Close Deals Anytime, Anywhere with These 3 Tips

Being a real estate professional entails a lot of important things, and closing deals is one of them. So what happens when a client reaches out to you at an unexpected time?

Lamudi Broker Awards Night 2023’s Most Leads Generated for Brokerages winner Property Hunter Realty has experienced handling transactions in the most unexpected yet memorable way.

Property Hunter Realty, Lamudi Broker Awards Night 2023 Most Leads Generated for Brokerages winner, accepting the award.

“We were on vacation one time at a beach in Palawan and while we were there, one of our colleagues got a closing… [S]o when we came back from that vacation, the contract was signed. [S]o when we were vacationing, we closed a deal!” The company shared. 

A real estate broker is among the professionals with flexible work hours. With that, property seekers can inquire or transact at any time of the day, especially if they are from overseas.

The real estate career path is rewarding once you have properly educated yourself and applied your learnings to the test. The challenge now is to expect the unexpected circumstances that may come in the way. 

Here are tips on what to do to ensure client queries and requests are still met amid unexpected circumstances: 

Have an Active Online Presence

Property seekers appreciate timely responses to their inquiries, which is why it is important to keep a good track record of attending to client needs quickly. Being active on your social networking channels increases your chance of closing deals. Alternatively, you may also opt for automated responses if queries come in when you’re offline so you can answer them once you’re active.

Sometimes, it is unavoidable that clients can send inquiries while you’re on vacation. It’s alright if you cannot answer all of their questions since you are out of the office, just make sure to properly explain that you are on holiday with limited resources. 

Use Your Flexible Work Hours Wisely

Most industries have now embraced the new normal of work set-ups wherein people can easily accomplish tasks remotely without having to physically report to the office. This also brought the rise of the hybrid set-up so employees can communicate and collaborate with each other every other day in person. 

Real estate professionals can also practice these flexible work models. While working from anywhere, you can reach different clients and have a productive day at the same time. Do keep in mind to draw the fine line between work and leisure! The key is to practice and maintain a healthy balance of the two

Treat Your Clients Like Your Friends

Friends know what’s best for you, just like how brokers understand a buyer’s various preferences in a property. Once you get to know your clients, it will be easier to anticipate their needs so you can answer their questions before they come up. Remember to maintain professionalism while keeping the conversation casual and easy to understand. 

On the other hand, if it is your first time reaching out to a client, make sure to leave a good first impression so they will continuously communicate with you to have higher chances of closing deals. 

You can make the most out of the latest technologies and real estate techniques available especially now that brokers can close deals anytime, anywhere. 

To get more insights and tips on how to complete transactions with property buyers, register for Lamudi Academy’s upcoming in-person training session this May 17, 2023, about asking the right questions.


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