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In this digital age, getting started with online marketing can be confusing and intimidating. Lamudi Academy offers comprehensive training courses to help real estate agents improve their online marketing skills.

Lamudi understands that building a client database takes time, effort and knowledge, especially in an increasingly competitive market such as real estate. With the industry gearing for a more technological and digital approach, real estate brokers must update their skillset to provide the market with competitive options.

For this reason, Lamudi launched the Lamudi Academy, a training program that offers real estate online marketing courses to real estate brokers.

Humble beginnings

Lamudi Academy began as a simple real estate training program on real estate digital lead generation. Its first boot camp was held in 2015 organized by Lamudi’s former CEO. Since then, training sessions were held quarterly in partnership with developers and banks. These sessions usually took place in hotels where 60 to 80 real estate brokers would gather to learn about lead management techniques. From Makati City, the training boot camps were brought to Mandaluyong and Quezon City. In 2016, these training programs were also made available in Cebu. Nadine Pacis, Lamudi’s current Learning and Development Coach, came aboard in 2017 and helped develop the program further.

From these small gatherings, Lamudi Academy was born and had its soft launch in March 2018. Lamudi also switched offices from Rufino Tower to BPI-Philam Life Makati in 2018, which made trainings available within Lamudi premises. Since then, this training program became more popular. The aim is to cater to the growing number of real estate professionals who are seeking to grow their portfolio in a digital-driven market. 

Lamudi Academy offers comprehensive trainings on six different courses that cater to three different levels. These courses focus more on online real estate marketing techniques. Topics include top online lead generation channels, the power of online real estate marketing platforms, such as Lamudi, converting online leads into sales, improving online marketing strategies, digital trends in real estate, and understanding the market. Both Lamudi subscribers and non-Lamudi subscribers can take advantage of the learning programs.

Top online lead generation channels

This is a basic level course that will help real estate brokers explore the most utilized online lead generation channels in the real estate market. Through this course, the broker will understand the pros and cons of each channel and determine the best practices to maximize their current resources.  Discussions will cover all existing channels in the Philippines, including the Lamudi platform.

The power of Lamudi

This is another basic training course that aims to help real estate brokers know the benefits of using Lamudi’s online property market portal. Attendees will learn the guidelines of posting a property listing, as well as the Lamudi tools available to boost their listings, generate more leads, and convert them to sales.

These basic learning courses are offered for free. During these sessions, brokers learn how online marketing works and the different real estate platforms available.

Converting online leads into sales

This is an advanced level course that will teach real estate brokers how to increase lead conversions into successful sales. Using their personal customer relations management tools, brokers will learn how to effectively manage their leads and stay on top of their client’s mind while waiting for them to make a buying decision. This is the most popular course, where realtors learn to convert leads from social media sites and websites into property buyers.

Improving online marketing strategy

This is another advanced level course that aims to improve marketing content and communication approaches. This training course will help fix common errors and experiment with different strategies to determine best practices, using A/B testing techniques.

Digital trends

This training course is for expert levels who want to know the status of internet usage in the Philippines. This course will update brokers about the soft and disruptive trends that can influence the effectivity of their online marketing pipelines. This course will also enable real estate brokers to see the buyer’s perspective on the real estate industry.

Understanding the market

This is another expert level course that will provide an overview of the most in-demand properties and locations in the market. Brokers will get an understanding of the online market demographics, as well as the current developments in the industry.

Lamudi Academy’s training courses are conducted by real estate professionals who have proven track records and a comprehensive understanding of the real estate online property market. Lamudi’s Learning and Development team continue to develop the training modules to keep it current and updated with the latest industry trends, news, and practices. On average, each training session accommodates 10 to 20 attendees. These sessions are held on Wednesday and Thursday of every week.

No other real estate training program would give more comprehensive insider information on the real estate online market than Lamudi Academy. Not only will learners expand their skill set, but also stay ahead of the game. To avail of these training programs, visit the Lamudi Academy website.


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