When A Woman Takes Charge: An Interview with Rosemarie Bosch Ong

A visionary with an affinity for collective improvement—Wilcon Depot’s COO Rosemarie Bosch Ong is a powerhouse in the homebuilding industry and an inspiration to career women and mothers. 

“We have to know where we soar and where we need a little more help and assistance from others in order for us to be a better version of ourselves. Have a vision and a clear goal that determines your destiny. There’s a proverb that states that ‘without a vision, the people perish.’ ”

Rosemarie shows us the true value of a woman in homebuilding: to be a leader by example and to lead through greatness. In an interview with Lamudi, she shared how she got to the top while challenging women to strive and achieve new heights.

It All Starts With a Vision

Rosemarie’s almost four decades of leadership at Wilcon Depot started back in 1984. A purchasing manager then and a perceptive chief operating officer now, she has always demonstrated her own leadership style. When asked how she would describe it, Rosemarie earnestly answered that her approach focuses on the big picture. It’s forward-thinking, result-oriented, and transformational.

In the growing retail business of Wilcon Depot, she continuously finds ways and opportunities to empower and inspire people, so they can become the best that they can be. Rosemarie further added, “Anyone can want or dream to have a leadership position. But then, no matter how passionate, skillful, or charismatic they could be, if they lack vision, they cannot plan the future and steer the team to success.” 

Rosemarie also lives up to the company’s vision of helping every Filipino build, improve, and refine their homes in a comfortable and sustainable way. She has deep knowledge of procurement, negotiation, and stock control, helping Wilcon Depot bring quality home products to the market. 

Inspired by and Inspiring Mothers 

Before becoming a forward-thinking leader, Rosemarie sought motivation from her perfect role model, her mother. A woman of great virtue, her mother supported a family of six children in all possible ways. She’s a visionary by heart, inspiring Rosemarie to imagine her own potential, remain hopeful for the future, and believe in what she could become.

Rosemarie agrees that building a happy home is also a mother’s job. But she emphasizes that mothers, especially those pursuing careers, should act like top-level executives who know their worth and are self-aware. She said, “Be a COO who knows how to balance resources, time, and capabilities. Always have that drive to pursue your passion, and the rest will follow.” 

Prioritizing, a skill that Rosemarie demonstrates so well at work, is also crucial to her family life. She’s always guided by the matrix of attending to urgent matters and planning well ahead of time. This is also a practice that women can adopt for building a great career alongside fulfilling family life. 

Inclusivity is the Future 

Looking ahead, Rosemarie sees that the future is bright and inclusive. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, the home improvement and real estate industries will remain relevant and become more resilient. She also expressed the importance of expanding digital presence and reimagining business strategies to recover faster and thrive in the new environment.

The use of modern technology also impacts diversity, equality, and inclusiveness—three societal pillars that Rosemarie thinks would bring huge developments. According to her, “We should create that sense of consciousness that we do not operate on our own and that we are part of an ecosystem that needs to be sustainable and relevant for all.

While working for Wilcon Depot, a company that also promotes inclusivity, Rosemarie learned to exercise unity, resiliency, and adaptability. They advocate for fairness and equal opportunities and acknowledge every stakeholder’s contribution based on merits and competencies. 

On a personal level, Rosemarie follows a somewhat similar life principle. She said, “In every battle or endeavor, I always adhere to my principle of the Law of Harvest, you reap what you sow.”

This International Women’s Day, Rosemarie’s story serves as a well-spring of inspiration. It’s also a reminder to play an active role in building a better future for oneself and others. 

Photos via The CEO Magazine, De La Salle University, and Philippine News Agency 

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