Living in Binondo: A Mix of Traditional and Modern Lifestyle

To get a glimpse of the Binondo lifestyle, Lamudi has rounded up four ways to make the most out of living in Manila’s Chinatown.

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Binondo is known for being the oldest Chinatown in the Philippines. The district is populated with historical landmarks, relics and ancient practices of cultural and historical significance that dates as far back as the Spanish colonial period. To get a glimpse of the Binondo lifestyle, Lamudi has rounded up four ways to make the most out of living in Manila’s Chinatown:

Experience Authentic Chinese Tradition

Binondo’s Chinese New Year transforms Manila’s old streets into a vibrant enclave of Chinese festivities. The historic street of Ongpin easily becomes a bustling haven of spectators watching dragon and lion dance performances. During this celebration, stores would line up across the entire stretch of Ongpin Street to sell assorted merchandise, such as wealth symbols, lucky charms, fruits and of course, tikoy

Engage in Culture, Music, Arts, and Business

The Escolta Revival started by youth groups and heritage organizations is a most welcome endeavor to renew the glory of Escolta. Time has changed the streets of Manila. Two of the most prominent activities are the Block Party, which happens every quarter, and the Saturday X Future Market, which happens every month. These two activities gather young entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and anyone else who celebrates arts, culture, and entrepreneurship.

Explore Unique Gastronomic Treasures

Aside from age-old traditions, Binondo is known for many gastronomic adventures like food crawls. It is easy to gobble up rice toppings and tasty dumplings in Dasmariñas Street then move to Salazar Street for barbecued pork tenderloin with fried rice or congee, before enjoying a hearty meal of egg-noodle dish, chicken Mami, fresh spring rolls and rotisserie chicken at Masangkay Street. Binondo definitely has a lot to offer for people with a taste for the most sumptuous cuisines in life.

Enjoy a Sophisticated Lifestyle

Time has transformed Binondo. The modernity that has emerged in the district is influencing the entire landscape of Manila. The local government’s rehabilitation initiatives for Binondo have spurred multiple business and commercial developments. The World Trade Exchange along Juan Luna Street and a number of skyscrapers rising along Pasig River are just a few testaments that Binondo is keeping up with Manila’s rapid urbanization. These changes have spilled over to the residential market.

In response to the higher demand for residences, Anchor Land has been consistently providing the upscale market in Binondo with world-class residences.

Anchor Land has always been a leader in reshaping the landscape of Binondo. When major developers were focusing on the Makati Central Business District, Anchor Land set its first project in Binondo–the Lee Tower. A 33-story residential development, Lee Tower was a first in offering a unique and luxurious lifestyle to the high-end market of Binondo. Aside from the advantage of living near their businesses, Lee Tower has provided its residents’ convenient access to facilities which were not available in their previous homes, such as fitness centers and recreational facilities. Lee Tower also enabled residents to separate their business from their homes and live with true comfort and luxury.

Then other condominium developments followed suit.

Anchor Land Skysuites
Anchor Land Skysuites

Anchor Skysuites along Ongpin Street is currently the world’s tallest Chinatown building, standing at 56 stories high. This luxurious residential property offers tenants with superior amenities complete with fitness centers, sports facilities, garden lounges, and recreational areas. The building was designed using code-based and performance-based systems to ensure high earthquake resistance, as well as water and wind proofing.

Located at the corner of Masangkay and La Torre streets is the 39-story Wharton Parksuites. This learning-driven residential property is surrounded by premiere schools in Binondo, such as Chiang Kai Shek College, Hope Christian High School, and Philippine Academy of Sakya. Aside from ensuring the security, comfort, and convenience of the residents, the condominium is designed to enhance the value of education and provide a stimulating learning environment for students. High-grade amenities such a function hall, fitness center, kids’ playground, tai-chi area, pocket gardens, and lounge are also strong selling points of Wharton Parksuites.

Mandarin Square is another high-end 39-story condominium along Ongpin Street that

Mandarin Square by Anchor Land
Mandarin Square by Anchor Land

offers access to various commercial and recreational establishments. It has raised the bar of luxury, with its two-loft style units having their own garden, and bigger unit cuts, which were a first in Binondo. 

Oxford Parksuites is the newest condominium landmark in Manila’s renowned university belt. It offers world-class amenities such as a lap pool, a children’s pool, a unique tai-chi area, and amenity lounge. It also houses a library and study zone with wi-fi capabilities. Oxford Parksuites also gives access to public transport systems, such as the LRT, and other establishments such as banks, hospitals, churches, and shopping malls.

As Manila advances to greater heights of economic, cultural and social restoration, Anchor Land will continue its commitment to set the standards of luxurious and comfortable condo living in Binondo and in other urban areas in the Philippines.


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