Lamudi Tools: How to Make the Most of the Agent Portal Dashboard

In the digital-first age, online listings and virtual property tours are the norm. But to achieve success and come out strong in a competitive brokerage industry, real estate brokers must learn to use other innovative technologies to their advantage. Lamudi takes pride in developing such tools for the benefit of real estate professionals. The Agent Portal Dashboard is one of these technologies.

Subscribing to Lamudi, you can get access to this tool, which is essentially a ​​performance report for all your tasks, leads, and properties you have to focus on. With an overview of these important aspects of the brokerage practice, you can provide a top-notch service to clients, wherever they are in their buying journey.

Let’s walk through each of the elements of the Agent Portal Dashboard:

To-Do List

The To-Do List outlines all the pending tasks you must accomplish. This may include scheduling a visit to the property, getting in touch with a client, or closing a deal. There’s a due date and time shown to remind you of deadlines to meet.

With this feature, you can stay on top of your to-dos and never miss important deliverables. It can help you structure your work day, as you can organize tasks according to the level of priority and the time it takes to complete them. What’s more, the to-do list section gives you a motivation boost. With tasks laid out, you’ll be compelled to take action and cross them off your list at the end of the day. 

To make the most of the To-Do List section in your dashboard, you should adopt these habits:

  • Write down tasks as soon as they come to mind. With so many things happening in a broker’s work day, it’s easy for some important to-do’s to slip the mind. This is why you should make it a habit to include the tasks in the portal to avoid forgetting them.
  • Break large tasks into smaller ones. You might be overwhelmed when you put big to-dos like “create a virtual tour.” By breaking it down into smaller tasks, such as shooting photos and videos of the property, editing the content, and letting a third-party review it, it’s easier to follow through on such a big task.
  • Plot your to-do’s ahead of time, if possible. Dedicate a time for writing down tasks for the week before the week starts. This way, you can anticipate the set of to-do’s before deadlines. As the days come, add, remove, or revise tasks, as needed.

Lead Tracker

One more feature of the Agent Portal Dashboard is the Lead Tracker. As the name suggests, it shows you a breakdown of the leads and their status. You can manually update the tracker, classifying leads into New, Hot, Converted, Cold and Lost. For easy reference, the leads are represented in a pie chart.

With this feature, it’s easy to monitor the most important aspects of lead nurturing, namely which properties are getting the most (and least) inquiries, where the leads are coming from, and how each lead is performing. 

To make the most of the Lead Tracker section in your dashboard, you should adopt these habits:

  • Complete the lead forms. When adding a lead, make sure to include all the important information, namely the name, phone number, email address, source, property inquired, and lead status. This ensures that you don’t overlook any interested client.
  • Update the lead status regularly. As you make follow-up calls or emails to clients, you’ll understand better how eager they are to buy a property. Some are still in the explorations stage, while others are ready to make a purchase already. As you learn the needs of your clients, update their lead status so you can plan your next interactions with them.
  • Include your next client interactions in the to-do list. Whether it be a phone call, email, or virtual meeting, plot it in the to-do list, setting a due date and time. Be intentional in moving clients through the sales funnel, so that you can see a closed deal sooner than later.

Properties Performance 

The section you’ll see at the bottom of the Lamudi Agent Portal Dashboard is the Properties Performance. It shows your five property listings that generated the most leads, which helps in determining which properties you should focus on first. The inquiries are segmented according to their sources, whether they be from mails, calls, or SMS.

With this feature, you can see which listings are performing well and draw assumptions to make the others better. At the same time, you can track which media channels are effective in driving visibility to your properties.

To make the most of the Properties Performance section in your dashboard, you should adopt these habits:

  • Record every lead. The Properties Performance section only reflects the leads you put in. If you want to keep track of everything, record everything.
  • Find similarities in the top-performing listings. Ask yourself what makes them perform well. Perhaps they have better-looking photos or clearer property descriptions. Use these insights in improving other listings.
  • Take note of the sources of leads. SMS, for instance, may be a strong driver of leads. You may want to dedicate more time and resources for this marketing channel.

Customer relationship management platforms can be a revolutionary tool for your brokerage practice. Seize the opportunity to use it and maximize its built-in features. If you’re interested in subscribing to Lamudi, register hereAvail any of the packages until October 31 and get unlimited rental listings.

Michelle Martin
Michelle is a seasoned Leadership, Talent and Organizational Development professional with over 15 years experience and counting. She has had the privilege of working with various industry leaders in the fields of Financial Services and Information Technology, spearheading the creation and delivery of end-to-end learning solutions across various roles and capability levels. Michelle now contributes to Lamudi Philippines' continued success as a Leadership and Development Coach and Leader of Lamudi's Learning and Development team—designing learning experiences for both internal partners and external clients.


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