How to create a neat, efficient, and inspiring condo kitchen?

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Arranging your kitchen to be sleek and orderly one need not be an expensive task to do.

The heart of the house is what the kitchen is. Apart from it provides meals for the entire family, it also sets the general mood and tone of the day. The quality of the food we consume, as well as the overall experience we get in the kitchen, is mirrored in our entire demeanor. It goes without saying that creating a homey, organized, and the customized kitchen is a sound investment.  

The investment need not be an expensive one. Below are some tips to make kitchen renovation a cost-friendly one:

Plan and zone your kitchen

In any endeavor a well-thought-out plan conditions how things will go. Organizing the kitchen can be a daunting, exhausting task: it consumes time, requires diligence, and expects consistency to the core. But with realistic, attainable steps, dividing the kitchen is a possible feat to accomplish.

Empty the cabinets

When the plan is all set and done, it is time to sweep everything out. Free all cabinets of literally just everything. Sorting and segregating come later. The goal is to dispose of anything not useful and outdated. Ruthlessness is the key to this. Any sign of mercy or second thoughts will debilitate if not render the task completely futile.

Stash similar items together

Once the unnecessary stuff is already down the bin, it is time to group things go together. One important rule of thumb is to put things together as how grocery stores organize and categorize their items. This cuts down the time in locating where one item is placed and categorize in the future. Separate baking utensils from that of everyday cutlery and dishes; the bulky appliances from the small frequently used ones.  

Classify cabinets

Now that everything is segregated to the strictest detail, it is important to decide which group goes to which cabinet. Glassware might be the best place near the sink or the refrigerator, while cookware and bakeware are best placed near the food preparation area where it is accessible when cooking. Accessibility and convenience are the keys. Place things where they can easily be located based on the needs.

Segregate with plastic boxes or bins

Packs of sachets, gravy formula, and other mixes should be stored in transparent containers. Apart from accessibility, it gives a sense of uniformity and order to the items inside the cabinet. An orderly cabinet lessens the stress of locating over a pile of different items something needed for cooking. Recyclable ice cream containers are ideal alternatives in lieu of transparent container.  

Color code

A thematic kitchen ambiance boosts up creativity in cooking. Aside from its therapeutic effects, an artistic touch can influence not just the mood of the food preparer but of the entire family in general. The food preparer is inspired to cook new, delicious delicacies while the family is eager to come home and plunge on the sumptuous meal waiting for them. The color of plates, placemats, interior fixtures, even lighting can help set the mood.

Invest in small, ergonomic fixtures

These help extend the storage capacity of the kitchen. Smaller items and other items intended perhaps for visitors can be stored here. Apart from being small, they can custom-fitted to be ambulant. Reducing the worries of preparing something for visitors in just a nick of time. In addition, these fixtures can be used as an added attraction by placing some decorative antiques, ceramic bowls, and others.

Renovate if applicable

While renovating is always an option to maximize and create a conducive kitchen space for the family, it is important to assess the needs and the long-term utility of it to the family. A small kitchen can be as orderly and beautiful as a large one. What matters is the consistency and the drive to maintain the kitchen neat and less-stressful for the family.

Whether you’re renting or already owns your own condo space, you’ve got to make the most out of your kitchen space. With these hacks, you’ll be inspired to whip up something every time you set foot in your kitchen.


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