5 Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Grow Their Sphere of Influence

In the recently concluded Lamudi Link, CEO Kenneth Stern shared that one’s network is one’s wealth. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the success of the brokerage practice heavily depends on the people we know. That is, who we know and how many we know. This is why the concept of sphere of influence is always talked about in professional circles. If you want to make it big in the industry, you must connect with people who can become business “ambassadors” and refer you to potential clients. 

An important step towards growing your sphere of influence is building your professional brand. These tips below can help establish your practice’s unique identity, and at the same time, expand your network:

Build a Strong Online Presence

In this tech-obsessed era, people form first impressions based on what they see on the web. Your presence online becomes a lot more crucial if you want to establish credibility and be the first person professionals would recommend to property seekers. How do you build a strong online presence? 

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Post regularly about your business on professional networking sites. Talk about your learnings from real-life professional experiences, insights on what’s happening in the industry, and success stories of property seekers. Use different types of content: photos, infographics, gifs, videos, podcasts, or even memes. Don’t forget to update the information on your bio. As discussed in the recent Lamudi Academy Live, which focused on the art of online presentations, your appearance in the virtual space matters in establishing trust and building rapport.

Sooner or later, other real estate brokers will notice your profile and relevant content. This increases the likelihood of being a top-of-mind choice when referring to clients.

Revisit Your Contacts List 

Sometimes, the way to grow your sphere of influence isn’t by meeting new people, but by building meaningful relationships with existing contacts. It’s no use to have hundreds and thousands of connections on professional networking sites if only a handful of them can vouch for your practice. 

On the flip side, when you have a quality few who can be your referral sources, you have a far better chance of increasing leads. That said, go through your email contacts and online professional connections and engage with the people. Support their advocacies. Share your opinion on the content they post. As you make your presence felt, you get to establish the reputation of a broker who reaches out and initiates. This enhances your personal branding in the long run. 

Create Detailed Profiles of Contacts

Part of improving relationships with contacts is knowing each individual personally. It’s an effortless job when you have super-memory. But for most of us, it’s not practical to just rely on our mind’s ability to recall names, affiliations, hobbies and interests, family background, and whatnot. This is where tech tools can come in handy. 

While customer relationship management is primarily for clients, you may use the Lamudi platform for creating detailed profiles of your professional contacts. From there, you can plan your outreach initiatives more intentionally. Treat your basketball fan colleagues with tickets to the upcoming UAAP game. Give a bath bomb set or silky soft pajamas to new mom contacts. The bottom line is, improve your relationship with fellow brokers by creating profiles. This will further grow your sphere of influence and improve your professional branding.

Support Different Causes

Aside from gaining a better understanding of social issues, joining advocacies allows you to meet fellow professionals who desire a more inclusive property industry and society at large. These are the kind of practitioners you would want to surround yourself with when building your brand. That said, support local causes, using your skills, talents, and resources.

Here are some organizations involved in housing-related issues in the country:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • BASE Bahay Foundation, Inc.
  • TAO-Pilipinas, Inc.
  • Alterplan
  • Virlanie Foundation

By being involved in causes and helping others, you get to grow your sphere of influence in the process. Just be reminded that these activities are not networking events per se. Reserve your elevator pitch for actual professional gatherings. 

Attend Networking Events

This is perhaps the most straightforward way to grow your sphere of influence. By attending business events, you meet professionals right away and get the chance to introduce yourself and know them. In the long run, you improve your branding as you become more visible in professional circles. 

Lamudi values the importance of these kinds of gatherings, which is why we organized Lamudi Link, a business networking night where different real estate professionals, such as brokers, developers, and industry experts come together. If you’re interested in going to the next event, follow Lamudi’s LinkedIn page to know the details.

Have you thought about your action steps to grow your sphere of influence? Know more about effective networking and marketing strategies by catching Lamudi Academy’s learning sessions this May


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