Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Update Your Real Estate Listings

The chilly weather is here, and along with it, the Christmas spirit. For your broker business, this is the perfect time to update your listings and take advantage of the holiday roll-in of property buyers. While some people are on vacation mode, smart brokers are busy in their marketing efforts. In fact, as soon as it begins to look a lot like Christmas, they’re already thinking of creative holiday campaigns. 

At the same time, they do the necessary year-end spruce-up. The one thing they focus on? Updating their real estate listings. Here’s why you should seize the season and revisit your real estate listings:

You Catch Serious Buyers 

As the year closes, everyone takes a look back at their year and makes plans for what comes ahead. Some of the most serious property buyers look at listings and search during the holidays. You may stumble upon a hot lead during this time. That’s why your marketing materials should be ready to grab property seekers’ attention. 

When updating your listings, it’s important to include your current contact details, from email addresses to mobile numbers. On the Lamudi platform, you can easily create an agent profile, where all the necessary information will be. Link your WhatsApp account to your Lamudi profile for a more convenient way for property seekers to reach you.

You Can Show Off the Warmth of a Home

Christmas is a joyful season filled with sweet-smelling bibingka, twinkling warm lights, and joyful colors everywhere. Capture this kind of cozy, homely atmosphere in the properties you’re selling, to attract clients and compel them to consider buying a house. This is especially meaningful for overseas Filipino workers whose ultimate dream is to give their families their forever home.

Stage the property you’re selling to bring the Christmas cheer. Set up a tree and hang some garlands in the living room, filling the room with warm lights. Or, if you want to go for simplicity, a Christmas vase on your coffee table would be enough to put the place in good spirits. Snap a photo of the room and include it in your listings. On your Lamudi listings, include a video to show off the home’s cozy atmosphere better.

Your Property is Available for Yearend Life Transitions

Usually, it’s at the end of the year that people make important life transitions, which change their living arrangements. For instance, some move to a different location because of a new job assignment in the following year. Young professionals, whose new year’s resolution is to become more independent, would move out of their family homes and move to condos near their workplaces

While the market is preparing for their life transition, your listings should be ready as well. Provide a detailed description of the home features clients can expect. Pay attention to the location. Fortunately, when you use the Lamudi platform, you can take advantage of a couple of location features, such as the map, “nearest landmark,” and neighborhood rating.

You Can Highlight Buyers’ Incentives

Christmas is a season of giving, and you know very well that developers provide plenty of promos during the holidays. In this regard, you have more reasons to update your listings to include those discounts in your description. Whether it be on the reservation fees or downpayments, emphasize the limited offers in your listings to bring a sense of urgency to your future clients. Use this information in other marketing materials, too, such as blogs and social media posts.

This strategy works well, especially because of the Christmas bonuses people will be receiving during this time. Give the market a rewarding way of spending their bonuses, and include the non-monetary perks developers are offering. Free appliances upon move-in or furniture gift certificates are equally enticing to aspiring homeowners.

While you certainly should take your well-deserved rest during this yuletide season, don’t miss the opportunity to capture the market in this very favorable time. Before you plan your family vacation and celebrate (while practicing social distancing!), make sure your listings have been updated with your contact details and the perks that await clients when they purchase during the holidays. 


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