Selling Property in the Age of Online Searches

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“Go digital” has been the resounding advice for brokers when it comes to selling real estate. The rationale? Simple: clients are online. The straightforward principle goes, if you want to catch clients, go where they are. Taking the business to the digisphere may be unnerving at first, feeling like you’re a fish out of water, but there are real rewards in making the switch. 

Here are some of the things our partner brokers have experienced themselves:

They Achieve More with Less Work

The traditional way of promoting properties is flyering. Set up a booth at the mall, stand at your station, and distribute flyers. From there, go to the property site regularly and cross your fingers that at least one of the people who saw the flyers would check out your house and lot.

With digital marketing, brokers won’t have to do that exhausting work. With just a laptop and an internet connection, they can list their property in real estate marketplaces and expose their condo units to millions of people who are already interested in buying property. This is one of the things Evelyn Samaniego, Lamudi Top Broker of 2019, experienced herself. 

She used to do flyering and manning in malls and sites, which admittedly were exhausting, as she put it. When she used Lamudi, she was able to enjoy a more flexible schedule, accomplishing more with less work. She doesn’t need to be physically on-site just to engage with clients and future ones.

Their Brand Has Gone International

Aside from saying goodbye to laborious flyering, Samaniego also discovered that she had an international audience when she gave online marketing a try. Online marketplaces are accessible not just to local searchers, but to anyone in the world who has a device and an Internet connection. Lamudi, for one, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors on a weekly basis, extending to millions a month when taking into consideration global figures.

Imagine just getting a fraction of those views on your property — it’s safe to assume that promising inquiries could be generated from that. You may be looking at a treasure trove of leads from different parts of the world, foreigners who want to invest in the country, overseas Filipino workers who would want to build their dream home, or both who can vouch for your services to their networks.

They See Unprecedented Growth

In the case of Raffy Siapco, an agent turned boss of his own agency RS Property Manila, the most rewarding benefit from trying online real estate marketing is the sales growth. He recounted the 200 percent improvement in sales they experienced when they started using Lamudi. This victory comes with an increase in listings as well, at about 50 percent.

As mentioned, online marketing lets you do more, without being exhausted to the core. Since flyering was out the window, brokers are able to pour their efforts into tasks that can increase the chances of a sale, say, following up on clients, updating listings, or hosting a themed open house during special seasons. If you want to see extraordinary growth in your career or business, then you must be willing to try extraordinary strategies, which may take you out of your comfort zone.

They Gain a Good Reputation

A strong online presence commands trust. When you’re willing to put your name and face on the digisphere, that’s one indication that you’re legit. To property seekers, that’s very important. They’re making a big investment, so reassurance that the broker they’re working with is trustworthy is a big plus.

Of course, your portfolio displayed online would add to your credibility as a broker. Siapco’s 200 percent sales growth, for one, is undeniably an attractive selling proposition. Property seekers would especially be interested in doing business with a company that delivers good results.

Nonetheless, even if you don’t have a grand, impressive track record yet, capitalize on the trust factor an online profile creates. On the Lamudi platform, you can easily include your name, photo, and contact details in listings. You can also earn the Certified Partner badge and improve your trustworthiness in the eyes of website visitors.

“Go digital” is the banner advice for all real estate brokers because doing so creates several opportunities. Taste the rewards Samaniego and Siapco experienced. You may just be the next top-performing agent to be recognized in Lamudi’s Broker Awards Night on March 19, 2020. Go digital.


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