Want Repeat Business? 3 Ways to Add Value to Your Clients

One piece of advice you’ll frequently hear from real estate experts, whether in big conferences, virtual training sessions, or even newspaper profiles, is this: add value to your clients. It’s a cliché, but it’s overused for a good reason. The truth is, the key to getting repeat business and referrals is providing added value to clients, accommodating their needs and understanding well what they value. This is especially important in the digital era.

In the age where search engines are the experts and people are often skeptical of dealing with people they meet online, there’s no other way to thrive in the industry but to offer the best solutions to the market’s most pressing needs. If you’re a new broker entering the field, this is something you need to master, among other things, to ensure repeat business.

Here are some ways you can add value to your clients:

Get to Know Your Clients 

The people you meet in the industry are in a specific life stage that defines and shapes their property needs. Newlyweds, for instance, are looking for their starter home, fit for their tight budget. Parents are in search of a good, safe condo for their college kids. Investors want an income property that promises an excellent rental yield. The solutions you recommend should align with these unique requirements. What would be most helpful for you as a new broker is having a range of projects you can choose from.

By joining a professional group, such as Moldex Brokers Network, you have an extensive array of options. The property developer has over 30 projects within and outside Metro Manila, accommodating different types of residential buyers. MetroGate Prime Subdivisions, for instance, offers lasting homes, which families can pass on to the next generation. Heritage Homes provides value-for-money properties, helping your future clients achieve their homeownership dreams.

Meanwhile, the Grand Series, a collection of high-rise towers, allows professionals and on-the-go families to live in a central location in Metro Manila, providing comfort and convenience. Their mid-rise condominiums Moldex Residences, on the other hand, would help your future clients live close to the city and enjoy generous open spaces and amenities. 

Go Beyond Selling

You’re off to a good start when you already understand what clients need. But bear in mind that as life changes, their interests and aspirations evolve, too. The value you provide to clients shouldn’t stop when you close on a house. Find opportunities where you can be of extra help to them. 

For instance, you can refer them to good interior designers or fit-out contractors as your client moves into their new home. You may also inform them about capital appreciation rates and ways they can rent out their property in case they want to turn it into an income property in the future. 

In other words, anticipate buyers’ needs, based on the life changes they will encounter in the years to come. As you mature in the industry, you’ll get used to the habit of going beyond selling. Your willingness to go the extra mile isn’t something that clients will find in search engines. They will surely appreciate this, and would likely repeat business with you. In fact, they might even recommend you to their loved ones and friends looking for properties. 

Partnering with the Moldex Brokers Network, you can easily establish your credibility with these potential clients, since the property developer has more than 30 years of industry experience. You’ll be carrying a sense of excellence and prestige, which would ultimately draw clients in. Moreover, the broker network urges their members to go beyond closing the transaction, exercising excellent after-sales service. You’ll learn how to be part of the buyers’ journey even after turnover, and create a lifelong relationship with clients. As mentioned, you get to secure repeat or referral sales in this strategy.

Exercise Transparency

A client doesn’t want to be left in the dark during business transactions. Especially in real estate, people are not only giving up a huge sum of money, which they’ve worked hard for probably their whole life. More importantly, they’re making a life-changing decision.

Whether they’re moving into their first home, downsizing to a retirement residence, or getting their second or tenth rental investment, their purchase makes a big difference in their lives. That’s why these people demand utmost transparency from brokers, especially those that are new to the industry.

The good thing about being a part of Moldex Brokers Network is that they have a dedicated team that provides assistance to brokers in maintaining their clients’ accounts. Think of the group as a “one-stop-shop” support system that will help you in all your transactions with property seekers, from presentations and trippings to closing, sales booking, and down to computations.

Consider joining the professional group. Aside from having a wide range of project inventory and carrying a sense of prestige, you’ll be able to sell properties in major destinations in the country, including Tagaytay and Baguio, even though you’re a newbie in the field.

Add value to clients. It’s the golden rule in maintaining the best relationships with customers. How have you been catering to your market’s needs lately? Perhaps it’s time to put more effort into it.


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