Christmas Decorating Trends: How to Design Your Home this 2019

Last Updated on September 23, 2019 by Lamudi

Fun fact: Filipinos are known to celebrate the longest Yuletide season in the world. Christmas trees are starting to dot the Philippine streets, and the familiar Jose Marie Chan Christmas jingle is playing in most supermarkets this September. Homeowners are also starting to decorate their respective places as the festive Christmas spirit starts to seep into everyone.

Join Lamudi as we tackle the modern and unique Christmas trends in season this 2019, so that homeowners, renters, and the like, can start preparing for the best Christmas to date! Read on to find out how to transform your home aesthetics in line with the latest Christmas décor styles.

Go neutral, go minimalist

As people always say, the simpler, the better! Should homeowners like you want to shake things up a bit, drop the classic red and green décor, and go for something modern and chic! Try purchasing a slim and sparse Christmas tree, and dot it with neutral-colored ornaments that match the overall theme of your house. It will be easy on the eyes, and subtle colors like white, grey, and beige will make any room feel spacious and airy. 

Deck the halls by scaling back on the saturated holiday décor, giving your home an understated modern feel. When creating a minimalist setting, focus only on the essentials: a tree, some lights, and the star on top. Forgo the extra trimming, and give your home a distinctly modern ambiance.

Go with black and white, with a pop of color

Less is more in modern times. The black-and-white theme is one of the go-to contemporary trends that never go out of style. Design your home using black and white décor, interspersed with another happy color to make every corner of the room pop. The combo will lend a modern take without making your home seem too pale and boring.

Design asymmetric wreaths

Christmas wreaths are an age-old tradition that Filipinos have always practiced. Almost every homeowner’s door houses a wreath to welcome guests with a little holiday spirit. In this age of modernization, however, Christmas wreaths now come in all shapes and sizes—some even take an asymmetric shape! 

Try designing one of your own, using real or fake flowers that pop against wooden branches, all wrapped around a copper frame. Add a modern feel to it by incorporating geometric designs.

Buy a traditional parol to save you the trouble

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the uniquely Filipino parols or Christmas lanterns. Most parols nowadays no longer follow the traditional design. Creators are now adding a more modern touch, with the usual five-pointed stars now coming in 4-, 8-, 10-, and even 16-pointed-star shapes! 

Purchase one for yourself, and light up your house with the Filipino symbol of welcoming the Yuletide season. Parols never go out of style. Homeowners will always have this décor to fall back on, should purchasing ornaments be too much of an effort for you. Buy one, hang it up, and you’re all set! 

Go with the classics: red, green, and gold never fail

The red-green-and-gold combination may be old, but it will never be outdated. It’s tradition, after all! Purchase for your home some ornaments of this color scheme, and pair them up with candles and Christmas lights! In 2019, in fact, lighting has gotten a huge makeover. Lighting displays will be a huge draw for visitors and are now working towards becoming one of the 2019 favorite trends. Stay festive and keep to the classics with this mix.


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