5 Strategies to Restart the Conversation with Inactive Clients

In marketing efforts, brokers always want to attract new clients–those who are hitting the property market for the first time or those who are looking for a new real estate professional they can trust. While it’s good that you’re set on reaching these kinds of clients, don’t forget another group of promising customers: past, inactive clients.

Generating new leads is good, but it’s worth taking a look at dormant ones as well. With that, here are some strategies to reconnect with idle clients:

Revisit the Buyers’ Journey

There’s a reason your clients went dormant for a period. You’ll find a lot of interesting insights, which you can use to finetune your strategies later, when you look back at how their journey played out. This is especially true for those who weren’t able to get to the actual buying stage. Maybe they didn’t have enough funds to afford their dream home at the time. Others may have changed financial priorities. 

Go back to your past communications, picking up where you left off. If you’ve been using Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool, you can easily check your messages with everyone who made transactions with you on the platform.

If the client had issues on finances before, let them know about the promo deals and flexible loan options available now. If it was a case of changed priorities, check in on them to see if they’re interested in buying property again. The location they’re looking to buy into might have also changed. Ask them about this as well. 

Offer New Deals to Past Buyers

Those who got to the buying stage may be sources of referral for new clients. Though they themselves may not be looking for a new property after making a huge house or condo purchase, keeping communication lines open and informing them of new properties available might get you new clients among their circle of friends. Even when the buyer has completed the buying process, there’s still potential for business. The key is to think of the next enticing offer based on their financial goals.

Consider this: after settling in their home, maybe your past client would want to look for a rental investment to boost their passive income or a vacation house where they can find refuge and leisure during calamities. Your past investor-client, on the other hand, may be interested in exploring an emerging hotspot. 

The bottom line is, determine what would be the next best property investment opportunity for clients who completed the buying process in the past.

Share Handpicked Listings

Anticipate what your past clients need based on your communications before. Choose listings that you think would be most attractive to them. They’re more likely to open your emails and respond to texts this way. At the same time, you get to express that you had their needs in mind, and that you care for them.

Tell them simply that you remembered their home must-haves in the properties you’re currently selling. Share your customized list of property listings via email, and put a link to digital tours, so the client can better appreciate the properties.

Talk about Your Other Clients’ Stories

This will establish your credibility further. While your past clients have trusted you before, you need to bring them to a place of confidence that they would be willing to go through transactions with you again. Put simply, reassure them that they’re dealing with an expert.

Mention the stories in passing. For instance, while talking about finances to your client, you can say, “I had a previous client who was having trouble affording this house in this location, so I recommended this strategy and they were able to get the home they want.”

Follow Up Consistently

While some inactive clients would immediately respond to your efforts, others would take a while. Sometimes, you reap the fruit of your labor on the fourth email or SMS sent. Patience is key. Continue checking up on clients and letting them know that you’re only a call away.

While you’re at it, be creative in your communications. Try out different subject emails, perhaps highlighting your client’s needs or a preferred property location. Make sure your listing images look professional. Explore different channels.

The underlying principle in all of these strategies mentioned is personalization. The best way you can really capture past, inactive clients is to give them a personal touch. Let them know that you’re thinking of them. 


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