How to Make Your Lamudi Agent Profile More Appealing to Property Seekers

In an age where clients search for properties on the web, it’s a necessity to have online listings to increase the likelihood of catching prospects. But more than creating excellent descriptions for properties, you must take into consideration your agent profile on real estate marketplaces. 

Although they are a tiny detail compared to the actual listing, they can actually make or break a transaction. These are one of the first things people will see in your listing, so whether you like it or not, clients will determine your credibility based on what they find in your profile.

If you’re using Lamudi to promote properties, make your agent profile more appealing to property seekers by taking these action steps:

Verify Your Mobile Number

The mobile number you provide on your profile is one of the main channels people will use to contact you. To make sure that you’ll receive all the SMS notifications and messages from clients, verify the phone number. If you changed your number recently, update the information on the portal immediately. Responding to queries right away can help in building trust among prospective clients.

Lamudi allows you to provide two sets of contact numbers, a mobile number, and a home phone. If possible, fill these two fields out. This way, clients will have more than one option to reach you via phone. 

Upload Agent Photo 

When property seekers see a face behind the listings, they get the peace of mind that they’re dealing with a real person. With that, they’re more likely to reach out to you. That said, when creating a profile on Lamudi, upload a recently taken headshot. 

If you’re planning to shoot one yourself, here are some guidelines to remember for a professional image:

  • Use proper lighting. Include a key light, fill light, and backlight in your set-up to make sure that the photo is well-lit. Or if you don’t have that professional arrangement, you may use natural lighting. Stand in front of a window that receives ample amount of sunlight.
  • Keep your background simple. A white background is ideal for professional headshots. It’s neutral, simple, and uncluttered. If you don’t have a white wall in your home, you can use a photo editor to swap a cluttered background for a white one. 
  • Present yourself professionally. Dress up well. You may put on a blazer or a suit. For women, use appropriate and natural make-up. Observe good posture. 

Remember, a professional headshot can entice prospective clients into contacting you. Dedicate time and effort to creating one. 

Follow the same tips mentioned above when engaging in online presentations. As discussed in the recently concluded Lamudi Academy Live, improved visibility, a simple background, and a professional image are important in connecting with clients virtually.

Provide Valid Name

On Lamudi, you’re required to provide your first and last name. Use the name in your real estate license. This way, when people ask authorities about the credibility of your practice, they can easily submit your name and verify. 

As you provide your real name on the platform, do the same on social media and professional networking sites. This is not just for consistency, but also to help people who are researching about you on other online channels. With this, they can easily find your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile and get to know your practice more.

Add Facebook Messenger ID

Aside from phone numbers, you can provide your Facebook messenger ID on Lamudi to give prospects another channel for contacting you. Many property seekers prefer using social media messaging apps to connect with their brokers, so having this on your profile can increase the likelihood of clients getting in touch with you. Again, make sure you provide the correct ID. The time it takes for you to respond to leads can make you more or less trustworthy. 

To get your Facebook profile link, log into your account and click your profile. Go to the address bar of your browser and copy that URL to your Lamudi agent profile. The URL should be

Whether you like it or not, how your Lamudi profile looks largely impacts the likelihood of prospects connecting with you. They will judge your credibility based on the information you offer here. This is why it’s important to provide as much relevant info as possible and make every effort to establish your trustworthiness. 

Maximize Lamudi’s Agent Portal and learn how to use proptech tools more effectively by attending Lamudi Academy’s training sessions.


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