Lamudi’s List Your Property Feature: How to Get Listings Approved

More exposure, wider reach, and stronger credibility are just some of the perks you get when you list properties on online real estate marketplaces such as Lamudi. Even without setting up booths in public places, you can get the word out about your properties for sale or rent. Property seekers can get property information from anywhere in the world, at any time most convenient to them, as long as they have an internet connection. More importantly, they’re confident doing business with you since you’re operating in a known, established real estate website. 

Before reaping these benefits though, you need to make sure that your listings get approved first. In this article, we’ll take you through important guidelines when listing your property on Lamudi:


The first tab you’ll see when you click the List Your Property button is the Key Information section. This covers all the essentials property seekers need to know, from the offer type to the property type and price. When filling out this section, you should:

Provide accurate information on the offer and property type

Under the offer type, there are two options: sell and rent. Under the property type, you can select land, house, condominium, apartment, commercial, or foreclosures. There are also subcategories under these choices, such as residential lot, memorial lot, beach lot, and more. Double-check your choices to make sure that your listing will appear on the appropriate search results, matching the preferences of property seekers. 

Take note that Lamudi only allows ready-for-occupancy listings for brokers. If you have pre-selling properties, you can list your property on

Keep the title concise

With this, you won’t confuse property seekers about the property you’re offering. The title should simply have the property type and location. You can add a few adjectives and the unique selling point of the property, too, such as magnificent views, as long as they don’t go over the top. Avoid using these special characters: $%^&*().

Include the total selling price or rental fee 

This will make your listing appear on appropriate search results when potential clients search for a particular price range. If you’re listing a rental, it’s best to include the fee on a daily or monthly basis.

Be as detailed as possible in the property description

Include the essentials, such as the key features of the property (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot area, and floor area), nearby establishments, quality of the neighborhood, and payment schemes, including promos and association fees.


The next section in Lamudi’s Agent Portal is the Photos and Media. Remember that high-quality images and videos in listings have the potential to attract good leads. Therefore, as a general rule, take the best property photos. Your goal is to showcase the best features of the property. Blurry, pixelated, and badly lit images are a no-no. If you have virtual tours, link them to your listings. This will make your marketing materials more appealing to Lamudi users. 

Take note of the minimum number of photos for each property type, as well as some suggestions of elements you should feature:

House – 3 Photos 

  • Facade 
  • Living Room 
  • Bedroom/s 
  • Bathroom/s 
  • Kitchen 
  • Garden and Land 

Land – 1 Photo

  • Actual photo of property 
  • Outline photo of Google maps 
  • Area gate 
  • Access roads 
  • Facilities area

Commercial Units – 2 Photos

  • Building 
  • Rooms 
  • Amenities 
  • Floor plan 
  • Facade

Condominium Units – 2 Photos

  • Living Room 
  • Bedroom/s 
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom/s 
  • Facade 
  • Amenities

As part of Lamudi’s guidelines, uploading photos that bear competitor’s watermarks and contact details is prohibited.


The location of the property you’re selling or renting out is crucial information to property seekers. By filling out the province, city, and barangay fields, they get more idea what kind of community the property is in. These are the guidelines to remember when filling out the location tab:

As always, be accurate with address details

Again, this can make or break the inquiries you receive later. Accuracy results in better visibility in appropriate Lamudi pages.

Include the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates

This will generate a map view of the location of the property, making it easier for property seekers to visualize the address in relation to nearby establishments. 

Or, you can choose to keep the exact location of the property confidential

Make sure to tick off that box, located below the map. Lamudi will locate the location within a radius of 250m in the map.


The Lamudi platform allows you to make contact information easily accessible for property seekers. To make the most of this section in the Lamudi portal, remember these guidelines:

Provide your active contact information

This ensures that you receive all the important inquiries made from your listings.

Avoid putting your contact information on the actual listing

It’s better to have seekers contact you through your seller profile, especially if you have multiple properties listed. The inquiries will automatically go to Lamudi’s built-in customer relationship management system, allowing you to better track the leads coming in.

Listing your properties online can make a huge difference on your brokerage practice. But before you reap the benefits, you must get down to the nitty-gritty of listing creation. Subscribe to Lamudi and maximize the List Your Property feature. Take note of these guidelines as you log on to your Agent Portal Dashboard. For the full list of requirements, visit

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