Here’s Why You Should Adorn Your Condo With Plants

Looking for a way to spruce up your condo unit? Try greening your home with plants! Aside from its aesthetic value, there are so many other good reasons why you should consider incorporating plants into your decor.

In 2018, going green was a top trend in interior decoration. This trend continues, as people become more and more aware of the many benefits of using plants as decorations. In fact, even malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and corporate offices have embraced the concept of greening spaces with plants. Just read on to discover why using indoor plants could soon be one of the smartest decisions you can ever make to enhance your condo unit.

Amazing Benefits for Your Wellness

In an increasingly wellness-conscious era, the beneficial attributes of having plants in the home should be underscored. In fact, it is said that plants and wellness are two current trends that mary well. Interior Designer Rowena Gonzales, founder of Liquid Interiors, stated a fairly simple reason everyone’s home should have plants—because it is an easy and practical solution to counter the negative effects of city living. She highlighted the effects plants have on improving air quality through its ability to produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Also, there are certain plants that are able to absorb harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. So think of it as having an air purifier in your home.

Gonzales also echoed the effects plants have on reducing stress and increasing productivity and creativity. You may often hear people who are fond of gardening saying that it is their form of releasing stress. It is, in fact, like bringing the relaxing green outdoor scenery into your home—but in just the right quantity so as not to turn your home into a jungle.

Certain plants are also effective in warding off insects like mosquitoes and can therefore protect from diseases like dengue. Some other plants are also known to stimulate good sleep and positive energy. A little Google-ing will lead you to what plants you may use indoors and their specific benefits.

Budget-Friendly Décor

Plants that are healthy and well-cared for can definitely add beauty and life to any room. It is a refreshing sight and gives a relaxing feeling, especially if arranged well in good spots in your home. Fortunately, achieving these wonderful effects with the use of plants does not require a lot of money. Plants are considered as the “thrifty cousins” of luxury decorations, and you can get them from a lot of places. All it takes is a touch of your creativity, like maybe putting the plants in a classy pot, and you have an easy but glamorous décor in place. While plants can last for years, it is also easy to get other varieties if you want some change because it does not cost much.

Spice Up Your Cooking Experience

There is nothing like the feeling of harvesting your food ingredients right at your own kitchen. Using certain potted herbs as kitchen decors will spare you the time and money to get these from your local grocery store when you need it. You will even appreciate the fact that you know for sure that these are clean and organically grown. Using herbs regularly in your cooking will not only make your dishes savory and aromatic. These herbs are tremendously beneficial to your health as well. Plus, herbs smell great and will keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Creating Effects in a Room

Plants can be used to address certain issues in your condo unit. Use it to soften corners, to serve as a divider, to cover unattractive areas, and even to create illusions of height. Plant arrangements can create symmetry, or accent a specific point of interest in a room. It can even make small spaces look cozy and less rigid. You can also use plants to add color and natural touch to dull spaces.

Easily turn an urban abode into a calming, vibrant space with just a touch of green by adding plants to the mix. With just the right amount and placement in your interiors, plants will make your condo feel even more like home.


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