The Competitive Advantage of a Green Building

A green building certification is a badge of honor and pride in the real estate industry. More property developers are retrofitting their developments with sustainable features to secure this prized badge. And ultimately, the reward for the certification is worth it: a competitive edge in the market, property seekers choosing their project over the others. This is important since the competition in real estate has become more aggressive. 

According to Lamudi data, the affordable rental demand in the metro has bounced back at the start of the year. Companies are taking up residential spaces to house employees near work sites. Meanwhile, remote workers are driving demand for rentals in leisure destinations. This strong property appetite, while a good sign for the industry, points to a highly competitive market. Thus, standing out from the crowd is a must for property players.

In the recent Lamudi Outlook Roundtable Discussion titled Building Green Homes: Sustainability and Technology in Real Estate, the panelists agreed that green features are among the top preferences of today’s property seekers. A green building certification can make an investor choose your project over another one. Here’s how:

Cost Savings

Minimizing environmental impact, green buildings use less energy. They usually have solar panels to satisfy the electricity needs of building occupants. Windows are strategically placed to maximize natural light in individual units, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are commonplace as well, conserving water in the community. Just with these features, building occupants can save a lot of money on electricity and water bills in the long run. Ultimately, this attracts tenants.

To further increase the cost savings of your tenants (and your business), invest in modern technologies. Start with one of the biggest energy hogs in your building: elevators. The people flow solutions from KONE, the global leader in elevator and escalator industry, feature energy-saving features. Some of their elevator models feature lighter hoisting. Others are machine-room-less, which allow a notable reduction in the size of the electric motors, freeing up space for other functional elements.

KONE DX Class Elevator

On top of this, KONE’s modernization solutions include retrofitting LED lights and energy regeneration technology. According to the company, you can reach up to 70 percent of energy savings with a modernized elevator.

Better Environment

Aside from the cost savings, the improved environment in sustainable buildings is another factor that entices tenants. This forms part of the criteria for green building certification. In the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system, for instance, Indoor Environmental Quality is one of the seven areas of concentration. Excellent indoor air quality, thermal comfort, interior lighting, daylight and quality views are just some of the requirements under this metric.

By considering these factors in the spaces you design in your development, you will not just attract tenants but also keep them for the long term. Remember, people pay a premium to live or work in a comfortable space. With that, maximize comfort not only in the individual units in your condo or office building. Don’t forget the often-overlooked amenities, such as elevators.

The world’s first connected elevator developed by KONE connects more than floors. While being energy-efficient, the DX Class Elevators offer a multi-sensory experience, combining vibrant lighting, dynamic display, and curated music, thus elevating the sense of comfort for each ride. The actual equipment comes in different designs, featuring versatile colors and moods. 

KONE DX Class Elevator

The comfort DX Class Elevators bring does not only benefit your tenants, but also your property managers. The elevators are equipped with revolutionary materials that have anti-stain, anti-scratch and anti-bacterial surfaces. In other words, they’re easy to maintain. Similarly, they are made to last. This translates to reduced maintenance costs and less waste, as mentioned by Markus Nisula, Managing Director at KONE, in the recent Lamudi Outlook Roundtable Discussion.

KONE Philippines is a member of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILBGC). The materials used in their DX Class Elevators can help you fulfill green building requirements, including LEED, BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence), and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). 

Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Amid the pandemic, people have become more concerned about environmental challenges. What we do affects the environment, which in turn, has a huge impact on us. For this reason, a lot of property seekers are striving to lead environmentally responsible lives. In the choice of a home or an office, they are likely to settle for green buildings. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, you must accommodate the eco-conscious lifestyle property seekers are looking for.

Partnering with sustainability-focused companies, such as KONE, you can provide this kind of lifestyle to property seekers. But more than the eco-conscious way of life, you can promote smart living. 

Photo via KONE Philippines

The DX Class Elevators are the world’s first connected elevators, which feature built-in digital connectivity. Using APIs, the people flow solutions can exchange information with other technologies, such as your tenants’ smartphones. They can “call” the elevator from their mobile or get the delivery or cleaning robot to service them.

Green buildings give you a competitive edge in the market. Put simply, they embody all the must-haves property seekers look for in a home or an office. With that, adopt green features in your developments. Get in touch with KONE for sustainable elevator needs. 

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