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Christmas is that one time of the year where we can dress up and light up our homes to give off that Christmas spirit.

Christmas is here! And we all know too well how Filipinos love the Christmas season! This is the season of giving and receiving gifts, the time of celebration, parties, and thanksgiving. Aside from the Philippines having one of the longest Christmas celebrations in the world, it is also the season we look forward to because we get to dress up our homes, or at least we can watch how our favorite celebrities did. Check out what these local celebrities’ Christmas theme for this year is and see how they achieved the look.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero


Screenshots via Love Marie Escudero Youtube Channel

It’s a white with a touch of blue Christmas for the Escudero household. We all know how Heart Evangelista loves the classy and timeless shade of white. For this year, they recycled most of their ‘White Christmas’ decors last year and just added some new touches. And as per her decorator, what they did for this year is to mix and match the expensive and affordable ornaments. Her tip? Keep the boxes of your decors so you can save them up for the ensuing years while ensuring their quality, and make sure you can use and repurpose every decoration you purchase.

Jinkee Pacquiao

Screenshots via instagram_jinkeepacquiao

For Jinkee Pacquiao, a pink and pastel Christmas is here. Her home’s huge white cotton-like Christmas tree is filled with big decors in pastel colors pink, green, peach, and blue. But what caught our attention were the big swans on display! Who would have thought that was even possible? This pastel theme does not end in the Christmas tree alone. More decors are found around the house in Metro Manila. (Yes, they have a different Christmas theme at home in Gen. Santos City.) You should see the tree at night when it is lighted though!

Vicky Belo

Screenshots via instagram_victoria_belo

And if Jinkee Pacquiao has her swans, the Belo-Kho household has its magical unicorn cotton candy tree! There are also floating colorful cotton ice cream on cones by the ceiling if you haven’t noticed yet. This year is a sweet Christmas tree with rainbow cakes, pastel displays, and other unusual decors like tiny Eiffel towers, popcorns, and bugs! It is because as per Vicky herself, they are a sweet family! Scarlet Snow surely is a happy kid this Christmas in this candy land meet Paris theme!

Korina Sanchez-Roxas



Screenshots via instagram_korina

Having a story to tell is an important thing about choosing your Christmas theme. And for Korina Sanchez-Roxas, a little tweak here and there from your old Christmas look can bring out the magic. The host recycled her last year’s theme of brown and silver tree, with the colors of orange and teal bringing out its life. She added more ribbons, origami, and balls covered in patterned cloths this year for a touch of something new. What’s more important too is that her family and friends loved what she did with her home.

Judy Ann Agoncillo

Screenshots via instagram_officialjuday

This isn’t a tree set up, but seeing this dinner set up of the Agoncillo residence would make you understand how classy, rustic, and wonderful Juday’s taste is. The outdoor dining area alone gives off that all-natural earth style. It is a wood set up with the brown and white props and a touch of silver as an accent. Everything is highlighted with the yellow Christmas lights. Who else would want to have dinner at this table?

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Screenshots via instagram_reginevalcasid

A white and gold Christmas is present at the Velasquez-Alcasid residence. The huge Christmas tree is covered with big white flowers, pine cones, and golden balls. A toy train track surrounding the tree serves as the final touch. More dollhouse and tiny decorated pine trees are displayed across the living room. The look complemented their simple, white, yet elegant home well.

We can always be extravagant or practical when it comes to Christmas decorations at home. Figure out what message or feel you want to have for the year and look for ways to achieve it in simple ways. There are a lot of DIY tutorials available online if you’re into such and a lot of pegs or inspiration looks from celebrities like what’s in the list above. Invest in decorations that you can reuse and upgrade each year. Christmas may be the season of gift-giving, partying, and decorating, but never forget the real essence of the holiday—it is the season of love. Which among these looks would you love to have in your home next year?


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