Checklist: What to Remember When Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home may be exciting, but it may also be stressful. Here is a checklist of things to remember to help with the process.

Moving into a new home is exciting due to the opportunity to create memories in the new space, but it may also be stressful due to the logistics of uprooting from one place to another.

For individuals, couples, and families who are transferring to a new home, whether it be a condominium unit, apartment, or house, here is a checklist to help with the move.

Take Some Days Off

Moving into a new home while going to work or school will lead to very stressful days. The move will also require people present at the new home for the purposes of receiving deliveries, guiding utility men, and other similar duties.

Requesting permission to take some days, or even a couple of weeks, off while moving to the new home will save you from many headaches. Of course, proper planning is required to ensure that those days are maximized.

Set Up Utilities

It is highly recommended to set up the new home’s utilities days or even weeks in advance, whether that entails filing new applications or transferring existing accounts.

Moving will be very difficult if utilities such as water and electricity are not yet working, so those should be prioritized. In addition, an internet connection is considered just as important these days.

Make Repairs and Improvements

If possible, any repairs and improvements should be made before the boxes filled with things arrive, as such activities may turn out to be messy. This is especially important for homes that have been lived in before, as there may be some damaged parts that may need fixing. However, this may also apply to new homes, which may need a few tweaks to conform to lifestyle preferences.

It is also recommended for repairs and improvements to be done by contractors. DIY methods may be cheaper but at the cost of taking up more time with the risk of making errors. Hiring professionals to do the work will also allow you to focus on other tasks at hand.

Check Storage and Space Availability

Before moving furniture, appliances, and other personal belongings to the new home, you should first check if there are enough storage and floor space to comfortably fit all of them.

If the storage and floor space are not enough, you will have to let go of some items before making the move, as there is no sense to bring over the things to the new home just to eventually discard them.

Stock Up on Essentials

While in the process of moving, you should stock up on essential items and place them in easy-to-access locations. These will include important items such as passports and IDs, cash in wallets, medical supplies, tools, and mobile phones with their chargers.

The move may also take longer than expected, so the kitchen should be stocked with a few days’ worth of easy-to-prepare meals. At the end of each day, you may be so tired from the move that all you would want is to eat and sleep, so being able to quickly prepare food will be a blessing.

Change the Locks

It is recommended for residents to change the locks of their home as soon as they move in, whether it is a new home or a previously lived in one. This is because there is no assurance that the keys that are handed over to you are the only set in existence.

Changing locks in every exterior door should not take too much time and money, but it will drastically improve the security of the new home.

Set Up, Fill Out Furniture and Appliances

Most of the time spent in moving to a new home will be for setting up and filling out space with furniture and appliances.

You should start by placing what you already own into their spots, which is recommended to be something that was planned in advance. From there, take note of any open spaces and missing appliances that need to be filled with new purchases.

Throw a Housewarming Party

Last but not least, you should throw a housewarming party once the new home is all set up. Setting a specific date for the party also sets a deadline to follow for the move.

Moving to a new home, despite its challenges, is something that needs to be celebrated. A housewarming party will start the memories of the new space on a good note.

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