Do Your Marketing Materials Stand Out?

The good news for brokers and agents operating in Metro Manila is that properties in the capital region are still widely popular despite the changes and uncertainties the pandemic brought. According to Lamudi’s trend report titled Hotspots Unwrapped: 2020’s Most Popular Locations, Quezon City, Makati, Pasig, Taguig, and Manila earned the most number of pageviews in the region.

This good news, however, comes with the challenge. Other real estate brokers are seizing the opportunities in the market. The competition is high. In order to get clients, you have to rise above the crowd. Focus on the marketing features below to make your properties for sale or for rent stand out:

High-Quality Photos

We’re in the age of high-definition images, where audiences scroll past blurry, fuzzy photos on their timeline. To address this, use high-quality images in all your marketing materials. This is especially important in your listings, considering that these are likely the first materials potential clients would see. 

Taking superior-quality photos is only the first step. To really outperform other brokers, you must have impressive materials. In this case, aerial drones help. Showcase the dimensions of that foreclosed lot in Quezon City with a bird’s eye view, emphasizing how it’s close to transportation hubs and essential establishments. Buyers in the new normal would go for these kinds of properties.

New Normal Descriptions

Key cities in Manila, unfortunately, record the highest number of coronavirus cases. Some of them went through stricter localized quarantine measures. City dwellers know what it’s like to be stuck at home, nursing cabin fever. For this reason, when they go out hunting for their next home, they’ll be looking for features that would help them cope with prolonged lockdowns. As a broker, this is your opportunity to highlight amenities in your property.

In your listings and social media posts, emphasize the swimming pool, gym, and meditation garden in the condo community. If you have a house and lot for sale in Valenzuela, include in your descriptions the jogging paths and biking trails inside the village. Listing on Lamudi, you can take advantage of the Amenities and Neighborhood Rating sections, which provide property buyers further information about the community.

If there are features accommodating the new normal lifestyle right inside the houses and condo units, say, balconies, backyards, or roof decks, highlight them. Prospective clients will definitely not forget the property that makes them excited about being able to garden or experience al fresco dining amid a crisis. 

Virtual Tours

Physical open houses are out; online showings are in. Given the stay-at-home orders and coronavirus fears, many are avoiding going outdoors. Even those who are highly motivated to buy a lot for sale in Marikina would have reservations about being out. With a virtual tour of your property, you’re helping them envision what their future home looks like — without stressing over the buying process. 

More importantly, a virtual tour as part of your online marketing materials will show professionalism and expertise. Prospective clients will think of your dedication to creating these impressive tours as a testament to your skills and competence in the job of guiding buyers through the process. Imagine creating this impression on clients even before your first online meeting. 

Well-Designed Spaces

Nothing attracts property buyers more than well-designed spaces. When we see color schemes, floor tiles, wall and window treatments, and furniture pieces come together, we instantly fall in love with it. The problem is, interior design is expensive. It will be a money pit for you if you beautify all the properties you’re selling. The good news is that there’s virtual staging. 

With staging software, you can transform a simple space into a visually-appealing home. The “before and after” pictures will definitely entice potential clients simply because we’re drawn to improvements and “glow-ups,” so to speak. What’s more, you can offer different design versions for the same space to appeal to different kinds of homebuyers. Create separate staged homes for professionals, millennial parents, empty nesters, retirees, and other audiences you’re targeting to sell to.

As much as you’re making every effort to seize the high demand for Metro Manila properties, others are doing the same. Step up your game and rise above the sea of professionals online. 


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