How Can Real Estate Professionals Turn Around Negative Reviews

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Real estate brokers and businesses should always aim to provide the best possible customer experience, but dissatisfied clients are unavoidable. Here is what should be done in response to negative reviews.

Real estate brokers and businesses always aim to provide the best possible experience for their customers, but it is impossible to maintain a perfect record. There are instances clients will leave negative reviews, which are greatly feared due to how much damage they can do to reputations and how quick they can propagate online.

However, with the right mindset and attitude, negative reviews may prove to be beneficial for both individuals and companies. Here are the things that you need to do to turn negative reviews into something positive.

Stay Calm

The first thing to do upon receiving a negative review is to stay calm. Whether the negative review is a legitimate one or not, matters would only take a turn for the worse if you respond impulsively. One of the worst things that could happen is a lengthy and emotionally charged back-and-forth with the customer, which rarely solves situations.

Individuals and companies need to practice restraint when it comes to negative reviews and instead adopt the view that they will be beneficial in the long run. This opens up a path towards improvement, compared to resentment against customers who leave negative reviews.

Build Trust

Negative reviews will allow you to build trust with your customers by publishing them without any changes. Some brokers and businesses may be tempted to keep their profiles clean by deleting the negative reviews, but this is a practice that should be avoided.

A list of only positive reviews looks unauthentic, which may actually drive away potential clients. The inclusion of negative reviews shows that the individual or company is not hiding anything, and the appearance of negative reviews makes the positive reviews stand out better, particularly when customers make comparisons with others.

Engage with Customers

Now that the negative review is accessible to the public, one of the best things to do is to engage with the customer who left it. Not only does this show accountability for whatever caused the negative review, but it also allows for the retrieval of the details that caused the problem, and to prove the comment’s authenticity.

Between contacting the customer through a private message or replying directly to the negative review, the latter should be the preferred option as this further highlights the much-appreciated transparency. Other customers looking through the reviews will also be able to see that negative reviews are not being ignored, which is a good characteristic for brokers and businesses.

Take Criticism as Opportunity

Now that you have the details of the circumstances that resulted in the negative review, it is time to get to work on making the necessary improvements.

Negative reviews should not be seen as a nuisance, but rather, as encouragement to make positive changes. If within a company, all employees should adopt the mindset that customer satisfaction is the priority.

The things that need to be done in response to a negative review may cost both human and financial resources. However, if the negative review is not acted upon, there is the likelihood that the lost business potential will be much larger compared to the necessary resources to be invested to make the changes.

In addition, negative reviews may reveal previously unknown customer expectations. It becomes much easier to meet and exceed client expectations if you actually know them.

Show Progress

After making the necessary changes in response to the negative review, brokers and businesses should take time to show that they made improvements. This may be in the form of another reply to the negative review, thanking the customer for the suggestion and outlining what was done to make sure that other clients will not run into the same issue.

The individual or company may also choose to broadcast the implemented improvements to a wider audience through an update on an official website or blog. The update should highlight how the process started with a negative review, to encourage clients to leave comments and suggestions that will lead to even better experiences for future customers.

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