Your New Home Should be Designed for Well-Being

From diet to hygiene, the coronavirus pandemic has caused people to become more conscious of their lifestyle. Everyday habits play a big role in one’s safety now more than ever. For this reason, many are embracing the healthier lifestyle. In fact, this ‘new’ way of living affects daily routines and even big life decisions. For example: buying a new home.

Health comes at the top of priorities of many home seekers today. Put simply, you want a real estate investment where it would be easy for you to live well, in the physical and psychological sense of the word. There’s a good chance that you already have a couple of must-haves in that ideal home, but just before you scout for properties, whether virtually or in person, add these features to your list:

Good Ventilation

A home that lets in a fresh supply of air creates a healthy environment. For one, it reduces dampness, preventing mold growth. With this, musty smells and breathing issues will never be a problem in your property. Secondly, good ventilation improves air quality as it filters out allergens. This is most important when you’re into urban living, smacked in the middle of a busy city.

In addition to these, good ventilation reduces the temperature in the space. During summer, you can experience better comfort even without running your aircon. When buying a condo, look for those that feature green architecture, as its lush spaces facilitate better air quality for the units. 

Fitness Hubs

A dedicated space for physical activities encourages you to work out and get in shape. It’s good if you’re already looking at vertical communities, since condos always come with fitness amenities. Most residential towers feature an in-house gym, where you’ll find modern equipment. Without ever leaving the community, you can exercise and get a good sweat session. That is, even in the midst of a pandemic.

While gyms are a must-have, think of it as the bare minimum in terms of fitness amenities. If you’re serious about looking for a property designed for well-being, consider other facilities that would make fitness second nature to you. Here are some that are worth considering when you’re looking for a condo in the metro:

  • Lap pools. Typical condos offer swimming pools, but there are exceptional developments that feature a heated pool, which is perfect for a full-body workout and relaxation.
  • Jogging trails. With landscaped paths, you’ll be able to engage in cardio exercises in the morning or at night, while appreciating your surroundings. 
  • Outdoor play areas. Remember, your kids need their own sweat session, too. Living in an urban area, where there are limited open spaces for children’s recreation, you’ll benefit from a condo that has this amenity.

Green Spaces

Buyers look for homes that offer a lot of open, green spaces, not only because they want a lot more exercise area. Put simply, it’s refreshing for mental health, especially in the context of urban living. The lush gardens soothe the senses. You take in a visual feast, while breathing in the fresh breeze that sweeps over the top of the trees. The vast expanse gives the feel of being free.

That said, find condo communities that have dedicated areas for open spaces. There are many residential towers that allocate half of the total land area of the development for greenery. In fact, some feature amenity decks inspired by the biophilic concept, allowing residents to interact closely with nature. Invest in these real estate offerings and urban living will be less stressful for your health.

Close to Transportation and Establishments

In the middle of a global pandemic, where movement has become increasingly restricted, you want a home close to the supermarkets, banks, and drug stores. On the flip side, in the era where stronger immune systems are most critical, being active is important.

Given these, when weighing your property investment options, always go for one that is strategically near transportation systems and establishments, so you can walk or bike to your destination, adding a few minutes of exercise to your daily routine. 

How far is the nearest mall? Is the closest bank within walking or biking distance? Ask these questions when deciding which condo you should buy.

A property designed for well-being is a good real estate investment. Check out Golden Bay Landholdings, Inc.’s Garden City, a soon-to-be-launched condominium development in Bacoor City. It impressively has all the features mentioned above, making your home sweet home the ultimate urban paradise.


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