilet brush holder can hide away those unsightly brushes and free up more floor space in the bathroom. Moreover, you can stick it to areas that are not readily seen, such as the side of the toilet, so you can keep it from the line of sight. 

Screenshot from Lazada

Aesthetic Dipper and Bucket

Tabo at timba, but make it fashion: this is the ideal replacement for your old dippers and buckets. It has a rustic feel to it, as it features a wooden handle and a rope accent. But at the same time, it’s white and clean, matching minimalist interiors. This bucket can hold up to 25 liters of water. 

Screenshot from Lazada

In this season of giving and love, your home deserves tender care and attention as well. It’s the place where we do almost everything now, so if you’re thinking of splurging, do it for the benefit of your personal space. When you do, it’s a guarantee, the home will give back to you. Happy shopping!

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