Attention Real Estate Professionals! Here’s Why You Should Attend the Lamudi Housing Fair in TriNoma

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Lamudi is offering real estate brokers an avenue to hone their skills in this digital world at this year’s Lamudi Housing Fair in TriNoma with free online real estate marketing trainings.

Lamudi is back with a bigger and even better series of housing fairs this 2019. Kicking off its first leg at TriNoma Activity Center on April 6 to 7,  the event will welcome individuals and groups from all ends of the real estate industry, with top property developers, property buyers, financials and government institutions participating. 

In line with Lamudi’s dedication to helping elevate the real estate industry, the TriNoma Housing Fair is also offering something special for real estate professionals. As times change, so do the avenues in which properties are viewed at, assessed, and marketed. Buyers have also evolved and are demanding better customer experiences, much of which are heavy on digital. 

That’s where Lamudi Academy comes in, and it is coming to the Lamudi Housing Fair in TriNoma this April.

Here’s what real estate professionals can learn by attending the housing fair:

Optimizing lead generation channels

Lamudi Academy will teach you how to optimize the various channels that today’s property buyers are exploring through the Top Online Lead Generation Channels courseThe course will walk you through the pros and cons of each digital channel and will provide insights into how you can use them to your advantage. 

Harnessing the power of Lamudi

As the number one real estate platform in the country today, the Lamudi Academy coaches will also teach you how to make the most of Lamudi. Lamudi is a trusted brand and learning how to use this to your advantage will ensure that homebuyers trust you and a step to selling them your property listings.

Some of the exhibitors in attendance are Amiya Raya, Filinvest HRB, Filinvest MRB, Robinsons Communities, SM Development Corp., Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc., Aboitiz Land, Inc., Taft Properties, Phinma Properties, Land Registration Authority, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Food Panda, DMCI Homes, Hausland Development Corp., Land Bank of the Philippines, and UnionBank of the Philippines.

Aside from learning valuable insights through these courses, you will also get the chance to network with other real estate professionals and potential property buyers. The best part of all is—attendance and the trainings are all free of charge!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your real estate career. Join us at the two-day event this April 6-7 at TriNoma. To know more about the housing fair, visit the official website today. 

Read our previous journal on the Lamudi Housing Fair in TriNoma to know more about what to expect.


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