Lamudi Lead Management Tool Spotlight: To-Do List

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Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool features the To-Do List section to manage interactions with leads. Use it to stay on top of your daily tasks and convert leads into sales.

You already know about Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool. How it functions to help you complete sales activities, keep a record of communication history, and collate all leads. As the top global online real estate marketplace, Lamudi understands that today’s consumers demand specialized technology.

It is now impossible to group consumers into basic categories. The technology available today has affected their preference in a property, a way of purchasing, and even behavior when communicating with a sales representative. So, Lamudi LMT came up with the following features: Lead Tagging, Lead Profiling, Messaging, and Filtration.

To Do List: Being organized is the key

The To Do List is the 5th feature and a new section you can find in the Lead Management’s Lead Page. It consists of the tasks you have with each lead and a schedule of when you should have it done. If ever you need a refresher on the property seeker’s profile, you can always find it on the same page. Lamudi made sure that it stays simple and user-friendly whether you’re using mobile or desktop.

Specifically, this feature is located below the lead details and above the lead profile section. Just open the lead page and it will expand. If you want to close or hide it, simply click on the section’s menu arrow. Then, if you want to add tasks manually, click on the “Add task” button. As simple as that.

No need to worry about interchanging lead information or anything because each lead has their own page. While managing one, you wouldn’t see tasks for other leads. The focus is ensured here. The To Do List serves as a checklist wherein you can mark an item done once you’re finished with the task. Just click or tap on the checkbox. To add, you are required to supply a Title and Due Date for each task, and given an option to add Time and Description.

Using it is simple

Of course, there wouldn’t be any task yet after you create a new lead. You need to add them manually as mentioned earlier through the “Add task” button. As soon as you click on it, a task page will appear. This is when you provide mandatory information such as Title and Due Date, then indicate the Time add some Description if you wish. It would only take clicking on the X button at the upper right corner of the page if you want to Cancel the task.

It provides suggestions

When you select the Task Title field, the Task Page will immediately give you suggestions based on the most common tasks. You may choose among the following: contact lead; send details/documents; schedule a visit to a property; visit property; follow-up on lead; reserve the property, or close the deal. Simply type in the space provided if it doesn’t match any of the suggestions to create a custom task title. After this, you can input additional notes on the optional Description field. There is no character count limit, so enter as many details as you want to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Next thing to do is to enter the Due Date and you can’t skip this step. Select it using the calendar provided. Adding Time is optional, but it would be useful say, a lead mentioned a preferred time to be contacted, right? Then, don’t forget to tap on “Save Task” button at the bottom of the page and wait for the message (in green) that says, “Task created successfully.” You’d now see the added task on your to-do list.

Reminds of pending tasks

After learning how to create tasks, how do you now manage a page containing complete lead details? First, tasks are divided into two: pending tasks at the top and do tasks at the bottom. Second, the tasks are arranged according to the due date in ascending order. You’ll see the oldest tasks displayed on top of the list. Lastly, pending and overdue tasks are also visible. The pending tasks will have unchecked boxes, while overdue tasks are written in red font.

As a broker, you know the importance of being organized with leads to nurture them. You need a practical way to view, record, and manage your interactions with each of those potential buyers, a feature that would keep you on top of your daily task and help convert leads into actual sales. 


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