How to Show the Value of a Property to Online Buyers

It’s no secret that online platforms have revolutionized real estate marketing. Before, agents would do a lot of physical work, flyering in malls and waiting for interested buyers on site. Today, you can simply list properties on the web and entertain inquiries as they come. But of course, online marketing doesn’t come easy. 

When you’re face to face with the client, you can go through all the details of the property you’re selling. When switching to digital, it’s a little more challenging to show the home’s value because you can only do so much with the limited space on the web. To get the best results, you need to capture online buyers’ attention with just a few words on your listing. 

How do you pull that off? Here are some strategies to show the value of your property online:

Focus on the Location

Location is the first thing people consider when buying properties. In fact, it’s one of the words they type on the search query. It makes sense that location should be emphasized in your listing. No, this isn’t merely about including the name of the city or municipality of the property’s address. To show the real value of the home you’re selling, highlight three things when discussing its location: accessibility, convenience, and security.

In the aspect of accessibility, take note of the highways and other transportation systems near the condo building or the village. If there are infrastructures under construction, write them down as well. Telling your future clients that the property is just a ten-minute walk from the metro rail would give them an idea of just how valuable it is.

In terms of convenience, jot down the establishments around the neighborhood. Is there a nearby school, mall, restaurant, or coffee shop? Buyers know that properties around these areas tend to be of high value, so highlighting them in the listing’s title may give seekers a push to inquire.

Finally, in the aspect of security, detail the 24-hour CCTV surveillance around the condo complex or the guards patrolling the neighborhood every hour. People are willing to pay a high price for safety and some peace and quiet. Help them envision that in your property.

Take Inventory of Recent Improvements

Highlighting upgrades you did in the home is another effective way to sell the value proposition of a property. If you recently spruced up the backyard or remodeled the kitchen, emphasize that in your listing. Be specific. Include an estimate of the amount spent on improvements. If you can list down the brands and models of the new appliances and furniture you added, better. Mentions of the contractors would also make the listing more attractive, as it gives credibility. Pictures also help people visualize the upgrades you’re describing.

If you’re selling a brand new home, list down innovative features. With energy-efficiency becoming the standard in buildings, there’s a good chance that the design and fixtures of your property have this. Itemize the LED lighting, cool roofs, motorized blinds, and dual-flush toilets. If property seekers know that they can save more in your home in the long run, they wouldn’t mind paying a little more buying it. They would see the value in it.

Include Unique Features

Unique features are a come-on for buyers. In fact, these may be the things your prospective clients are looking for in properties. Unfortunately, a lot of distinctive characteristics in homes don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Take, for example, scenic views. It’s always just buried in the bullet point list of features. But waking up to a 180-degree view of the horizon is a good selling point, especially for buyers from the upscale market. The scenic views of your property deserve a little more attention. Emphasize it.

Another feature worth highlighting is the history of the property you’re selling. The heritage of the previous owners from generations ago is a compelling story for many seekers. Its vintage architectural details will likewise be alluring. Dedicate a sentence or two for highlighting this unique feature.

It may appear that going digital is limited in terms of persuasion power. But the truth is, it can be as powerful as face to face interaction if you know how to show off the value of the property you’re selling. Pick the right elements and words in your listing so that online buyers will see the value in your property and book you for a viewing appointment.


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