With This New Lamudi Feature, Your Dream Property is a Click Away

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Property search can be time-consuming, especially if a  property seeker is on foot and have to go to several open houses hoping to chance upon a property that can accommodate their unique lifestyle. Those who are lucky can complete the house-hunting process in months, while others who have a busy schedule may need a longer time to search for their next home. Especially if a seeker is thinking of moving to a different location in the Philippines, property search on foot can also be costly. 

This is how hard the search is when not aided by technology, but thankfully, Lamudi brings seekers a more convenient way to do their property search–even from scratch. 

In a continuous effort to innovate online real estate and to make property search easier for seekers, Lamudi has updated its platform with new features. With the new filters in the property listings pages, seekers who type in a general keyword will be guided by the platform to get to the property of their dreams. 

Here are some of the ways the new filters can aid property seekers in various stages of real estate search: 

Looking for Properties in General 

Simply typing the kind of property into the search field will show several options on top of the page to guide seekers into the destination they want to look into. Lamudi shows key regions most popular for searchers on the platform, providing an intuitive way for seekers to complete their search. The list is displayed in alphabetical order to make it easier to look for a certain location. The regions are further divided into cities that prove popular for property seekers. 

Multiple-level Filtering

What’s exciting about this new feature is its nested filter application. Starting from a region, users can search by city and even narrow it down to the barangay or municipality level by clicking the dropdown arrow. If a seeker clicks on any of the narrowed areas listed, they will be presented filters specifying the property type they want to further check out. 

From Location to Property Type 

Seekers can also start their search from a general location. Lamudi’s filters will show them the different property types to guide their search. All property types on the platform–commercial, land, house, apartment, condominium, foreclosures–are shown by the filter, to begin with. After narrowing down the kind of property they want, seekers can continue to search for the property with the amenities they need. 

Filtering by Features 

Lamudi’s new filters help seekers get to the property they want by choosing specific features, from the number of bedrooms to the number of bathrooms. From a very general property inquiry, the Lamudi filters can take seekers to the property type they are most interested in, in the city that appeals the most to them, and with the bedroom and bathroom allocation that fits their unique needs. 

Prioritizing the Needs of Property Seekers

Lamudi is always evolving to make property search more convenient for property seekers. These filters are just the latest development in the platform to improve based on the needs of property seekers. With intuitive features that aim to help those who may not have a clear idea of what they want to look for, Lamudi becomes easier to use for property seekers with various needs. Whether a seeker is interested in a condo, apartment, home, or lot, and even if they have not made up their mind on their real estate purchase yet, Lamudi is there every step of the way. 

Just a month ago, Lamudi also gave partner brokers and agents, and property seekers the feature that will further enhance their user experience. Brokers and agents who have added their Facebook ID to their Lamudi account can be contacted in real-time by property seekers who want to inquire about a particular property.  

With the addition of this feature, property seekers on Lamudi can make headway on their search by having several inquiry options. When they express interest in a property, they can now contact brokers and agents through email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. 

Visit lamudi.com.ph to try the new search filters and find your dream property online now!


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