Small talk with big bosses featuring Thomas Mirasol of Federal Land, Inc.

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On the House is a series of casual interviews with Philippine real estate leaders about the stories behind their personas. Lamudi’s very own CEO, Bhavna Suresh hosts the dialogues over a drink or two. Today’s guest is Thomas Mirasol, COO & General Manager of Federal Land, Inc.

With an interest in philosophy, the landscape of the economy, and the psychology of human behavior, Thomas is a good mix of everything. Watch his inspiring message for the youth of today who aspire to do great things for the generations to come.

Thomas Mirasol is the General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Federal Land, Inc. and with almost 30 years of experience in real estate, he is the backbone of multiple large-scale developments. 

Firstly, Thomas mentions that his team always has a plan and is prepared for every possibility that they encounter especially when change is always happening. 

He mentions that other than a few new materials and new technologies, real estate does not change per generation.

“A condominium that was developed, maybe 30 years ago, you could walk into it and it would all look very familiar. Everything works the same way.” 

Rather, what matters is looking at the preference. In Federal Land, Inc., they study what people in each generation look for in a home in order to cater to them. 

Originally, Thomas Mirasol had planned to pursue a career in finance and banking but an opportunity for real estate came up. Since then, he’s fallen in love with the business. He mentions that the longer he stayed, the bigger and more exciting the stages became. He comments on the satisfaction that comes with leaving something remarkable behind for other people with his career. 

Thomas remarked on the potential of millennials, the generation entering the workforce. His philosophy is to impart as much knowledge and information to them that can aid them in developing more ideas that can change the world. He discourages disregarding the inputs of millennials just because they’re younger. He believes that new ideas can lead to remarkable changes. 

“I think assuming that a young person can’t have great ideas is a huge mistake.”

Being in a leadership position means having to guide a team. Thomas uses informal meetings or gatherings to have a conversation with his colleagues to catch up on what’s happening, whether it’s good or bad. He finds that the informal setting is more useful than a formal one. There is still a boundary within a working relationship but it doesn’t need to be scary.  

Thomas proves to be a man of many fields as he continues to talk about being an amateur psychologist, amateur economist, and amateur philosopher. Even outside of work, he likes talking about ideas and how to challenge them.

Finally, as a message for every 20-year-old out there, he mentions that they can consult their peers or parents but they are responsible for their own life so they have to always choose.  Guidance is important but they have to be the ones in charge of their next course of action.  

Show Notes


  • Thomas on the evolution of real estate throughout the years. [2:12]
  • If not real estate, then what? [4:34]
  • Thomas on falling in love with real estate. [5:04]
  • Bigger and more exciting stages: Thomas’ journey in real estate [5:40]
  • Thomas on dealing with millennials in the workforce [8:20] 
  • They did things that changed the world and they changed the world because they were reckless, they were brash, because they were foolhardy.” [10:57]
  • A bigger position means a bigger possibility of making mistakes. “This may or may not work and if it doesn’t, okay this is what we’re going to do”. [12:15]
  • On encouraging conversation among his team. [13:15]
  • “What’s important is that we talk about it and we fix it” 13:52 
  • Thomas on discussions outside of work: “I’m a bit of a nerd, I guess.” [15:00]
  • Human behavior as his favorite non-work related topic. [15:46]
  • Just like everyone, he worries about what he sees on social media. [16:18]
  • Thomas and his tough love. [16:59] 


For over forty-five years, Federal Land, Inc. has been creating properties built on the values of trust, reliability, and integrity. It is the developer of many large-scale developments: residential condominiums, office buildings, retail and commercial centers, mixed-use townships and master-planned communities.



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