Why You Should Use an Online Platform when Managing a Property

There’s no doubt that the rise of the internet has become a real game-changer at just about every industry. It has become quite standard to “break the internet,” but the truth of the matter is, the internet “broke” businesses. Not the negative kind of breaking; rather, the grand, sweeping, radical manner. Disrupt, as some would call it.

The real estate sector is, of course, one of the industries that experienced that disruption. ‘Digital’ has become the buzzword in brokers’ conversations today. But save for the changing times, why exactly is it important to have an online presence when you’re in the property industry? What’s the value of using online platforms like Lamudi when selling or renting out homes? Here, we unpacked the reasons you’re looking for:

You catch the right leads

Before, property buyers start their purchase journey after seeing a nice home off a flyer. While that still happens today, what clients usually do now is go to the internet, type a couple of words in the search bar, and start scrolling through Google results. More often than not, they get directed to online real estate marketplaces, where they can check out several listings.

Now, what does this mean to you? One, there’s already an abundance of leads online. You’re not the one chasing after clients, but it’s the clients going after you. Two, if someone looks online for the properties you’re selling and yours don’t show up, then you lose one solid lead already. More accurately, you lose one solid lead to a competitor in the market. Catching the right leads is one of the biggest reasons harnessing online platforms is crucial. That’s why you need to be on real estate platforms, which buyers frequently visit, like Lamudi. 

With this, you’re assured that your property is out there, visible for interested clients. Plus, you’ll be able to receive real-time notifications when someone asks about your property. At the same time, the platform allows you to add notes on your leads and manage listings and interested buyers. In short, no missed leads. Just the right ones.

You expand your reach

As mentioned, the old-school way of advertising properties is through flyers. Print media, for that matter. If you’ve been in the industry for a long time, you know how to utilize this strategy by involving yourself in trade fairs, where you can only reach people who pass by your station at the mall or on the street. 

The internet complements your traditional marketing strategy by revolutionizing your reach. In online property markets, there are fewer barriers in terms of exposure because interested buyers can see your properties, regardless of the time or place they’re in (as long as they have internet access). In fact, you can attract people who are not even living in the Philippines. Foreigners who want to invest in properties can very well be reached by a single listing. In Lamudi, we get millions of visitors every month. Imagine the extent of reach you’ll be harnessing when you use online platforms.

Of course, while online reach is broad, it still takes a great strategy to get the maximum share of exposure in the market. For instance, you should be able to optimize your listings by using keywords people commonly search for. You may want to consider attending our upcoming Lamudi Housing Fair where property seekers are also in attendance, and trainers from the Lamudi Academy will share tips on converting leads to sales, and lead generation. Thought leaders in the industry will also talk about best practices in digital marketing.

You develop your professional brand

Buying a property isn’t cheap. For a lot of people, it’s the costliest investment they’re going to make. They’re very careful about how they go about property-buying. They particularly want trustworthy people on their journey. That’s why credibility is something real estate brokers aspire to embody.

While trust is something that’s developed over time and experiences, the image of being trustworthy can be established in online platforms. Our website, for instance, allows brokers to put their name and photo beside their listing. Having a ‘face’ to a property being sold online reassures seekers. We also include Certified Partner badges, which increase brokers’ and their affiliations’ credibility.

The internet has undoubtedly disrupted and revolutionized the real estate industry. With the right tools at your disposal, you can break through.


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