A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Excellent Customer Service

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Customer service quality is what buyers and sellers value most in a real estate agent. Lamudi has rounded up three customer service tips that work all the time.

If there’s one thing real estate agents deal with every day in their profession, it is customer service. From the moment a property listing is posted up to the after sales follow-up, customer service has been globally recognized as a highly valuable business feature. As competitive as the real estate business has always been, the emergence of online property sites, such as Lamudi, has given more pressure to agents to prove their relevance. And the best way to do that is by delivering high-quality customer service.

Good customer service is not enough. To build customer loyalty, convert leads to sales and obtain customer referrals, customer service must be excellent and be given utmost importance.

Here are customer service tips to up your game to a whole new level:

Treat the customer as a friend

Yes, you must maintain professional boundaries at all times when dealing with a customer. But that doesn’t mean you should approach them with a stern and unsympathetic behavior. On the contrary, building a warm and friendly relationship will help you build rapport and chemistry with the clients. Instead of treating a potential lead like another phone number that could possibly bring profit, take time to know what their needs and goals are. If you’re dealing with home buyers, you should talk to them with the purpose of understanding their vision of what a dream home is and their financial limitations. If you’re dealing with property sellers, you should discuss commissions and selling price with honesty and integrity. Make sure to communicate with them regularly and update them about their property.

Whether you’re dealing with sellers or buyers, you must always guide them in every step of the transaction. Don’t be rude, but be an advocate who will put their best interests forward.

Always keep in mind that satisfied customers will share their experience to 4–6 of their friends. On the other hand, if you have provided bad customer service, it would take 12 positive feedback to make up for a single bad rating.

Be an expert in your field

If there’s one qualification any customer is looking for in an agent, it’s their expertise on their profession. Property sellers and buyers come in different categories and therefore, have varying levels of needs. An agent who has an extensive market and property knowledge is able to assist clients from all walks of life.

When you’re dealing with first time home buyers, they would most likely need an agent who is an expert in different property types. They will ask for information regarding property fees, rules, financing, and legal requirements. Investors and more experienced buyers, on the other hand, would need your expertise on the local market (like where to locate the best investments) and effective negotiation skills in order to obtain a property at the best price.

Sellers have different needs. They want to sell their properties at a profitable price in the quickest time possible. They would like to know how to lower the costs of selling the property using the most effective marketing options. With the popularity of online property sites, sellers have become less reliant on real estate agents. That is why you must prove your worth through your professional experience and expertise in the local market.

Whether you’re dealing with buyers or sellers, you should always update your knowledge bank with the latest trends, legal requirements and processes necessary to close a sale. Remember: 60% of customers give bonuses for a satisfying experience.

Respond to customer inquiries as soon as possible

One characteristic of great customer service is an immediate response. As the saying goes, “time is money.” According to statistics, 12% of customers leave if it takes more than one call to address their concerns. Additionally, 35% of customers who use Facebook expect an immediate response after they hit “like” on a business page. With this, you need to be easily accessible, either in person or through mobile communication, all the time.

But with a lot of communication channels available for the customers to contact you, keeping these channels open 24/7 is almost an impossible task. Fortunately, Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool has a messaging feature which enables real estate agents to manage their contacts and client conversations. The tool also allows agents to contact potential leads through phone calls, texts or emails within the portal. Lamudi’s LMT is just one of the many tools that you can take advantage to organize and maximize your client communication. You can check here for more information on Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool.

Timely communication is important to retain customers. Remember: 39% of customers end business relationships due to bad customer service.

Bonus tip: Build your online presence

Another way to increase the quality of your customer service is to update your online accounts. The commodification of smart gadgets has led a lot of buyers and sellers to resort to social media sites and online platforms. It is more imperative that you intensify your online approach to let sellers and buyers know that you exist. Connect to your market through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can even make a blog or a website to give them real estate tips. By doing this, you can promote your business without having to do hard sell all the time.

Whatever strategy you wish to implement, always remember that 3 out of 4 customers stay in business due to positive customer service experience. The odds are indeed in your favor.

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