From Flyering to Conquering: Lamudi Partner Success Story with Evelyn Samaniego

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Real estate agent Evelyn Samaniego has it all. For one, she enjoys a thriving career. Named as 2019’s Lamudi Top Broker of the Year, she’s at the peak of her success. When she was starting, she was under two big, established developers. She was with Phinma Properties, where she used to sell condominium units, and Right Angle Properties, where she promoted townhouses. 

Recalling what her newbie days were like and why they’re memorable, she shared, “Through Phinma, I experienced selling almost 100 units, and in Right Angle, I experienced selling a lot of townhouses as well.” She added, “Through them, I was able to start my own investment.”

Her first major purchase? A car. She bought her first car so she can use it for the job. Yet, her latest investment was the biggest: a house. She built it with her husband who works in the same industry as her. Despite it all, she revealed that success was not easy to achieve. 

Before she had a thriving career and a beautiful home, she faced struggles on the way up to career success.

A Broker’s Dilemma

Put simply, Samaniego had a lot on her plate. She said that she had to be on the site regularly. It was good practice, as she was able to present projects to potential clients right there and then. In fact, on a number of occasions, she would go on tripping sessions already, giving her more time and opportunity to convince clients to make the purchase. The only problem, Samaniego realized, was that the practice was too time-consuming, not to mention exhausting and inefficient.

She was all over the place, having to watch out for prospective buyers who took flyers at the mall and visited the site. Before other agents can accommodate them, she had to be there and answer their questions. Otherwise, she’ll lose the opportunity to close a promising deal

Remembering her experience, she said, “It was a bit hard, the traditional way of marketing.”

The Fix to the Problem

The turning point of Samaniego’s career was when she discovered the power of digital marketing. When she listed properties online, that’s when things changed.

“I don’t need to do any manning or flyering anymore. [Regardless of] where I am, clients at home with a strong internet connection can use their computer or phone to see our listings,” she said.

An expanded reach is one of the benefits of online listings. Agents can reach millions of people in an instant just by having the property on a real estate marketplace. When your description matches the search queries seekers type in the search bar, your condo or townhouse will show up. So even if a potential buyer is in Cavite, Cebu, or even Dubai, they can see your listing and decide from there.

In the case of Lamudi, the platform gets hundreds of thousands of visitors weekly in the Philippines alone. Considering traffic from other countries, the number goes up to millions of visits each month. With the option to list as many properties as your package allows, you can increase the exposure of multiple condos and townhouses you’re selling.

Aside from the reach, Samaniego also noted the kind of leads she was getting from digital marketing. She shared, “Almost all our inquiries are high-quality because our brand has gone international due to online marketing.”

In Lamudi, interested buyers can easily see the name and contact number of a broker. This makes agents reachable. They can entertain queries right away and provide additional information to a potential client. The internal dashboard for brokers also allows them to manage listings with corresponding potential buyers. This helps them track leads to follow up on and strategize how they can move seekers along the buying process. 

In the end, Samaniego says she found Lamudi to be a good partner in her real estate career. She shared, “Without Lamudi, you’ll probably still see me in the manning area. So that’s what I’m most thankful for, that they helped me succeed in real estate.”

A Success Story

Evelyn Samaniego has it all. From a beautiful home to a thriving career, she achieved these life milestones by working hard — and smart. She used modern tools to make her dreams a reality. Perhaps it’s time to do the same in your own journey. You’ll never know, you might be the next broker recognized at the Broker Awards Night this coming March 19 at the Makati Shangri-La. Write your success story today.


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