8 Hacks for Storing Christmas Decorations

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Storage hacks for Christmas decorations guaranteed to help you put them up and take them down with ease.

There are a few ways you can tell that Christmas is coming here in the Philippines. For one, you start to hear famed Christmas songs in the air–on the radio, in supermarkets, in malls. Then, you start to see commercials on TV portraying our favorite kinds of putahe for noche buena. And then, there’s the most obvious indication: Christmas decorations.

Have you noticed a few of your neighbors’ houses already adorned with those little multi-colored, blinking lights, or maybe walked past a couple of parols hanging around the city? If you have, then it’s definitely time to take those precious Christmas decorations out of the cupboard.

Because they’re only used once a year, it’s important to store these special holiday ornaments safely and properly. Storing them through a few useful tips will help you for a number of reasons: you ensure that these decors don’t get damaged during the long wait, you make taking them down much easier once the holiday season is over, and you also make next year’s decoration ritual a lot less painful. Here are a few of these cheap and practical hacks for better-organized, systematic, and easy Christmas decorations storage:

Repurposing is Your Friend

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Sometimes, things that are about to go into the trash are actually the most useful. Think twice before throwing out used stuff which can be re-utilized as containers for your ornaments. Plastic bottles make good containers for beads, for example. Garlands can be stuffed inside paper towel holders. You can keep tree ornaments like Christmas balls and figurines in egg trays or crates and coffee filters. Bigger decors can fit inside shoeboxes.  

For Each Object a Holder

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Take each ornament into consideration and make sure to use a storage method that will keep its form and quality intact. Huge wreaths, for example, don’t store easily because they need to retain their shape and size. You can use hangers for them–secure them on with twine, and cover them with plastic and they’re ready to be kept for another twelve months (they can be stored in your wardrobe.) Glass ornaments can be kept in plastic cups with lids (at least your milk tea cravings will come in handy here) lined with cloth or tissue paper. As an extra measure, you can glue cups to a cardboard tray so they don’t move around in storage.

Fragile, Handle With Care

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One popular Christmas decoration especially here in the Philippines is the nativity scene, often made of glass figurines. Storing these in the box they come with isn’t quite enough. For heirlooms as precious as such, you can secure them further with leftover bubble wrap, cotton fillings from old pillows, and some retaso that may be lying around in the house. You can individually wrap figurines with paper drink holders or old eyeglass cases.

Wrap It Up

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So, you buy a perfectly functional set of Christmas lights. When you’re ready to use them the following year, you notice a few bulbs have already gone out, and you’re left with some annoying breaks in the blinking pattern of your lights. You’ve probably experienced this, too. Proper storage of Christmas lights could help lengthen their life. The key to achieving this is wrapping them around sturdy objects, such as cardboard, plastic spools (which can be bought), or coffee cans.

Plastic Bag Power

Maximize the full power of clear plastic bags, which will save you a lot of time and, well, guesswork. Clear, resealable bags will do wonders for making your organization much easier. You can utilize them to sort your ornaments by color. You can also make use of extra garment bags–for wreaths, Christmas gift wrappers, and other paraphernalia that are a bit larger in size.

Divide and Conquer

When you’re looking for containers, a practical tip would be to buy one with compartments, to help you organize your things logically. You could, for example, keep one container for all holiday dining ware, making next year’s place setting a breeze. If you would rather use spacious containers, such as plastic bins, you can make the dividers yourself by using cardboard. This will help keep every small thing in its place. You can also use wooden or plastic rods for ornaments that are hung by looping them around the rods and setting them inside the containers.

Label Everything!

Labels are simply huge time-savers. Label everything you can–from big boxes to individual containers. Labelmakers are fun to use for this, but if you don’t have these in hand, some masking tape and a marker will do (make sure they don’t damage the ornaments, though.) Come set-up time the following year, you’ll want to thank yourself.

Documentation Wouldn’t Hurt

It might be a little extra, but photographing your decoration set-up, once it’s done, will help you in the coming years. It can be particularly useful when you need to remember more complicated components of your decoration. You can also write notes–you’ll never know how much it will mean to you, or even future generations in your family. These could even turn into family heirlooms themselves. With the holidays being about tradition just as much as the family, what you do now can make an impact on how things get done in the future.

After the Christmas season, devote some time in properly storing your most treasured Christmas decorations. Your careful handling and preparation will last you your favorite Christmas decorations for many years to come.


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